Jialing is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. She has been in this business for eight years. She is responsible and hardworking, which has allowed her to take a deep root in this business. She is usually very busy. Work and entertainment take up a lot of her time. She often neglects her husband. She is always sorry and helpless. But today, she turned away all the work she was holding and decided to go home to accompany her husband, because today is his birthday.

I went to the department store to buy a watch that my husband loves, then went to the supermarket to buy a lot of delicacy and delicious ingredients, and finally set up a three-story cake shop downstairs in my community Tall big cake. The couple can’t eat, but the atmosphere must be sufficient. Carina, carrying a large bag and a small bag, quickly walked to the door of the house. She decided to open the door quietly, and then gave her husband an unexpected surprise.

Because the movement was very light, there was no sound when the door was opened. After entering the door, the house is quiet. Isn’t her husband yet back today. Suddenly, she heard the sound of a woman moaning in the bedroom, the soft and slutty screaming high and low, she could only hear Carina’s red ears, her heart squashed and her head sank quickly. There was a buzzing explosion in an instant. She frowned and thought: No, my husband actually slept with another woman and brought the slut home? Own work is too busy, so Sao Fox took advantage of the gap and got in. Jialing’s temperament was already strong. She gritted her teeth and threw the things she was carrying on the ground heavily. She clenched her fists and strode to the door of the bedroom with all her strength and opened the door with all her strength. Locked, obviously I didn’t know someone would break in at this time. Carina pushed the door heavily against the white wall, “banging” like thunder, and shocked the couple of dogs and men on the bed.

Carina saw a naked woman sitting on her husband’s body on her bed. She was frightened by the sudden sound. Seeing Carina, she hugged her The man underneath, dragging the quilt on the bed indiscriminately, covering himself and the man tightly. Obviously, the two of them were very scared, and they dared not take a breath. “Li Ninghao, if you are a man, just come out for me, don’t hide in the quilt, be a tortoise, what a man.” Jia Ling said viciously. But the two people in the quilt still hugged each other and covered their heads without making a sound. When Jialing saw such a scene, her tears flowed straight down. How could this happen?

Think about it before, when she was in college, Carina was a famous beauty, and the boys who chased her could form a group. Carina is kind-hearted and loves reading. She is not the kind of superficial girl who dislikes the poor and loves the rich. What she yearns for is a kind of love with a clear heart and understanding. The day I met Li Ninghao, the weather was extremely sunny. She is wearing a yellow T-shirt, a green knee-length skirt, and a hairpin inlaid with pearls on her long black hair, so pure and beautiful. She was sitting on a table by the window in the library, quietLooking at it, the beauty is like a woman in a painting. Suddenly, the tall and handsome Li Ninghao came over. He smiled at her, revealing a mouthful of white shell-like teeth, and then said a little excitedly: “Hello, your name is Jialing, right?” “Well, you are “The first time Jialing saw Li Ninghao, her heart throbbed. She knew that she must have been shot by Cupid’s Eros arrow.

“My name is Li Ninghao, I am a major in architectural design. Can I buy you a cup of coffee?” He said very gentlemanly, his voice full of magnetism and penetration.

“Well, okay!” Jia Ling couldn’t refuse as if she was possessed. In this way, the two began to communicate, and later walked into the hall of marriage holding hands. After marriage, Li Ninghao started as a designer in a large company. He was smart and easy to learn. He knew many things before he touched him. The works he designed often won the appreciation of his superiors. So he was promoted soon. And Jialing was not far behind, so she spent a lot of time and effort on work. In order to make achievements, she never had children, regardless of her husband Li Ninghao’s persuasion. The two quarreled about the child about how many times they quarreled. Later, both of them consciously avoided the topic and never mentioned it. Is it possible that this is the reason why her husband betrayed him?

Jia Ling came back to her senses and said loudly, “Li Ninghao, can’t you get out? If you don’t get out again, I will lift the quilt? I count three times, one… “My husband is still unmoved, he has no face to come out to see him. I want you to be good-looking for this sad boy! “Two…three…” After Carina finished counting, the two people in the quilt still couldn’t come out. Carina rushed up with an angry stride, and finally lifted the quilt with all her might, and threw it away at her husband. The woman on her body, her husband buried her face deeply in the pillow. She smashed her husband’s face and took a look with her eyes widened-she was taken aback, her mouth opened into an “O” shape. The man on the bed is not his husband, but a stranger.

What is going on? Did you open the wrong lock and enter the wrong door? Jialing was a little panicked. She hurriedly looked around. In this familiar environment, the fabric curtains with lilies on the sofa, bed, and windows were all bought with her husband before getting married? Is there anyone else whose home is decorated just like yours? Impossible, what is going on? Carina rushed to the bedroom door with shame, and then said loudly and unceremoniously: “Who are you? How come you are at my house? Get your clothes on quickly, or I will call the police!” This really works. When the two people inside heard it, they hurriedly said: “Don’t call, we’ll come out right away.” Carina hissed for a long time. Fortunately, that was not her husband, otherwise she didn’t know what she would do next. Divorced or swallowed, or pretended to be generous with him. Don’t worry about all this now. She felt relieved.