The definition of vlog has become less important.

“Then you can add 10,000 fans every month recently.” After hearing this sentence, Lili on the other end of the phone squeaked and laughed. Lili is a new vlogger. She started shooting vlogs in February this year. After taking nearly 200 short videos, the vlog account named @丽丽de小幸福 has been accumulated in the watermelon video. There are 66,000 fans.

If it was half a year ago, Lili would never dream of welcoming such a “highlight moment” in her life.

It’s very different from the vloggers that people’s impressions are glamorous and full of all kinds of novel experiences in life. The labels on Lili’s body are roughly the novice Bao Ma, the North drifting family, and the unconventional shape, but these are the The temperament that is insulated from the net red does not prevent her from having a good popularity in the watermelon video.

take it, it is vlog

When vlog can break through the subculture circle and go to the public, many players realize that vlog is really starting to fire.

The latest players are iQiyi and Sohu. Iqiyi has launched its own vlog platform in the past week. Zhang Chaoyang also announced that Sohu video will promote vlog-based short-media video development. If you count relatively mature B-station, Weibo, vibrato and watermelon videos, plus the vertical field of App players flash, VUE, etc., this new video of the short video field has been regarded as a wind and water.

“We are all authors today. We are all directors. We are all filmmakers. At the same time, we are all theorists because we have created theories ourselves,” by American writer Nicholas Rombes in his book “Digital This is written in Cinema in the Digital Age.

At the moment, every ordinary person has the opportunity to become a vlogger. Even some people are changing their lives through the new identity of vlogger.

Ten thousand kinds of life behind vlog

Ouyang Nana, a new generation of actress and cellist after 00, another important identity is the famous vlogger. Previously, she and the headline, watermelon video “Nabi study abroad” series vlog, got 77 million broadcasts and appeared in the microblogging hot search list 11 times.

The enthusiasm for Nabi’s study abroad is that it allows people to see the other side of the star, and perhaps the more real side. In the vlog, Ouyang Nana recorded her experience of going to the Berkeley Conservatory. With six suitcases flying to the ground in the room, from eating pizza in the bathroom to doing PPT in front of the computer, these trivial experiences have brought the psychological distance between the stars and ordinary people.

The New York Times once said that “worldly and peaceful” is the key to the success of vloggers. The vlog whirlwind that started from Ouyang Nana also quickly broke the wall of the dimension, attracting more ordinary people to start recording themselves through short videos. Everyday.

Yi Can (Watermelon Video Account @横店龙套电影演员), a dragon actor active in Hengdian. He doesn’t have much culture. He was a failed businessman before he came to Hengdian. Because I dreamed of being able to film one day when I was a child, I came to Hunan from the south of the store more than 800 kilometers after the loss of business, and mixed in the local complex group performance ecology.

According to the normal development of the plot, he could not have the same film and television resources as Ouyang Nana for the rest of his life. However, as a vlogger, Yi Can is now in the ranks of Big V with Ouyang Nana: Since April 2017, she has been shooting short videos, and Yi Chan has been sitting on 790,000 fans so far.

“The life of Hengdian is too boring. If you run the group, you will go to the crew every four or five in the morning, work for twelve or three hours.” High-intensity work breaks, shooting short videos becomes a few of Yican. Pastime. Just now, people are also curious about the big and small things happening in Hengdian River and Lake. Yi Can’s mobile phone has become the eye of them to peek into Hengdian, and vlog has turned him into an “anthropologist” who recorded the real life of Hengdian Group.

take it, it is vlog

Here you can see the Guangxi guy who has no money to rent a house and live on the street. The guy can’t help but sigh “Hangdian is totally different from the imagination”. Finally, relying on the train ticket funded by Yican, he started his working career in Guangdong. Can also see a group of guys who want to fall in love, being cheated by the online dating object for a month’s rent of 200 yuan is still not giving up, to cheer for themselves that the other party is not a liar, they have a chance. Of course, there are also some inspirational stories. For example, an actress has a daily salary of 8,000 yuan. Many fans think that she is lying in the comment area. Yi Can went to the street to find her and took a new vlog to confirm.

In Hengdian, the optimism about dreams and the impoverished reality collided with each other to produce a lot of dramatic stories. The various passengers here also provided enough rich materials for Yican.

The Hengdian image is a miniature version of the loyalty of the rivers and lakes. Every day, different stories are staged. As a “hengdian anthropologist”, Yi Can said that he is doing “single record of human life.” It is not only Yican who wants to record life, Xiaojie (Watermelon Video Account @深圳小杰哥) also thinks, but he aims at himself.

Xiaojie is an ordinary Internet company graphic designer with 560,000 fans. He shot vlogs to record his and his wife’s daily life. In fact, a large number of CP combinations are active in the vlog channel of the watermelon video. Xiaojie and his wife are walking in a gentle and warm style. For example, when they go out with their wives for dessert on the weekend, the wife’s dislike of the dessert is small and insufficient. Bing, Xiaojie said nothing about exchanging food with his wife. The commentary area is full of evaluations such as “a good man who hurts his wife.”

take it, it is vlog

There are still many similar things. The main axis of Xiaojie vlog is almost always bought by the wife who wants to eat, and what requirements are met as much as possible. “My wife loves to laugh, and she is also very kind. Many fans are concerned about me because of my wife,” Xiaojie said. But when she first started shooting vlog, her wife was the least supportive. She thought that it was worthless to record these trivial things. But as time went by, hundreds of vlogs became a valuable testimony to the lives of the two, and the wife’s attitude also showed a 180-degree turn.

