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The Northeastern takes over the talk show

Northeastern people are very talented when it comes to humor. This article is from the WeChat official account: marketplace telescope (ID: onecity1000) , of: Li open, from the head of FIG:” talk Conference” program screenshot Tieling is on fire because of Li Xueqin. This “extraordinarily talented” talk show actress has contributed more than ten outings to the Internet in two months, including but not limited to “Snow Country Train” and.. Read More

The Tsar’s court dishes in the Northeast are more authentic than those in Russia

This article is from the WeChat public account: Independence Research Institute(ID:buuuxiangji), author: rich diamond, from the head of FIG: visual China Ivan from St. Petersburg, never thought that the most authentic meal of the Tsarist’s court meal he had ever eaten was not in Moscow, but in the far east Chinese city of Harbin. What most Russians can’t think of is that Harbin’s czar’s court dishes are more authentic than.. Read More

IPO prospects | Will the cute pet economy be the next 10 times stocks?

In the past three years, US pet stocks have risen 10 times. This year, the stock prices of two pet food foundries in A shares doubled. So what will happen to The cute pet economy has become a star track that has attracted much attention this year. In the environment of “dogs and cats”, pet-related stocks have shown explosive growth this year. Among A shares, Petty Stock and China.. Read More

The ghost robot dog appeared on the street at midnight, feeling that the world is going to be dominated by the machine

This article is from WeChat official account:Xin Zhiyuan (ID: AI_era), author: Meng-kai, Yiming, Bai On the sidewalk in northern Ontario, Canada, people may not have dreamed that a four-legged “mechanical monster” would run around unscrupulously in the middle of the night! A Canadian netizen took this video and uploaded it to Twitter, and wrote: “Guys! See who I saw on the street!!!” Passers-by greeted him, but he responded with a.. Read More

How strong is Gazprom?

This article is from WeChat official account:Geo-Valley (ID: Geo-Valley), author: black eyes of the onions, from the head of FIG: visual China Galia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland are completely dependent on Russia for their natural gas supply. In the other seven countries, at least half of their natural gas comes from Russia. Germany, France, Italy and other core EU member states have 28%, 9%, and 38%.. Read More

Without CP, can domestic workplace dramas be saved?

This article is from WeChat official account:Tenth Screening Room (ID: dsfysweixin), author: rabbit pellets, from FIG head: “ordinary glory” screenshot How to tell a joke with the shortest number of words? My answer is only five words: domestic workplace drama. After all, as soon as I think of it, a series of associated words automatically pop up in my mind: human design is exaggerated, plot is terrible, and painting style.. Read More

Pre-mixed, low-alcohol, a new appetite that young people can’t figure out

This article is from WeChat official account:BAI Capital (ID: BAI_VC), author: Zhong into Lin Lan, Wo Xuan Hao, head Figure from: vision China Bump up at parties and play dead in the bar. For every contemporary young man who proclaims “no alcohol”, how to selectively drink in social situations has become a knowledge worth studying. For beverage companies, the consumption preferences of contemporary young people, like their erratic performance in.. Read More

A short trip to find roots for a Chaoshan person

This article is from WeChat official account:Mining number (ID: washu66), author: dig number, the original title:” Xiamen, Zhangzhou, feelings and Taiwanese cuisine, a Chaoshan roots “, the title figure comes from: vision China As a Chaoshanese, when I first came to Guangzhou to study, I always felt out of place. Why is the difference between Cantonese and Chaoshan dialect? If it weren’t for watching TVB since I was young, I.. Read More

After she left, China has never seen such a talented girl

This article is from WeChat official account:one (ID: yitiaotv), author: Ni Jian Jia, Yan Mu-kun, readme: Johnson being, from head Figure: vision China September 30, two days later, was Zhang Ailing’s 100th birthday, and September 1 was the 25th anniversary of her death. Her book fans call this year “Ailing Year” in homophony. She is one of the hottest literary icons in the 20th century. Her father is Li Hongzhang’s.. Read More

In domestic TV series, those “silent truths”

Source|Yuanchuan Research Institute( ID: caijingyanjiu) Author|Lu Shutian Editor|Director Huang/Boss Dai Head picture|TV drama “The Silent Truth” stills The screenwriter Wang Hailin is very popular now. His “out-of-circle work” is a sentence from 2018: I miss the days when the coal boss was an investor. This is not a joke. He further explained: “They are very good. I have experienced all kinds of investors, real estate agents to the current Internet.. Read More