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Company and industry research丨Tesla is not only driving new energy vehicles, but also this investment opportunity

It is expected that as the demand for new energy vehicles continues to expand, industrial metals such as copper, which are closely related to it, still have a large room for growth. Text | Ding Mao Edit | Li Yuqian NIO, Tesla, BYD, Hongguang MINI EV, the demand for new energy vehicles is soaring, what else can we invest in besides stocks? Beginning in the second quarter, bulk commodities, especially.. Read More

Four short little ghost stories

Short ghost story 1. Suicide Liu Zhi was hanged and his tongue stuck out. It is said that he was on a dead end because of a broken relationship. The girl he loved didn’t come to his funeral, which seemed to confirm everyone’s guess. Liu Zhiai’s person is Mingming, and she is very beautiful. She said she works in a foreign company, but in fact she works in a hotel.. Read More

Does fasting blood sugar 6.4 matter?

Question description:Does fasting blood glucose 6.4 matter?Question date:2020-09-10 Patient information:Age: 20-year-old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Hello, normal fasting blood glucose is 3.3-6.1mmol/L. You are a little bit higher now, and it may be stress or detection error. Guidelines: It is recommended that you review your fasting blood glucose in a few days. If it is still high, then it is recommended to do an A1C test. Recommendations are for reference only… Read More

Funny ghost story, please pen fairy

On the evening of the November holiday, a few buddies crowded in the dormitory to chat. Talking and chatting, but I don’t know who made the idea, everyone played with the pen fairy. After turning off the lights, the dormitory immediately fell silent, and then the four people from Penxian were asked to start chanting spells. “Pen fairy pen fairy, I am your life, if you want to continue with.. Read More

Brides die one after another

The hazy raindrops are like wild ghosts anxious to reincarnate, slamming on the windowpanes one after another, without any intention of stopping. Such weather is always disturbing and seems to indicate that something is or will happen. Turn on the TV. The TV station is broadcasting a piece of news. There was an accident at a subway station in this city last night. A girl was accidentally squeezed off the.. Read More

What’s wrong with frequent stool bleeding?

Problem description: I have hemorrhoids, have a bad stomach, often drink alcohol due to work, and often have diarrhea and blood in the stool.Date of the problem:2020-09-10 Patient information:Age: 27 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, you cannot drink alcohol if you have hemorrhoids. Guide suggestion: The main thing is to be careful not to eat greasy, spicy and irritating food, and not to.. Read More

Old man in the cemetery

It was just dark, and I passed by a cemetery alone. The wind around my ears is blowing, and there seems to be some strange and harsh sounds in the wind. I walked on the path of the cemetery with the faint light of my mobile phone, and from time to time, phosphorescent things floated past my eyes. I won’t run into ghosts, I won’t run into ghosts… I kept.. Read More

It has been a month since the fetus stopped and the drug was aborted and the palace was cleared. The endometrium examination is only 6m

Problem description: It has been a month since the fetus stopped and the drug was aborted and then the uterus was cleared. The endometrium examination was only 6mm. Is this caused by the poor recovery of the uterus? B-ultrasound is a little pelvic effusion. The doctor prescribed Tiaojing Yimu Tablets and Wujin Tablets. Are these two drugs used to help endometrial hyperplasia? What are they for? Thank youQuestion date:2020-09 -10.. Read More

Flash officially “retires”, will you miss it?

A few days ago, a confusing “performance art” appeared on my computer. On the one hand, a news pop-up window appeared in the lower right corner, and the new version of Win10 will completely delete Flash. On the other hand, a larger window popped up, telling me “Your Flash Player has been updated”. I didn’t ask me before watching the posture update. I need to agree to use it by.. Read More