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Is it true that the United States is suppressing Chinese companies for “national security”?

Zhongqi Wanduo Huang Yang from Aofei Temple Goose bench | public number ebandeng Recently, the United States has embraced us in various matters. While inviting Huawei to participate in the formulation of 5G standards, at the same time, it completely banned the sale of Huawei and ZTE on the grounds of “endangering national security”. This operation is really not clear. However, the United States has attacked other countries in the.. Read More

Where did Jiangxi flood come from?

The title map is from IC photo, July 10, 2020, in Qinghua Town, Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province The Rainbow Bridge was hit by floods. This article from the micro-channel public number: groundBall Knowledge Bureau (ID: diqiuzhishiju) , Author: Han Xing cold night, drawing: Sun Green, proofreading: cat Stewart, Editor: Yakult In the past month, there have been seven heavy rainfalls in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.. Read More

Died on birthday

Dead: Snow Gender: Female Height: 160 cm Weight: 46 Kg Basic situation: Unmarried, just graduated from university this year, now working for X City Telecommunication Bureau. Today is October 16, Snow’s 23rd birthday. “Tuk Tuk” knocked on the door suddenly. “Who? Come here.” Xue walked towards the door, drawing slippers while holding it. A woman about 40 years old stood in the doorway, wearing a dark blue suit and short.. Read More

Funny Ghost Story: Chinese Workers

Every month when the dark wind is high, if you take a walk on the path of North Huagong District, you will feel that there is a magical power. If you don’t believe it, come with me. Let’s go, hey~~ you Follow me, go and go, although it’s very dark, there is always no fear of having a partner, so you are also very calm. Suddenly you feel that someone.. Read More

Human head in the elevator

Is there really a ghost in this world? No one can really be sure. Because many scientists cannot reasonably explain some of the grotesque events that have happened, they can only justify it in the scientific age and should no longer believe that there are ghosts. After all, this is just a small number of people’s explanations. In fact, do we live within the same limits as ghosts? Is it.. Read More

Strange tutor

I belong to the kind of girl who looks good and is not ugly. In other words, when I walk on the campus, you will definitely not see me. To put it bluntly, I am so ordinary. Some people say that ordinary women have wisdom, but beautiful women have no brains. But am I? It’s one semester in college, and no one has chased me. I have no stories. In.. Read More

There are ghosts under the bed

…… The next day, Zhang Jing’s boyfriend rushed to Canada, and his hair was fluffy and Zhang Jing said, “This is a dream Don’t come over!” The doctor told Zhang Jing’s boyfriend that Zhang Jing couldn’t be better! Back home, the boyfriend sold the newly renovated house and threw the bed. The old grandpa who sold the bed at the flea market picked it up and sold it! A sinister.. Read More

true story

This story starts with a very famous fortune teller, who is very fortune telling, so many elderly people like to call him fortune telling. There is an old grandfather, he is the old accountant of a grandfather’s department, he is the best Despise those fortune tellers who don’t count themselves and don’t count their families. At that time, he went out to exercise every day before dawn. One morning, when.. Read More

Old house story

At the end of last year, in the old town of our county. There are old houses. The old houses I mentioned are all over a few decades. Private houses have been renovated. Some houses belonged to the former landlord’s house and were given to confiscated houses. One of the houses is private, and now it has been converted into 4 floors. The thing I said happened on the fourth.. Read More