As well, Tencent Cloud Games will enter the South Korean and Southeast Asian markets; Wal-Mart invests $50 million in Ninjacart; cross-border e-commerce platform “Wish” wins H round financing

Southeast Asia

Tencent Cloud Games will enter the Korean and Southeast Asian markets. According to Reuters, Tencent is currently looking for partners in Korea and Southeast Asia to provide cloud gaming services. Li Guolong, product manager of Tencent Cloud Games Solutions, said that Tencent especially saw the potential of the Southeast Asian market, because users there are not very keen on playing games on consoles such as Playstation and Xbox.


Swiggy or raise up to $750 million. According to people familiar with the matter, Swiggy is in-depth discussions with investors to raise $750 million in new funds. The leading investor in this round of financing is Naspers. It is reported that Naspers will invest about 350 million US dollars. Korean investors will invest $50 million. There are currently $540 million in investment commitments, and if existing shareholders or new investors fail to provide the remaining funds, Naspers may inject more money into Swiggy.

Wal-Mart Investment Ninjacart $50 million. It is reported that Ninjacart will receive the first investment of 10 million US dollars in the next three weeks. At the same time, through this investment, Wal-Mart will receive Ninjacart’s board of directors. Flipkart is expanding its grocery business to five cities this year, and Wal-Mart may be considering integrating Ninjacart’s supply chain with Flipkart’s distribution.

UrbanClap, a domestic service platform, received $75 million in E-round financing. The lead investor in this round of financing For Tiger Global, other participants include existing shareholders Steadvidew Capital and Vy Capital. Urbanclap was established in 2014 as one of the key players in the domestic service industry, providing services in India and the UAE. Currently, the company is on its platform. Working with more than 20,000 professionals, services include beauty, spa, cleaning, woodworking, appliance repair, etc.

ET: Alibaba’s joint venture gaming company with Paytm seeks to raise $25 million. According to the Economic Times, two people familiar with the matter reported that Paytm First Games, a joint venture between Alibaba’s Yabo Technology and Paytm, is negotiating a $25 million fundraising for new investors. Sudhanshu Gupta, chief operating officer of Yabo Technology, said the platform has grown many times over last year; the company is considering doubling the size of its employees, investing in technology platforms, and organizing e-sports.


North American takeaway servicer DoorDash has spent $410 million to acquire rival Caviar. According to foreign media reports, in order to expand its business in the city center, takeaway service provider DoorDash has agreed to acquire its competitor Caviar for US$410 million. This acquisition is the first large-scale of DoorDash. Acquisition. DoorDash has been providing delivery services to more than 3,000 restaurants in more than 4,000 cities in the US and Canada, but has traditionally been developed in the suburbs. At the same time, Caviar is focused on developing in the heart of the city.

The cross-border e-commerce platform “Wish” completes the H round of financing.

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Going Daily | Ali and Paytm's joint venture game company seeks to raise $25 million; pass Swiggy or raise up to $750 million

Going Daily | Ali and Paytm's joint venture game company seeks to raise $25 million; pass Swiggy or raise up to $750 million