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How to defeat a Shenzhener in a short time?

There is no need for him to make things difficult for his hairline, and he does not need to use distant relatives to push for marriage. It is enough to let him change rent once.

I wanted to take advantage of the expiration of the lease, to move out of the originally infested shared house, increase my budget appropriately, and find a good single apartment, but the high rent brought me back to the reality of shared rent.

And when I think of the embarrassing scenes of dragging boxes and basins when moving, my mind is full of live wildebeest migration on the savanna of East Africa, and I suddenly feel that the problems encountered by co-renting are trivial things.

In fact, in order to reduce costs, co-leasing is increasingly becoming the best solution for Shenzhen tenants.

Xianyu Renting House released a rental report in March of this year. Data shows that nearly 10,000 people look for shared roommates on the platform every day. Nearly 70% of tenants are willing to share rent with strangers, of which the post-95s have become shared renters. The main crowd.

In my long rent seeking process, I learned that among these co-tenants, quite a few are cohabiting couples. When a shared hardware lifestyle meets young love, a series of practical problems will arise.

For example, couples become roommates after breaking up, sharing a room with their ex-husband’s current girlfriend after divorce, and sharing couples who exchange partners after breaking up… The plot is simply more bloody than a Thai TV series.


“In order to save rent, I did not dare to break up”

Vera female 24 years old

HR currently living in Futian Monthly rent ¥1650

When I first arrived in Shenzhen, Vera lived in a small single room converted from a factory house with a monthly rent of 850 yuan in Minzhi. The door is the bed. The toilet and the living area are separated by a wooden board. In addition, the room is not well ventilated. No. has to go downstairs to the public toilet in the mall across the road to solve it.

Under the recommendation of colleagues from the department, Vera started to follow up in the Douban team, entered countless city rental groups, and found a fairly satisfactory roommate: three bedrooms and one hall with elevator, downstairs is a large supermarket, nearby At the subway interchange station, the commuting distance has been shortened from 1 hour to 20 minutes.

When I saw her during that time, even my complexion changed a lot.

The person who contacted her was a thin boy Dean who shared his language with simultaneous interpretation. In the other room, a couple lived in a fresh graduate who was doing e-commerce.

Before moving in, Vera still hesitated. After all, it was not a shared house for all girls. She even assumed N possible situations in her heart. But after the interview, Vera made a decision with a hangover-like sixth sense.

Vera, a budget-conscious person in life, is not a stingy person. Whenever there is a big dish to cook, Vera will call Dean to share with the couple, and soon a few people will get acquainted with each other, and they will talk about it .

In the third month of the shared lease, Dean confessed to Vera that she did not refuse. In a big city, having a personal company can make her less lonely.

Dean suggested that Vera should not be required to pay the rent, but Vera still insisted on AA. She was already satisfied with the halved rent. In the second bedroom where Vera lived, it didn’t take long for a new tenant to move in.

The change from roommate to lover’s status has increased the cost of communication a lot, and the contradiction between the two has come faster than Vera imagined.

While talking about the current situation of life, Vera said to me that several times when we broke up, it came to my lips, But when I think about the skyrocketing rents around Futian, I can only get the average salary of Shenzhen by standing on my tiptoe. With regard to the current income situation, he swallowed the words again.

“Let’s go by, and not to the point where water and fire are incompatible. Living comfortably can make up for the lack of happiness. I don’t want to go back to the shady little room full of Lingnan cockroach spirits…”

When faced with my life-threatening series of questions, Vera said lightly.

Faced with reality, true love is not as fearless and fearless as in ideals. Material is not inevitable, but it must be the foundation.

“After the divorce, we continue to rent together and each have a new relationship”

Nana, female, 26 years old

Customer Service Supervisor Currently living in Nanshan Monthly rent*

Nana is a Chaoshan girl. She got married and had children early when she was 19 years old. Her son is 7 years old this year, and is also the 7th year working hard in Shenzhen.

She has a high emotional intelligence, clever and assertive. She was promoted to the head of the customer service department two years ago. She worked longer overtime, but her salary did not increase much.

Nana’s husband’s education and family background have no competitive advantage among peers, and the car-hailing industry is booming.After that, he started his life as a driver who left early and returned late.

The squeeze of love in the high-pressure workplace makes the two become “online couples” who only communicate through WeChat most of the time.

“Both of them are very busy at work. I am responsible for my son’s study and daily life. The child has no relationship with his dad, so I only stick to me…”

” Throughout the year, the number of sex lives can be counted with one hand. The child’s father is like the stranger I am most familiar with… All my son’s expenses are on my shoulders, and the education expenses alone are It accounts for 80% of my net income…”

New years later, the three brothers in the husband’s family built a new house in their hometown, but her husband almost ran out of savings in recent years. Sometimes it only takes a moment to get frustrated with feelings. Although I feel sorry for her son, Nana still filed for divorce.

Due to economic pressure, the two parties did not move out of their former love nest. After the child was awarded to her husband, she was settled in her hometown in Shanwei. Nana moved into her original son’s room. Except for the payment of rent and water and electricity, the two had almost no exchanges. .

The change of identity from husband and wife to shared roommate is something that is not understandable in the eyes of friends around, especially after the divorce two people start a new relationship one after another.

