How long does a normal person’s hair grow in a month< /p>

Everyone wants to have black and shiny hair, but some people find that their hair grows slowly in life, and it takes a long time to get a haircut. Can grow to the original level. This makes him have a doubt, this doubt is how long does a normal person’s hair grow in a month?

The growth rate of normal people’s hair is 0.8-1.2cm a month, and how long each person’s hair can grow in a month depends on personal physical fitness and nutrient intake To decide. Young people with better physical fitness should grow their hair faster every month, while older people’s hair will not grow too long every month.

If your hair grows slowly, then you need to pay attention to improving your own diet. This is because the slower hair growth is probably caused by malnutrition . In normal times, you can add more foods with higher nutritional value, such as protein-rich foods, as well as a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

There are many foods in life that are good for hair, such as black sesame seeds and black beans. For example, some foods containing melanin have many benefits for hair. If you want to make your hair more black and beautiful, you must add more melanin-rich foods to your daily diet, and you can also exercise properly to make your body’s resistance better.