Can I give birth to an unwed child for adoption

Nowadays, young people are more open-minded, so they will have children out of wedlock, mainly because they don’t know much about sex, and they are not responsible for raising the next generation. Consciousness, therefore caused such a situation. When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, sometimes for several months, abortion is not allowed at this time, and the hospital will not do induction of labor, so the child has to be born. So after giving birth to a child out of wedlock, can it be adopted?

Can I give birth to a child after we are out of wedlock?

The child’s biological parents are obliged to raise the child. Even if you have a child out of wedlock, you do not have the right to give away your child. Doing so is illegal and will be punished by law. Of course, if you really don’t have the ability to raise your child, you can seek assistance from the relevant department, and there is no need to send your child away.

What kind of person is eligible for adoption

Generally refers to guardians of orphans, social welfare agencies, and biological parents who have special difficulties and are unable to raise their children. The Chinese Adoption Law stipulates the conditions that the person who puts forward for adoption: must be biological parents with full capacity for civil conduct, but the parents who may cause serious harm to minors are not subject to this restriction; they have special difficulties and are unable to raise their own children, but adopt Children of collateral blood relatives of the same generation within three generations are not subject to this restriction; stepparents adopting stepchildren are also not subject to this restriction.

In short, if women do notIf you have a child in marriage, of course you can’t give away your child. You can send the child to the man’s home for raising. If you give away the child yourself, it’s irresponsible. Now that the child is born, it is necessary to assume the responsibilities of parents. Although the child cannot lead a life that is too wealthy, ordinary life can be given to the child, so that the child can grow up healthily.