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Persuading to quit the junior third has become a business.

A survey showed that among 68,119 valid respondents, 60.2% of men and 38.1% of women had cheated.

Marriage is so fragile, whether it is the vows at the wedding or the stamped marriage certificate, it is difficult to resist the invasion of a third party.

A new type of profession has gradually entered people’s field of vision. They are the “Primary Third Dismissal Teachers”, and their work is to dissuade the third party and help the client to repair the marriage.

This issue of microscopic story tells the story of the “Little Three Persuading Teacher”:

They have a professional team that uses mind-attack, temptation, divorce, and even “beauty tricks” to help clients dissuade “little thirds”, while charging high service fees ranging from several thousand to several hundred thousand.

They help the original partner drive away the intruder in the marriage, and also help the derailed person to get rid of the lover.

They walk on the edge of law and ethics, using and manipulating human nature to achieve the purpose of protecting the client’s marriage and family.

The following is their true story:

The starting price of driving away the junior three is 100,000, I will find someone to act as a “black boss” to scare away the “male junior”

Mr. Xue, 40 years old, Shenzhen

I receive about 300 customers every year, most of them come to us to persuade the “little three”of.

We have marriage and family counselors, lawyers, and professional “empathizers” in our team.

I am a partner of the company and the head of the “empathizer” team.

Generally speaking, we will conduct a preliminary emotional diagnosis based on the information provided by the customer, and then make a plan and sign a contract.

Introduction to the consultation process on a marriage consultation platform

Each case starts at 100,000 yuan. It is possible to encounter the kind of time-consuming and difficult, hundreds of thousands of millions.

There are usually several methods to discourage the “little three”, such as empathy, divorce, pressure, and inducement.

A marriage and love consulting company’s “dismissing the junior” process

The so-called empathy is to make this “little three” fall in love with someone else.

Separation is to destroy the relationship between the derailed person and the mistress.

The pressure is through the third party’s parents, relatives, colleagues, and other social public opinion forces to force the “Little San” to leave.

Promotion is to give money to persuade.

Among our clients, most of our clients are the original wives who come to us to persuade the man who is outside. There are also some clients who want to get rid of their lover and come to us for help.

Professional case introduction of persuading small three companies to quit

Derailment is not a man’s exclusive, and we have also accepted many cases of persuading “male juniors”.

A female client, Miss Gao, came to us and asked us to help her persuade her outside lover.

Miss Gao’s husband has been doing business in other places for a long time. After a long time, Miss Gao found a lover, Xiao Li outside. After getting along for half a year, Miss Gao’s husband’s business is about to return to Shenzhen.

Ms. Gao didn’t want to continue this relationship anymore. She wanted to separate from Xiao Li, but Xiao Li refused. She threatened to expose the extramarital affairs several times and asked Miss Gao for money. Ms. Gao intends to give the money a peace of mind, but Xiao Li is unsatisfied. After receiving 200,000 yuan of break-up fee, she asked for 1 million yuan last time.

Miss Gao felt that this was beyond her bottom line, and came to our team for help.

The scope of services of private investigators also includes third party investigations

After investigation, we found that Xiao Li was a salesperson in an automobile 4S shop and had a bad gambling habit. He squandered all the money he asked for from Miss Gao. We analyzed Xiao Li’s personality and thought that he was a man who is soft-hearted and afraid of hardship, greedy but lacking in brains and courage.

To deal with this kind of person, you must be tough and deter him, rather than obeying his wishes.

So my team meticulously planned, let our empathizer play the role of the underworld boss, and then let Miss Gao come forward and meet with Xiao Li in a high-end suburban resort hotel.

The “black boss” team played by the empathizer pretends to hold a card game in a hotel room.

A variety of ways to help Xiaosan leave automatically

After Xiao Li arrived, he deliberately let him wait for a long time on the side, suppressing him first, and at the same time let him see the millions of “gambling money” circulating on the court. When the cards were resting, the “black boss” took time to talk to Xiao Li. The “Black Boss” claimed that Miss Gao was one of his younger sisters, and contemptuously called Xiao Li one of his sister’s many playmates.

He warned Xiao Li to stay away from Miss Gao, otherwise he would “handle” him, and then let the “men” drive Xiao Li away.

Sure enough, Xiao Li didn’t dare to harass Miss Gao, and was successfully dismissed. And for this order, we finally got 300,000 remuneration.

I often encounter high-ranking “small thirds”, consulting fees start at 2,000 yuan, the more complex the more expensive

Ms. Wen, female, 31 years old, Beijing

Although I am a “little third dismissal teacher”, I don’t like this title. In my understanding, the marriage relationship is a very complicated proposition. It is not simply “persuading you to quit the junior” to make you and your spouse grow old together.

After graduating from university, I worked in a psychological counseling agency, and now I started a marriage counseling company.

Baidu’s “Little Three Adviser” will have multiple similar companies

My consultation fee is 2,000 yuan per hour. If you encounter a complicated case, the price will be even higher.

There are indeed many customers who come to us to persuade third parties. Our solution should be said to be relatively mild. My side mainly uses communication and negotiation to dissuade the third party.

A “successful case” displayed on a small third dismissal platform

Dissuade the third party, not as difficult as everyone imagined.

