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Autopilot is accelerating the layoff of truck drivers

From Shanghai’s deep-water port logistics park, through the Donghai Bridge, to the Yangshan Port terminal, a total of 72 kilometers, which is a famous logistics ring. On this ring line, SAIC heavy trucks that have obtained the Shanghai Intelligent Network’s open road test license are actively carrying out demonstration operations of self-driving freight with AI, 5G, V2X car communication and other related technologies. It needs to face a variety of.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | YC China’s first Demoday is over; “Grain Rice” cuts into the underwear market with technology and odor-resistant socks. “Buy a live fresh” uses patented packaging to solve the problem of aquatic transportation, and 12 early projects worthy of attention today.

The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on. Image Source | Pexels On November 18th, the Venture Capital Daily will check it. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~ Enterprise Service Before the head of Jingdong Cloud Big.. Read More

“Easy Cloud EasyStack” has been funded by hundreds of millions of Chinese systems and will jointly build a modern digital city capability hub.

The application in scenes such as smart cities is worthy of attention. It was learned that on November 18th, China Electronic Systems Technology Co., Ltd. (China System) announced the completion of several hundred million strategic investment in Easyjet Cloud EasyStack. After this round of financing, the two sides will carry out multi-faceted and all-round cooperation in the advantageous areas to jointly build an enterprise-level cloud infrastructure PKC based on the.. Read More

Going back to the county to test civil servants, is it safe to marry? No, you are very likely to be leftover

This article is from WeChat public account:Chinese Youth Research (ID:china-youth-study) , author: Ma Haipeng Jing Ouyang, from the cover: Oriental IC Abstract: The emergence of “leftover women” in underdeveloped counties in the central and western regions has changed the traditional understanding of “leftover women in the north”. The “leftover women” in the county have obvious “institutional” characteristics, mainly appearing in the party and government organs and institutions of the county.. Read More

Sorry, “water becomes hydrogen” has deceived 5 billion to go bankrupt.

Author | Huang Qingqing Title Map | Vision China November 18, #青年汽车 officially bankrupted # On the hot search, “water to hydrogen” once again triggered hot discussion on the Internet. According to the news released by the People’s Court Network, the bankruptcy property of the youth car has been allocated. According to the provisions of Article 120 of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law of the People’s Republic of China, the youth.. Read More

A dad said that the “noise” function of Apple Watch improved his son’s autism

This year’s Apple Watch Series 5 update is not big, even the processors updated every year have not improved performance, the screen always bright function is considered to be a few bright spots. In fact, compared to hardware upgrades, the software changes are even more. This year’s watchOS 6 brings a lot of fun features, of which my personal favorite feature before the release is environmental noise detection. Of course,.. Read More

Farewell to the old bookworm: we don’t have to have a name tonight

“We announced with a heavy heart that the 14-year-old Beijing bookworm was forced to close down at No. 4 South Sanlitun Road.” 2019 On November 5th, an old bookworm bookstore, one of the top ten bookstores in the world, issued an announcement. During the period before the completion of the business, the story of the old bookworm was constantly written. As an ordinary guest, the author also wanted to record.. Read More

Free unlimited speed! Collaboration artifacts that 300 people can use, you can’t miss

A product called “Uncle Wen”, what do you think he is doing? Is it a housekeeping service, composition teaching, or… But when I tell you that Uncle Wen is a cloud storage product with 20G free space and unlimited speed, will you smile and feel that this is used for documents? Lost and “unbeatable” uncle is quite cute. Transfer files without signing in Open the web interface of Uncle Uncle,.. Read More

National sleep quality survey: white-collar workers become the hardest hit areas

According to the survey, the white-collar people have the lowest sleep quality Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number” cubs Research Center “(ID: cm-ailab) , OF cheetahs user Research Center. According to CBNData’s “2018 National Sleep Consumption Consumer Data Report”, 56% of people said they have sleep problems, including dreaming, continuous sleep, and waking up in the morning. One-third of the country has sleep problems after 100 million.. Read More