Jacket’, let’s not talk about it? The price? Naturally, it should be reduced once. Now it’s dead, smashed in my hands. You want it, a price of 5,000 yuan. I don’t earn anything, I lie to you as a grandson. Yes, take it. Bargain, no talk. “

Too unexpected! Xu Jiacheng is a person who knows the piano and loves the piano. Let alone 5,000 or 50,000, there is no bargaining Say? Immediately go to the cash machine outside to get cash for delivery. When it came, the boss told: “I will only pay you 3,000 yuan again. “

Buying this piano back, Xu Jiacheng couldn’t put it down. It was Sunday again, and I didn’t go to work. The whole afternoon was wiped, played, and tuned repeatedly. The song “Deep Night”. This is a song that Jinghu experts and fans like, everyone has their own understanding of the song. Xu Jiacheng believes that it depicts a single woman or man, in the dead of night, lonely, sleepless, missing lover, tossing and turning. Shangyu is bitter and bitter, and the rhythm is slow and low: Zhongque’s mood is as continuous as the evening, and use a medium-speed bow; the next lover returns, overjoyed, passionate, full of joy and happiness, and rushing tension. Xu Jiacheng’s inspiration, Through variations, improvisation and other “adding flowers” techniques, the tune is drawn like a pour, wind and rain.

Xu Jiacheng is asleep this night because of fatigue and excessive excitement. Not asleep, like a dream, not a dream state. In a trance, it is clear that a charming woman with long hair and white clothes appeared in the room, singing and dancing, just like a surprise.

Xu Jiacheng asked, “Who are you? “The woman said a blessing: “The little girl is the soul of your new Huqin.” I have lived in the world for more than a hundred years and have read countless people. Only today I feel the hands of the real master and bosom friend. “

From then on, Xu Jiacheng believed the pawnshop owner’s words that there were indeed female ghosts attached to the piano body. The strange thing was that he was not afraid at all, but instead felt full of passion like seeing an old friend. So He asked her to tell her story. The woman said that she was a snake essence cultivated for thousands of years, transformed into a human, and named Xiaoqing. She did not want to be caught by a snake while practicing in retreat and was caught and killed. The snake skin was sold to the producer. The piano craftsman has been made into countless skins. Because this piece is located at seven inches, closest to the heart, the soul is attached to it.

See Xu Jiacheng With relish, the woman asked: “Aren’t you afraid of me? “Xu Jiacheng laughed and said: “I see you, I only feel affectionate, and even want to marry you as a ghost wife. “The woman angered: “Necrosis, not serious.” “Flicked his sleeves and went away. “Xiangu stayed. “Xu Jiacheng yelled, and the dream woke up. Turn on the lights to check, there was no one.

Then, strange noises also appeared, like auditory hallucinations, but also real. The sobs wandered down and the evening’s tone was long, like a ghost howling. Xu Jiacheng is a luthier, who understands tunes, and after listening carefully for a while, he finally heard the tone: “Ha, it turned out to be “Zola Robe” from “The Peony Pavilion”