Can normal people produce HIV

AIDSThere are three Communication method: Sexual contact,Mother-to-child transmissionandblood spread. People who are infected withAIDS, althoughtableface and ordinary peoplesame, butinfected person Semen,Blood ,vaginal dischargeandskinMucous membraneetc, all existA large number of AIDS ofvirus,and this virus isinfectious< span style="text-indent: 2em;">Strong. So,Can normal people produce HIV??

Under normal circumstances, the AIDS virus is not produced in the body of a normal person. If a person is found to be infected with the virus of this disease, the patient’s onset and own immunity will have a certain degreerelationship. In fact, AIDS did not arise out of thin air. In the process of daily life, paying more attention to some small details can also effectively avoid and prevent the infection and spread of AIDS.

Although AIDS is a kind of infectious disease, if there is no source of infection, the probability of contracting this disease is almost non-existent. Therefore, as long as everyone strictly restricts their behavior and achieves self-cleanliness, it is still safe.

At the same time, if you find that there are patients around you or suspected of having AIDS in your life, you should pay more attention to them while doing your own prevention work. Love. Actively persuade patients to go to the hospital for treatment in time. Only in this way can they help control the disease and avoid the spread of such diseases. In addition, not sharing the same syringe with others is also a way to protect yourself.