Want to make money can only sell goods?

“The poison of vibrato”, “The brushing sound can’t stop.”

As long as people who have brushed their vibrato have this feeling, people will fall into it unconsciously, so what are we brushing?

“Good-looking Miss Sister” “Cute little cute baby” “People drooling”… These good-looking, fun and interesting content, let us poison the platform.

In the era of traffic dividends, no one wants to miss it, but opening an account is simple, but you will encounter many problems when you want to operate for a long time, so before you make a new vibrato, you need to understand: Strong>

1. What is the algorithmic mechanism of the vibrato platform?

2. What kind of content and operation methods can you get the recommendation for the platform?

3. How to operate during the bottleneck period?

4. How does the vibrato account be realized?


What is the mechanism for distributing content on the platform?

The algorithms on all platforms in the market are different, but the algorithms of the general platform include content producers and content consumers. The algorithm of the vibrato is a recommendation mechanism, which classifies the content of the content producer.

When the net is red, it’s hard to make money without vibrating.

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When the first video is released, the account will be labeled with some tags. At the same time, the user will be tagged, and the user’s favorite content will be recommended according to the frequency, likes, comments and forwarding of the user.


What kind of content will be recommended a lot?

First, what is the content of vibrato?

Vibrato now advocates positive energy, such as videos of recently popular soldiers, firefighters, and police officers. Because the main direction of vibrato is to spread positive energy, in line with socialist values, and instead spread negative energy video, vibrato is not recommended.

You can’t have other platforms’ watermarks and logos when shooting videos; the picture quality should be clear and the background should be clean; it is best to have cover and subtitles to improve the click rate.

Second, what is the basis for distributing content on the platform?

When you upload a video, the platform algorithm will start to work. First, you will check the cover and title of the video. If there is no violation, you will review it and go online. After going online, you will do the screen reduction and keyword matching, if your video screen The similarity with other people’s videos is too high, the platform will not recommend.

When the net is red, it’s hard to make money without vibrating.

If your video is not duplicated, it will match the keyword to 200~300 online users, and the platform will judge based on the likes, comments, forwarding, completion rate and proportion of attention.

When you get good feedback from users and no one reports it, Vibrato will repeatedly recommend your video for 1 to 7 days, which is why some videos suddenly fire.

Three, will the video be fired the second time?

Before brushing the sound, you will often see that “the video will fire for the second time.” This statement is incorrect. If you send the same video twice, it will not be fire. For the sake of the algorithm, the same video is duplicate content and the platform is not recommended.


Three ways to quickly increase powder tones

When you are ready to shake the tone, you need to understand the platform algorithm, so you can clear the location of the account when you operate, but you want to increase the weight of the account on the platform, get more recommendations, how to do it?

The first thing to do is to keep the account active, the operator should shake the sound every day, give others praise, grab hot reviews, pay attention to peers and watch live broadcasts, etc. These things last for three days. Above, in order to get the platform algorithm to tag you.

The second is to continuously update the content, the frequency of the initial update must be stable, to show their continuous production capacity, can get the user’s attention, but want to increase the powder depends on the algorithm Recommended metrics: likes, comments, forwards, completion rates, and attention ratios.

When the net is red, it’s hard to make money without vibrating.

For exampleAt the beginning of the frequency, the theme is implanted, which is of interest to the user. The time is controlled in 20~30 seconds, allowing the user to quickly read it. In addition, it is recommended that you do not brush the amount, because the amount of brush will cause the vibrato algorithm to be confusing, or even the recommendation of the platform.

The third is to continuously optimize and iterate, the unchanging content will reduce the recommendation of the platform, and after updating, you can hide the video with bad data and display the good content.

The general account will encounter the bottleneck period of the powder increase. On the one hand, you can use the dou+ of the vibrating platform to get more traffic, provided that it is built on good content; on the other hand, you can do content matrix to attract different fans. , open multiple accounts and increase business value.


Vibrating sound: 100,000 fans, 3,000 ads

The content platform will eventually want to monetize. The common way is business cooperation.

Vibrot has a special content trading platform – Star Map, which is based on the number of fans of the account to recommend advertising pricing, the average of 3 cents for a vibrating fan, that is, an account has 100,000 fans, its The advertising price is around 3,000 yuan.

When the net is red, it’s hard to make money without vibrating.

The way to realize the realization is also selling goods, such as opening the product window or selling the goods, just like the hottest Li Jiaqi on the vibrating platform sells lipstick. In addition, the vibrato will add algorithm weight to the account that is frequently broadcast, but the content should be new.

When the net is red, it’s hard to make money without vibrating.

In fact, there is still a lot of knowledge about vibrato operation. “Egg Solution Business” is also a 2.5 million fan size from 0 to the present. Through several videos, it is 1 million in the vibrato 3 days, without spending a penny. There is no imitation, no chasing hotspots; instead, “eggs” as a senior entrepreneur share a small entrepreneurial knowledge in each issue, and let fans like, leave messages, follow, and forward by establishing contradictions, setting suspense, and creating slots. In the past month, the cumulative increase of powder was nearly 2.5 million.

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What is the difference between this course?

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5, the skill routine is broken a little bit

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In the overall experience of the course, we also added the most effective training camp mode: course + community companionship to better organize the students to complete the study and homework in the community. And have the opportunity to interact with each other in the actual problems encountered in the vibrato.

When the net is red, it’s hard to make money without vibrating.

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Class location

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Who is suitable for listening?

1. I want to make a vibrato when the net is red, but I don’t know where to start

2. Brands that want to sell goods by vibrating, but don’t know how to do it

3. People and brands that have started to vibrate but cannot break through the flow

4. People who are vibrating in the blur, but who have no luck with the luck and brand

5. People and brands that have content but do not know how to package

What will you gain in 7 days?

1. 10 features of the vibrato user portrait

What is their consumption philosophy, behavioral habits, emotional patterns, and decision-making processes?

2. Vibrate 1 billion traffic support vlog, how to catch this bus?

What is vlog? How to shoot vlog?

3. The 5 most popular vibrato content currently

What are their characteristics, what are the success factors, what are the ways to realize them, and what are the problems?

4. Find the label and perform a competitive analysis

A systematic analysis of competitors through four data dimensions on the premise of recognizing their own demands and goals

5. Defining the content and form of your own vibrato

Design content that you can do and copy quickly based on your own characteristics, resources, or main business.

6. Raising fan emotional resonance

Master the emotional pattern of the vibrato people, strengthen the content characteristics, and gain a strong sense of recognition from the fans

7. Implement process creation

A rational division of labor and organization of resources to achieve streamlined topic planning, filming, editing, production and operation

8. Using the vibrato algorithm, crazy powder

Understand and be familiar with the content recommendation mechanism of vibrato, systematically plan the whole process from construction number, maintenance number, explosion video, operation and maintenance

9. Avoid stepping on the thunder and the solution after stepping on the thunder

Familiar with the vibrato rules to avoid some minefields in the vibrato algorithm regarding current limit, off-rack, and title.

10. Drain and cash, buy and buy

Organize your private domain traffic through matrix play and realize cash, let fans buy and buy


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When the network is red, it’s hard to make money  Not as hard as you think