As an audience, it is easier for you to find ordinary couples like Xiaojie on the watermelon video. This has become a place for people to pry into the way different couples get along and reflect on their married life. For example, Lili and her husband often exchanged ideas for small things, and a vlogger named Zou Shidong (Watermelon Video Account @我是洞洞) took the route of the wife and the madman. He didn’t even want his wife to enter the kitchen. When she asked the reason, she just smiled and said, “I like to cook.”

There are 10,000 lifestyles behind 10,000 vloggers. The more you find out later, the more vlog the vlog looks, the more it starts to have more color. From the rice oil and salt to the sweet and sour taste, the realism of life is becoming more and more the return path of vlog returning to the essence.

Change, from new house to a high-speed rail ticket

Before becoming a vlogger, Zou Shidong made some actuarial calculations.

As a graduate student who graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications last year, Zou Shidong is particularly sensitive to numbers, which may also be related to his own growth background. He was born in a rural family, and his father had only one hand. He was a child in a carefully budgeted environment. In the first year of high school, Zou Shidong began to resell the business of mobile phones, and at the time made a small profit, becoming a man of the school.

This kind of environment makes his sense of purpose when he is doing things very clear. For example, in order to settle down in Beijing, he gave up the high salary of the Internet company, and turned to the account to choose the work of the state-owned enterprise to nine to five; at the same time Shortly after graduating, I immediately bought a house in Beijing’s Tiantongyuan to go north to the north seven houses: 34,000 yuan per square meter, more than 2.3 million for the down payment, and 2.2 million for the loan. About 135,000 or so.

135,000, for Zou Shidong, whose monthly salary is only 10,000, is undoubtedly a big number. It is also starting from buying a house in January this year. He began to have the idea of ​​becoming a vlogger.

“Because state-owned enterprises go to work in a special way, so always have time to do something when they are idle. Thinking about their own strengths, the media may be the only way out,” said Zou Shidong. He attracted about 150,000 to 60,000 fans in two months. The recent fan growth has also entered the fast track, with about 10,000 new additions per week.

For Zou Shidong, this means a lot of income. According to the video division rules of his platform, there are about a dozen dollars per 10,000 playing volume, and the amount of playback from fans is even higher. For Zou Shidong, racking his brains to find the subject video has become the whole of his spare life.

In his vlog list, the shortest video with the highest volume is the video of the wife cooking. As a vlogger that doesn’t let a wife enter the kitchen, the novelty that this video brings to the fans eventually brings about 1.75 million broadcasts, which means that a video brings at least a four-figure income. Zou Shidong is now off work at six o’clock every day. When he returns home, in addition to cooking, time is basically spent on video shooting and editing, but he and his wife are happy. “The platform that the vlog brought is responsible for the mortgage pressure, and we can even borrow some of the previous down payment,” said Zou Shidong.

take it, it is vlog

In addition to Zou Shidong, Lili has just bought a new house. In the first two years when Jinan’s housing prices skyrocketed, Lili and her husband had to quickly purchase new homes in Jinan. Although she was the same as Zou Shidong, Lili’s situation was more complicated. Her daughter was placed in her hometown, which put her pressure on commuting costs in addition to the mortgage.

Before becoming a vlogger, Lili and her husband can only go back to Zaozhuang to see their daughters during the holidays, and they can only take a 90-yuan green leather car. Sometimes they need to transfer from Tianjin. Hard support an overnight. “My husband and I are both parents of a special sticky baby, so it is very difficult for us to see the baby for more than a month,” she said.

After becoming a vlogger, Lili’s green leather train ticket became a blue high-speed rail ticket. With the increase in the number of broadcasts and fans, Lili’s share of the platform has also begun to increase: “Now we can buy a high-speed rail ticket, and we can get home in three hours, and we can spend more time with our daughter. Although more than 520 fares are also available. Not low, but the bite will be paid.”

At the moment, many platforms are vying to imitate the YouTube model. From the beginning of its development, YouTube has a clear goal: to gather the attention of users through content producers, and then to resell the user’s attention to advertisers, and content producers will eventually get a share of advertising revenue based on the amount of playback.

When the Chinese content platform such as Watermelon Video began to build a similar ecology, more ordinary people like Lili or Yican would benefit. At the same time, these real benefits will also attract more people to participate, making vlog not only a slogan in China, but also a sustainable soil.

What is the meaning of the shoot?

What is the significance of shooting a vlog? This is a problem that many new vloggers often need to explain to their friends and family after shooting short videos. Of course, the revenue from the platform is part of the answer, but different vloggers will give different answers to this question.

At least for Yi Can. Right now, his life has changed radically because of the emergence of vlogs. A few years ago, he was the same as other Hengdian group performers, but he was a dream catcher who could not see tomorrow but was full of hope. Nowadays, he not only relies on vlog to have a share of over 10,000 yuan, but even his group career has changed.

In Hengdian, group performances are divided into ordinary and special actors. The price of special models tends to be much higher than that of ordinary groups. In the past, the price of Yi Candang was ten hours and eighty-nine yuan, but now he has gone from the ordinary group to the special group performance, and the price has increased to 2,000 yuan a day. Yi Can said that he knows that his acting skills are not good, but also a non-standard plastic mandarin. The reason why the director is willing to give high prices, behind the scenes