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Taboo in the mirror

Mirror bed People are most relaxed and unsuspecting when they are sleeping, so if you get up in the middle of the night and are scared by yourself in the mirror, It will hurt Yuanshen. In addition, the mirror bed also makes it easy for couples to turn their faces often, and encourages the possibility of the other half having an affair. Mirror room door The mirror cannot face the.. Read More

Hilarious ghost story

Three ghosts sitting under the tree, watching the moon, they bet to see who has the most terrifying ability. The first ghost floated away, and came back after a while. His head was squashed and his hand fell off. His body was caught here and there. “What’s wrong?” The ghost mourned and said: “I found a girl and made a face. She rushed over like a lunatic, closing her eyes.. Read More

Midnight ringtone

Overtime work again, and it was another midnight. Ye Wen was walking on his way home and couldn’t help but remember the words of his male colleague in the company during the day: “Do you know, came at midnight? Don’t answer the phone because it’s a hotline. The other end of the phone is connected to hell. If you answer it, you’re talking to a ghost!” “Joke, blow Cowhide,” a.. Read More

Table four

A The cat is crying, the cat is crying, the sobbing cat crying is creepy. The cat whimpered for a long time, then the whine became clearer and clearer. I heard it was climbing up the wall along the rooftop next door to my window. Bang, it knocks on the window. It is coming in. I huddled up in bed, terrified. Who will save me in this endless darkness? c1();.. Read More

This is the spiritual totem of the US government, and a holy place for the Indians’ blood and tears

article from: SAN author: Zheng Jun, the public number: Uncle Cat in Silicon Valley (ID: leo77zheng)< /span>, the picture from: Visual China. This is the spiritual totem of the US federal government, but it is a holy place for the Indians’ blood and tears. For more than 100 years, the Indians have never forgotten this stolen land. After playing golf today, US President Trump flew directly to South Dakota to.. Read More

Figure of water room

In the second year of high school, the school organized to go to Changxing Island to study agriculture. Our group of students who are overwhelmed by their studies have finally got the opportunity to breathe. The students were very happy, talking and laughing along the way, as if it was a paradise. In those short 7 days, I was worried and experienced a psychological hardship. The farm we studied was.. Read More

Toilet picking up mysterious death note

This is a night when you can’t see your fingers. Most people who have been busy for a day have already fallen asleep. Suddenly, an unknown person appeared on the streets of Wan Lai Ju Ji. He walked lightly and moved towards a place at a very fast speed. It turned out that this man was Xiaoming’s classmate, he came out to go to the toilet. So, everyone must ask,.. Read More