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“Anyway, It’s Very Cute”. This title sounds like sand sculpture and brainwashing work. It is one of the most popular works in the October new show.

Interestingly, the reason for the popularity of this work lies in its ability to “distribute dog food”-an animated work adapted from a boy cartoon depicting the marriage of a newlywed couple After life. In the category of juvenile comics, it really seems a bit strange.

Just start the storyVery anti-routine-the protagonist and the protagonist completed a love work next door in less than 5 minutes after the beginning of the story. (That’s right, “Miss Hui Ye” Want me to confess”) I haven’t finished a few seasons-confessed and got married.

The teenager Yuzaki Xingkong (18 years old) who was in a traffic accident, was (16 years old) After saving her, she fell in love with the latter at first sight and confessed on the spot. The two who met again later, flash marriage on the same day? ! So the married life of the two being intimate, me and me in you, began.

From writing the marriage application to getting the certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau, it is extremely realistic

The male protagonist’s perspective is full of love, and the Secretary’s every move is lovely and moving, and the male protagonist said “In short, (her) is Under the brainwashing of the inner cry of “It’s very cute”, the audience also began to recognize that this is a pure dog food story.

But the audience doesn’t even have the qualification to shout “You guys go get married” because they are already married.

When you search for its name

Why is the dog food it describes so good? The reality outside of animation seems to be the answer.

Coincidentally, this work is the original manga author Kenjiro Hata(Representative work “Hayate the Combat Butler”), announced in 2018 Voice actor Masaki Asano (formerly a voice actor in the animated version of Hayate the Combat Butler) stepped into the marriage hall and announced the start of serialization.

So, “Anyway, Very Cute” is naturally “adapted based on real experience after the hateful author left the list”.

Kenjiro Hata and his wife Masano Asano

But the truth is not that simple.

(This article contains spoilers for certain plot details, but no spoilers for key figures, please read carefully.)

An extreme “young manga”

“I am married! The target is the voice actor Masumi Asano. This Wednesday also began a new series of “Anyway, Very Cute” on “Weekly Shonen Sunday”. With the support of my wife, the two will join hands to enter a new life together. Please take care of me!”

In February 2018, Kenjiro Hata first announced the wedding news on Twitter (The news was ranked first in the hot search), 2 Tin Hau began to serialize the romantic comedy comics “Anyway, it’s very cute” on “Weekly Shonen Sunday”.

The inaugural issue of “Weekly Shonen Sunday”, named Sunday, is to make readers feel happy and relaxed every time they read. , But it’s actually on sale every Wednesday

It’s worth noting that its serialization platform “Weekly Youth Sunday” (under the Xiao Xue Guan), although in terms of overall sales, “Weekly Youth Sunday” “In recent years, it has always been ranked in “Weekly Shonen JUMP”(under Shueisha) and “Weekly Shonen MAGAZINE”(under Kodansha), but in “love comedy” or other love-related types, it has always been its strong point. Especially in the long-term serialized worksIn, the description of love entanglements is very brilliant.

Adam Takahashi’s “Baseball Hero” by Andachong and “Inuyasha” and other works are serialized on Sunday

Even in the non-love comics, some chapters of the comics spare no effort in the use of love elements.

For example, “Detective Conan” by Takasho Aoyama was also serialized on Sunday

In short, compared with the other two juvenile comic magazines, because of the rich love elements interspersed in the story, Sunday has many female readers.

“In short”, this sweet love comic, is also Sunday’s masterIt’s just another relay of the class.

“Weekly Shonen Sunday”, the cover is to celebrate the animation of “In conclusion”

However, Sunday is a real boy manga publication, and “In short” is still a boy cartoon that is serialized in a boy manga publication. This platform and the positioning of the main audience determine it and the main girl readers “Ribon”, “Best Friends”, “CIAO” (Japan’s three major girl comics, which belong to The biggest difference among publications such as Shueisha, Kodansha, Xiaoxiaokan)——

Juvenile manga publications are still mainly for young people. The main selling point of the work is definitely designed to cater to the male domination. Therefore, girls are often designed to be the perfect lovers who can satisfy the young people’s prying desire.

The heroine Lahm in the classic masterpiece “Fuck Boy” of “Weekly Shonen Sunday”

The classic masterpiece “Girls Revolution” from the girl comic magazine “CIAO”

After understanding this market positioning, you can also immediately discover the rationality of some seemingly illogical points in “Summary”: the male protagonist fell in love with the female protagonist at first sight, no relationship, no marriage proposal, no wedding ring, If there is no wedding, get the certificate directly and start cohabitation with the beautiful girl.

A perfect woman who makes people fall in love at first sight is a spectacle for a teenager who is in love for the first time; and with the convenience of a flash marriage, she can immediately start the “countdown to home base” with this woman. The teenagers have numb scalp!

The background design of “marriage” gave young readers the imagination of breaking through the upper limit of the previous period. It has also become the first selling point of “In summary”. This can be said to be one of the author’s venomous audience pain points. .

As for the content, it is a matter of opinion whether it is too strong for the readers of Sunday.