The ex-husband’s current passenger is his passenger, both divorced and single, who have not given birth. Nana’s current job is a goose factory programmer who is two years younger than her, and her love experience is as clean as white paper.

From time to time, my ex-husband would take his girlfriend to rent a house overnight. At first, the atmosphere in the room was so embarrassing that the air solidified. As time passed, even if I had a face-to-face meeting with my ex-husband, there was no disturbance in my heart.

I don’t think she would take the initiative to declare sovereignty, feeling that the existence of Nana at the moment has affected the development of the relationship between the two, and knocking on the side to make Nana move away as soon as possible.

Nana is both angry and aggrieved: “I gave the deposit at the beginning, and AA’s rent after the divorce was not small. They should have moved out!”

The child is not present, Nana has no mental burden, and she doesn’t have to bear her emotions to “make others disgusting herself”. I will not describe the process of tearing each other out. It’s a bit like Gu Jia beating the parents of the students in the drama “Thirty Only” The feeling that caused trouble to the police station afterwards.

Why should women embarrass women? It is not necessarily a pleasant voice in the face of renting.

I recently chatted with Nana and learned that she was finally moving out to live with the incumbent, but he couldn’t bear the machismo of the brother Goose Factory. He paid for the rent of six or seven thousand per month.

“In a shared room, even sex is like an affair”

Dachuan male 23 years old

Short video operation Now living in Luohu Monthly rent ¥3200

After graduating from university, Dachuan and his girlfriend who had been with her for 4 years stayed in the local area for development. The cost of living in the third-tier cities in the north is not as good as that in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. While satisfying the quality of life, you can also save some money, and you don’t have to carry a lunch box on your chest. The bus on the back dangled for an hour and a half.

Considering the future, Dachuan decided to go to a first-tier city. After consulting his girlfriend, the two came to Shenzhen.

Like many newcomers to Shenzhen, the hustle and bustle of urban villages on the fringe of the city are their first choice. The fried rice noodles with eggs for 8 yuan can still have a lot of happiness when mixed with chili sauce.

Because of lack of experience in renting a house, I moved three times in two months after I arrived in Shenzhen. During the period, I was cheated by a landlord who didn’t know what it was. Fortunately, they found a good job smoothly. The jumping pace of work made Dachuan and the two people have no time to take care of the small setbacks in life.

In order to settle down and focus on making money and doing business, Dachuan moved with his girlfriend for the fourth time.

They chose a four-bedroom and one-living community house, a national chain rental house brand owned by a large company, and shared with five other strangers under one roof. In the partitioned bedroom in the living room, the sound insulation effect of the wall is almost zero, and the young couple are “forced” to listen to the privacy of their roommates talking in the public area.

“The couple is afraid that it’s not in harmony in some way. Why haven’t you heard of anything?” The most impressive thing about Dachuan is the sharing roommates talking about their private lives.

At this time, Dachuan complained: “Usually, to solve physical needs, you have to cover your mouth, for fear of being heard by your roommate. The object of honesty is now acting like an affair…”

There will always be people in the toilet, there will never be hot water in the shower, there will always be half a bowl of white socks in the living room, and there will always be hysterical quarrels next door…

The love of a snail house is the warmth of small fortunately, and the love of a snail house in a shared house is countless aggrieved and helpless.

When asked about Dachuan’s views on current life, he wore Kuso’s hair because he didn’t get the hot water to rinse in the morning, his eyes were still shining with hope:

“What lies ahead is only temporary. In big cities, there are no people who can’t survive, only people who don’t want to survive. Make money, change the world too far, and change the quality of life.”

Remember that there is a very popular audio on Douyin: “Today’s unhappiness stops here, tomorrow will still shine, baby…”

The immense light that will not be swallowed by the black hole of life is probably the hottest courage of every Shenzhener.


I have received such a message in the background: 4 days a week I yearn to live alone, 2 days thinking about why I came to this city, and 1 day because of the lights left by my roommate at night, I felt that I could hold on for a while.

When I took the opportunity of changing my rent to re-examine my shared life, I found that I cared more about the phrase “Don’t order takeaway tonight, I’m steaming fish, let’s eat together) than my roommate moved my eggs in the refrigerator. “; Compared to the dirty clothes littered in the bathroom, what I care more about is that someone can help me take back the clothes drying on the roof before the shower…

Co-renting is a kind of enclosed furnace heating that everyone needs. This kind of lifestyle is like an urban spiritual shelter, which can accommodate all forms of unhappiness and not wealth.

The daily life of the love in the co-living life, whether you plan carefully, or a place, is the most vivid form of life.

I have to admit one fact: Shenzhen people’s love appreciation period is very short. A fate comes and goes quickly. There is no carriage and mail. Instead, the rent increases year by year, but it is a late night hour. Isn’t the light that hasn’t been extinguished just the sweet and sour candy in the life of glass ballast?

The nestling love and the single life, some are as tolerant as Vera and Nana, and some are as optimistic as Dachuan. Under the cold kiln, everyone is struggling to write their own Shenzhen stories.

Wish you can meet a lamp reserved for you in Shenzhen, a person who will advance and retreat with you.

This article is from WeChat official account: Shenzhen-Time (ID: szdays) , Author: Jesse