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Who is the next traffic black hole?

The convergence of social platforms and information flow platforms is creating a “flow black hole” that constantly attracts the super-entry of surrounding traffic. Especially when having features owned by other apps, users are more likely to be inhaled by “black holes.” Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Central European Business Review” ( ID: ceibs-cbr), author Mu Sheng, editor Yao Yin. C-side traffic is where the war.. Read More

Swiss bank’s future agricultural report: the future of food and the challenges we face

35 buckets | System analysis of current technology and industry trends in the agricultural and food industries. This article comes from: 35 bucket (ID: vcearth), compiled: Li Weiyu, Luo Jianjun The UBS Chief Investment Office (UBS) released a research report in July this year to systematically analyze the current technology and industry trends in the agricultural and food industries. The revolution: The future of food and the challenges we face.. Read More

The first vent of 5G, how far is the cloud game era from us?

Why, overnight, from BAT to Huawei, from telecom operators to mobile phone manufacturers, everyone started talking about cloud games? One, cloud game fires The 5G era is coming, what is the first killer app? Some people say that it is a cloud game. On March 20th, Google announced a high-profile launch of the cloud game platform stadia, “Sports Punk 2077” and other dozens of masterpieces to determine landing, and once.. Read More

The front line said that the residual value of electric vehicles is low, and Weimar wants to recycle used cars by itself.

Second-hand electric vehicles can’t flow because of low maintenance rate and battery/technical inconsistency. It was learned that Weimar recently released a second-hand car brand, introducing a second-hand car inspection system, a used car e-commerce platform system, a used car official certification system and a used car quality assurance system. The inspection system includes online and offline inspections. The online detection is completed by the three-electrical AI intelligent model. The artificial.. Read More

In-depth information | New report: The theme park is over 300 billion, how to find new growth points

The traffic of the world’s top ten theme park groups has increased in different degrees 文 | Daily Business Select New report: The theme park is over 300 billion, how to find new growth points Recently, Ai Media Consulting released the “2019-2022 Global and China Theme Park Operational Big Data and Industry Upgrade Trend Report”, indicating that the direct benefit scale of China’s theme parks in 2019 (including tickets, catering,.. Read More

“Naked Director” is on fire, how much money does the adult film industry make?

The strength of gold absorption determines the existence of value, and the film and television industry does not despise the chain. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Film Information Service” ( ID: dianyingqingbaochu), the author circle pill. In the past few days, Netflix’s Japanese TV series “Naked Director” has quickly spread all over the net. The film caused a topic because of its description of the.. Read More

The marriage rate has reached a 10-year low. Can a single dog support the price?

Marriage rate and house prices. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account: Real Estate Intelligence Station, (ID: dichanqbz) , author: white Luo, authorized reprint Recently, the marriage rate in China has hit a new low in a decade. Everyone said that they can’t afford to get married and can’t afford a house. In contrast, the number of people living alone in China has reached 77 million. The proportion.. Read More

Apple changed the iOS 13 location information authorization option, developers are not happy

Apple has increased privacy protection in iOS 13, but this has caused developers dissatisfaction. ▲ Image from: Mac Rumor In previous iOS, when the app popped up to get a geolocation request, the system displayed 3 options: always allowed, used during the application, never. In iOS 13, the “Always Allow” option is no longer provided when the request pops up, instead it is “Allow Once”, although the user can still.. Read More

The electronic magazine once sold more than 2 million, the Nuggets “Transformation” of the fashion magazine new media era

E-newsletter=Wireless cut amaranth? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Entertainment Unicorn” (ID: yuledujiaoshou), the author 翟笑千. “The traditional way of communication in fashion magazines has begun to be cold in today’s communication environment. Whether it is a quarterly or a monthly magazine, it has become obsolete. The digital communication field in the Internet environment is in the ascendant, either you adapt to it or you will be.. Read More