Now all kinds of posts on the Internet demonize the third party in order to gain eyeballs. In fact, most of them are ordinary people who just made mistakes in their emotions. This is not a defense for a third party, but a fact that blind hatred and incitement are essentialThe question did not actually help.

When I communicate with my client, the first consensus I need to reach is: Your goal is to restore your marriage and family.

Most of the small three persuasion companies will conduct “content marketing”, most of which are to introduce how to deal with the discovery of the husband’s cheating

Based on this, I can formulate a plan of action. If it is just to retaliate against the derailed person and the third party, then there is no need to come to me.

Some third parties are deceived and do not know that the other party is married in advance. Other third parties are those who lack love in childhood and are easy to fall into emotional traps, and there are also those who seek money. Understanding the type and purpose of the third party, can we make an accurate strategy and successfully dissuade the “small third”.

Most third parties get involved in other people’s marriages, and they themselves have a heavy psychological burden. Some “little three” seem to be arrogant, but it is because of self-knowledge and an overreaction of self-protection. This way, through communication and negotiation, prescribe the right medicine to help her establish a correct view of feelings and start a new life.

Those who want to make money are actually not difficult to solve. The principals are generally not short of money, and most of them are willing to pay a reasonable fee to let the “small three” leave.

The more difficult, or “high-ranking” “little three”, are those who have their own independent feelings and don’t want money.

There are also a lot of “Little Three Persuading Companies” on Weibo

I once persuaded a “small third” who was a female writer. She does not reject meeting and communicating with me. In the process of communicating, she told me her views on relationships and marriage. She believes that love is a matter of two people, as long as one of them does not love, this relationship will not be established. People’s feelings are constantly changing, and marriage is just an untimely system that goes against human nature.

This is a person with very clear thinking and strong observation ability. It is difficult for me to grasp her psychological weakness and language loopholes to convince her. But after many exchanges, I found that she is still a very good person in addition to her feelings.

I told her that no matter how fickle human emotions are, whether the marriage system is reasonable. At this stage, marriage is still a contractual relationship recognized and pursued by mainstream people. This is not only a symbol of the feelings of both parties, but also the legal protection of family relations and common property.

If you don’t approve of this system, you should seek people who have a common understanding to be together, and you can even push the society to carry out this system change, but you should not hurt another innocent person.

I showed her the commissionThe life photos of a family of three made her understand that an innocent woman and child would be harmed because of her behavior.

Finally, she agreed with my point of view and ended the relationship.

After being “green”, I became an emotional repairer and I let go of my hatred after a million-dollar salary

Mr. Wang, 34 years old, Beijing

I used to be a front-end website development engineer. According to the normal trajectory of life, I should now be bald and worried about being replaced by the “back wave”, but an emotional change has changed my career.

In 2014, I discussed marriage with my girlfriend at the time and prepared for the engagement. But one day when I came home from work, I accidentally discovered that my girlfriend still had a man, who often worked overtime and took him overnight at my house.

For a long time, I couldn’t get out of the emotional shadow of betrayal. I thought about revenge against them, but my friends all persuaded me that it was not worth it.

During that time, I often looked at various information on how to deal with Xiaosan on the Internet, and unexpectedly learned about the business of “Piaosan persuading me to quit”.

Having hatred for “Little San”, I changed my career to become an emotional repairer, which lasted five years.

In the past few years in the industry, I have seen all kinds of “small thirds”, but now I can calm down and watch these things. Most people who have encountered emotional betrayal, like me, are full of revenge.

There was a client, her husband was with her best friend, and she offered 300,000 yuan. She wanted us to get the nude photos of her best friend and ruin the woman.

Introduction to the “Primary Third Dismissal Teacher” on the recruitment website

But we definitely can’t do such illegal things. After communicating with her, I discovered her relationship problems.

She likes stunned people very much. When her husband gave her a necklace, she said it was ugly. Her husband liked to watch anime. She said she looked like a mentally handicapped person, and so on. It has become a habit. Over time, the rift between her and her husband grew bigger and bigger, and sometimes they would get into violent quarrels, and her girlfriends often went to her home and always played the role of persuasion. After a long time, they naturally became more likable.

I told her not to take any retaliatory actions and change her daily way of speaking and attitude. If she doesn’t modify her daily words and deeds, even if she dismisses a “small third”, there will be “small four” and “small four”. Five”……

According to the suggestions of our team, she began to learn to praise and recognize her husband, and she said nothing about her husband and girlfriends. When the relationship between their husbands and wives had obviously eased, they “inadvertently” pointed out that they discovered the personal relationship between their husband and girlfriend.

She wasn’t furious, but she cried silently and told her husband that it was her bad past that caused this to happen. Her husband’s derailment himself is under great moral pressure. As a result, I felt even more guilty and soon chose to break up with his wife and girlfriend and return to the family.

Affection is a very unstable thing, so marriage is needed to maintain the relationship between two people. Marriage can restrain people’s behavior, but it can’t prevent the demise of a relationship. Extramarital affairs are certainly immoral, but they are not simply black and white. “Playing as a junior” cannot really solve the emotional crisis between husband and wife.

Mutual understanding, mutual support, mutual growth, and perseverance are the best way to maintain family and marriage.

This article is from WeChat official account:Microscopy Story (ID: xianweigushi)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Lee do not chase, editor: Zhao Minwen