What kind of opportunities do you need for a cuisine to grow and develop?

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “DT Finance” ( ID: DTcaijing), author Zhong Wei, editor Lu Hao, design Zhang Haohao.

The dinner does not know what to eat. The ending is usually two-choice–Cantonese or Sichuan cuisine, but the result usually ends with the success of Sichuan cuisine. It can even be said that not eating Sichuan food has become a new type of social terminal illness.

Speaking of this, do you remember the WeChat group on the day of the dinner-

“What to eat today”

“Eat Cantonese cuisine! Just XX, delicious and affordable!”

“What else?”

“How about the Sichuan cuisine downstairs?”

“Yes, it’s it”

You will eventually be ruthlessly conquered by your colleagues. Helpless, you think that even if you are not a Sichuan-Chongqing person, you also have a soul. But when you were at the dinner table and saw that they were all hot and burst into tears, have you ever thought about such a problem – as a taste crusher, is the magic of Sichuan cuisine really much bigger than Cantonese cuisine?


According to the national restaurant data obtained from the public comment by DT Jun (Public ID: DTcaijing), the number of Sichuan restaurants is more than twice that of Cantonese cuisine.

Szechuan cuisine is only spicy? You are too small to eat Sichuan cuisine

Specifically, the proportion of Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine in each province, Cantonese cuisine only has advantages in Guangdong and Guangxi, while Sichuan cuisine has harvested all other regions.

How can Cantonese cuisine be completely defeated in the confrontation with Sichuan cuisine? And how is Sichuan cuisine topped up, ranking among the top nationals? The story begins with the Qing Dynasty…

1,The pastoral scenery of Guangdong cuisine,The first choice for dinner

In ancient times, due to inconvenient traffic, in a relatively closed environment, different regions formed different dietary styles based on different climates and properties.

In the Qing Dynasty, under the premise of the development of modern industrial and commercial, the relatively mature cuisines began to spread for the first time with the activities of merchants. Cantonese cuisine emerged at this time and became a 佼