The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on.

On August 2, the Venture Capital Daily will check it. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~

Financing News Report

Starting | Introducing a Smart Shopping Cart for Unattended, Retail Automation Solutions Caper” completes A-round dollar financing

Starting|To provide space big data products for multiple industries, “Da Quantum” completes millions of dollars Pre-A round financing

Early Project Report

Prescription outflows “spoil” the 100 billion pharmaceutical market, “easy referrals” through third parties The prescription sharing platform is a broken industry

Using an embedded architecture, self-developing capsule neural network algorithm,“Ampud” Push the intelligent voice interaction chip ACH1190

Follow the flexible employment needs of enterprises, “payroll cloud” to be a financial and tax intelligent optimization platform

The former Ali and JD executive Zhang Chuan founded a new project “Technology”, Targeting the “new consumption” field

The Winter Olympics brings opportunities for the development of the ice and snow industry. “Man” is from parent-child Entertainment cuts into ice and snow IP

ResolveHousehold charging troubles, new energy vehicle charging operators “Iway Energy” launched “E generation charging” service

The rise of the unmanned car wash industry, “Car wash” launched the third generation of smart car wash Machine efficiency

Introduction to early projects

Project Name: accompanying mom

In one sentence: “Educational organization version of the public comment” + learning platform for children’s micro-curricular content for all ages

Beijing Mixiao Enterprise Service Technology Co., Ltd. is an online education platform for accompanying parent-child growth. The project accompanying mothers mainly cooperates with the B-side educational institutions and adopts the model of pushing the ground to the offline C. The end user is diverted to the online platform. Thereby, the B-end users can reduce the cost of the customer and increase the user’s stickiness, and help the C-end users to provide richer training options and a low threshold learning experience. The platform provides SAAS system services to educational institutions. Here, educational institutions can form an institutional ranking with core competition through the promotion of faculty and the creation of brands, and realize the diversion of online paid offline resources. At the same time, you can enjoy cross-customer resources of other training institutions. Here, parents can get comprehensive education training courses for any stage of infants and young children. They can also share their learning, education and growth experience through the community, thus increasing user stickiness. (Author: dreamer Cai Cai)

Project Name: Analyze Math

In one sentence: Mathematics

In January 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the “Ordinary High School Curriculum Program and the Curriculum Standards for Various Subjects (2017 Edition)”, which first proposed the “discipline core literacy” and specific abilities, and directly reflected the mathematics of 2018 and 2019. In the college entrance examination questions. After the reform of the baton of the college entrance examination, the comprehensive quality of students will gradually become a more important goal in education.

But for the schools in the sinking market, both the school and the counseling institutions are relatively weak in responding to change, and most of them follow the traditional training path based on knowledge transfer. The most recent contact with mathematics is a platform for primary and secondary education organizations, a core mathematics-based teacher training, and an online mathematics ability improvement platform.

The biggest barrier to mathematics lies in the advantages of resources and channels: with Beijing Normal University