By the way, my family is located in a small village in the border area of ​​Guangdong. Now everyone’s living conditions are better and they have all moved out, basically an empty village. However, a long time ago, there was a lively village with hundreds of families.

I heard my grandma say that when she first married my grandfather, the Japanese army surrendered and the Japanese invaders retreated. However, there is still a legacy. In the village, there are three Japanese youths aged 16 or 7 who were left in China by the imperial army.

They are homeless and have no food to eat. At night, they sneaked up and went to the neighbor next to my grandma’s house to steal food. I stole more and became more courageous, and one day went to the chicken pen to catch the neighbor’s old hen during the day.

Then, the villagers discovered that Wuhuada was tied up and beaten by Fatty. At the foot of the mountain in the east of the village, he dug a big hole and buried it alive.

Yes, it is buried alive.

It seems cruel now, but for the peasants who have just been liberated from the dark life of Japanese aggression and cruelty, this behavior is understandable.

The back mountain where the three young men were buried alive, underneath is a hundred hectares of fertile fields, and the whole village, including our family, has one acre of land. People in the village go to farm every day.

One day at noon, twelve o’clock, according to legend, midnight and midday are times when Yin Qi is extremely high.

As for the yin when I was Mao Zhengwu, I have to ask the elderly, but I have no idea.

Anyway, it was 12 o’clock at noon. Our neighbor was in her fifties. She took her six-year-old granddaughter to turn sweet potatoes at the foot of the deserted mountain. At that time, my grandma had already gone home with everyone ahead of time, and only her mother-in-law and grandson were left.

Everyone knows that children have ghost eyes, and they will close when they are adults.

So, in the deserted mountain At the feet, grandma was turning the last sweet potato seedlings, and the six-year-old granddaughter stood by her side.

Suddenly, the little granddaughter pointed to a tree at the foot of the mountain and said to grandma: Grandma, there are three people there, what are they doing?

Grandma raised her head in confusion and looked in the direction, only to see a tree, nothing.

Grandma scolded her: What nonsense? Where is anyone?

The granddaughter insisted: It is true, do you think?

She pointed to the tree at the foot of the mountain: Three people, just standing there, they are crying, don’t know what they are talking about.

The granddaughter continued to say to her grandma: The three big brothers were crying, but they didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Grandma got up, looked carefully, she still couldn’t see anything

Then grandma remembered that there had been three little Japan buried alive, the eyes of children She was so frightened that she could see these things, so she picked up her granddaughter and left.

The little granddaughter is unknown, so she lay on her grandmother’s shoulders, looking back and saying: Grandma, look, they are coming.

Grandma held her granddaughter tightly with one hand in horror, and covered her granddaughter’s eyes with one hand: Don’t look, let’s go home.

The granddaughter’s eyes were covered by her grandma and couldn’t see, but she still babbled to her: Grandma, they are crying beside me…

Then , Grandma also heard the cry clearly.

After hurried home, grandma was terrified, and as soon as she put her granddaughter down, she offered incense to the gods at home.

The granddaughter fell ill the next day. She went to several hospitals and took a lot of medicine, but she never got better.

Later, his grandfather went to invite the goddess, only to realize that he was entangled with something unclean. The goddess asked their family to invite a monk and read the scriptures at home for a few days. The specific situation It’s not very clear, but then the little granddaughter’s illness did get better.

By the time I was born, the land was already a wilderness, there was no trace of farming, there was no one going there. I never went there when I was a child, my parents Never let me go.