In the most recent time Kenjiro Hata×Minki Wakagi(The cartoonist also serialized on Sunday, represented as the comic “The World Only God Knows”), the latter jokingly questioned the comic content of the eleventh volume of “Anyway, Very Cute”, “by the standards of “Weekly Shonen Sunday”, it is almost an ergonomic comic!”.

Xingkong and Xiaosi in Chapter 103 of “In summary” (Actually, the comics have not given the answer until now about whether the protagonists are really round rooms)< br>

And Kenjiro Hata also responded easily, and the description of the “physical relationship” and “childbearing” of the protagonists afterwards is indeed one of the materials that can be considered.

On the other hand, some realistic descriptions of married life have literally literate a lot of knowledge about marriage and sexual relations for teenagers.

Always looking at the young readers who use “Two loves to be together and kiss” as the final Happy Ending scene, Kenjiro Hata wants them to think more: “Marriage is just a starting point. Don’t you understand the hard work after that?”

The common sense of life between the sexes is also scattered in it, allowing male readers to learn a lot of interesting little knowledge.

After the two volumes of the comics, the originally high-cold female lead also has a rich inner small theater. Therefore, under the delicate female perspective, the casual male charm shots of the starry sky are also portrayed. The addition of these contents also makes “Anyway Very Cute” a female reader who can watch it with relish.

And all of the above, together constitute the multiple interest gained when I first watched “In summary”.

In the field of boy manga, designing “marriage” as a selling point seems to be very successful. He deserves to be known as Kenjiro Hata who understands the pain points of otaku.

The heart of the touching (sour) story

In addition to deeply hitting the pain points of the homestays, another element of “In short” is that it has an extremely sincere story core-the beauty of marriage.

Hata Kenjiro is 45 years old this year, and it is not a good age to describe a story about young couples flirting and cursing. However, in terms of expressing the meaning of “marriage”, he really should have an express desire beyond ordinary people, and it is indeed worth sharing.

Hata Kenjiro followed the trend of Twitter and created “Two People Who Married 100 Days Later”, which describes the story of men and women who had never met before getting married after 100 days. A more realistic work than most Twitter comics

Actually, Kenjiro Hata was already married at the age of 26, and after a few years of divorce and being single, he chose to marry again in 2018, restarting the two-person world life.

The manga “In short” was not drawn by his head when he was newly married, but after a failed marriage.>

Although the subject matter is bold and the core is touching, under the framework of the juvenile comics, the current “In short”, the excavation of marriage stops at “Newlywed Yaner”.

And more importantly, Hata Kenjiro basically continued his previous work “Hayate the Combat Butler” (continued for a full 13 years) in his specific creation. The character and story creation method, but this creation method gradually revealed inadequacy in “In summary”.

“Hayate the Combat Butler”

“Hayate the Combat Butler” tells the story of the poor male protagonist Ayazaki Arashi, who runs errands every day after becoming the personal steward of the rich daughter Sanqianyuan.

The heroine Sanzenin has a crush on Ayazaki Arashi, but she cannot confess because of her arrogance. In the later part of the story, various charming female supporting roles continue to emerge, full of favorite elements of the harem and party disputes, and a large number of character relationship collisions and misunderstandings , Spoofing the bridge with endless animation stalks, makes this work full of laughter and lively.

The male protagonist and the female protagonists of Hayate the Combat Butler

The character attribute configuration was also created based on the heroine Sanqianyuan as the benchmark value. The female protagonist Sanzenin is “waste wood” + the male protagonist Ayasaki Arashi is”Universal”, many outstanding female partners possess colorful attributes such as beauty, virtuousness, loyal dog, black belly, etc., and most of them have an ambiguous relationship with the male protagonist Ayazaki Arashi, and there are also many jealous dramas between each other.

4 female protagonists have a crush on the male protagonist’s settings at the same time, and they have contributed a lot to the animation

On the other hand, the hero starry sky not only follows Ayazaki Arashi’s core setting(Old Asashi, Almighty, Slow) , The female characters are also set based on the heroine, and even the “laughing point” of the work is also the two hands of “Hayate the Combat Butler”: the characters are confused and the animation stalks of a lot of chaos.

Shi’s spoof Ikoji Shinji lines

But the core of marriage has become a shackle at this moment. On the main stage of the story, only two protagonists can be accommodated, and the “smiles” and “cute points” of the work can only be composed of two. People take it.

According to Kenjiro Hata, it is “all the cute attributes and only order the division!”.

The Omnipotent Division

And there are only positive descriptions between the characters, which leads to the only one left in the drama conflict and the role relationship in the plot, and the number of laughs is greatly reduced. Even the main female partner has become a losing dog on 10 pages-the starry sky must not be derailed, but even refused this There will be no romantic drama.

Famous 10-page losing dog

According to Kenjiro Hata, “In short” pays more attention to the in-depth description of “romantic relationship” than “Laughing Point”. Therefore, only “wife” is in the eyes of the male protagonist.

But what the reader sees is only “The Division”.

When this omnipotent beautiful girl is also conquered by the protagonist’s charm, is limited by the setting of the boy manga, and cannot touch the “marriage reality” of a further step, then what else can keep young readers Is his gaze good?