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Apple, which betrayed the “rules of the industry,” why should it be determined to “break down”?

Technology companies should not fool users, gain the trust of users, and let them fully understand the flow of data, which is more meaningful than just staring at the numbers of advertising revenue. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “geek park” (ID: geekpark) , Author: Jesse. Picture source: Apple Tech companies should not fool users, gain the trust of users, and let them fully understand the.. Read More

The “notorious” Justice RBG does not prevent everyone from loving her

On September 18 (Friday) local time in the United States, the United States Supreme Court announced the death of Justice Ruth Bud Ginsberg throughout the year 87 years old. In an external statement, the US Supreme Court stated: “Due to complications caused by pancreatic cancer, Justice Ruth Budd Ginsberg died tonight at her home in Washington, D.C., and her family stayed with her.” The outside world is more concerned about.. Read More

Force Liangshan and Guo Degang

This article is from WeChat official account:Sir Movie (ID: dushetv), author: poison Sir, title figure from: vision China “Happy Comedian” has been out in season 6, and the championship has been born 4 months ago. Sir bet there are not many people who can call out their names. Please welcome 6 champions Jin Fei and Chen Xi (man in red coat) Comedy shows are declining, but another kind of comedy.. Read More

Corpse man

After all, the family’s wife is even more worrying, but thinking about the 2000 yuan remuneration fee, Wu Hao hesitated. After all, in order to have a child, his wife has quit her job. The family’s life depends on Wu Hao. Not much, but for a poor doctor who hasn’t worked for long, it is a lot of money. After thinking about it, Wu Hao nodded and agreed. Putting away.. Read More

How to make a fortune with millions of bees?

Who doesn’t like honey? In order to get it, a hardworking bee flies 40 kilometers a day, collects tens of thousands of flowers, spends his life, and finally brews a drop of precious honey, a full 3 grams. And 20,000 bees act together, and in just one day, you can get a pound of honey for a good price.

Visit the largest port city in Guangxi, an embarrassing fifth-tier city

This article is from WeChat official account:digging number (ID: washu66), the title picture comes from: Visual China Most cities in China were built on water. In ancient times, the location of cities was basically on the banks of larger rivers, so that the river’s advantages in protection, transportation, and resources could be used. Observing the distribution of cities on the map, you will find that they are either by the.. Read More

Trump is angry again, Tencent will suffer?

Produced| Tiger Sniff Pro Investment Research Group Author | Xiaoyu Chen According to Bloomberg News, on Thursday, US time, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) sent a letter to gaming companies including Epic (Fortnite) and Riot (League of Legends) that have shares held by Tencent, requesting data security In the agreement, information about the personal data of US users is involved. As soon as the news.. Read More

“Hidden Corner” original author’s new drama “explosive pre-order”? Why do suspense dramas prefer Zijin Chen

This article is from WeChat official account: Film independence tongue (ID: dusheme) , Author: Feng Yi, the original title: “” Silent Truth ” The response is not silent, but Zijin Chen’s IP library has really bottomed out.” Source of head picture: “The Silent Truth” A few days ago, “The Silent Truth”, adapted from the novel “Long Night Is Difficult to Know”, went online. So far, well-known reasoning writer Zi Jinchen’s.. Read More

Evergrande Motor plans to go public on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, Jack Ma and Ma Huateng enter the market early

It’s another trillion cake. In the morning of September 18th, Evergrande Automobile issued an announcement, announcing the plan to Shanghai Securities Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board listed. After the news was released, Evergrande Motor’s stock rose by 4% at one time and then fell back. The latest market value is HK$212.544 billion. It is worth noting that on September 15th, Evergrande just attracted the strategic investment of Jack Ma,.. Read More

How Douyin and Kuaishou became a new position for shoe vendors in Putian

This article is from WeChat official account:Operation Research Agency (ID: U_quan) , author: routine editorial department, the original title: “” I’m vibrato sell Putian shoes, earned 70 million “,” head Figure from: vision China A few days ago, I scanned a sneaker evaluation on Douyin, and halfway through it, I realized that it turned out to be a video selling high imitation shoes from Putian. I searched the Internet and.. Read More