How much urine can be produced in one hour

The kidney is a very important organ, and people’s kidneys belong to the body’s “purification factory” , It can filter the blood. When the human blood flows through the kidneys, it will turn metabolic waste, excess salt and water into urine and excrete it. So, how much urine can the human body produce in one hour?

People can produce 1-2 liters of urine every day, so one hour will produce 40-80 ml of urine. But this is not an absolute value, because everyone’s situation is different, such as sweating, drinking water, etc., will affect the amount of urine. Therefore, the urine volume mentioned above is only a reference value.

In summer, the temperature is high and people sweat a lot. If there is no additional moisture, The amount of urine will be less. Everyone should drink more water in summer, especially in a hot environment. Drinking more water can effectively prevent dehydration. If people drink more water, their urine output will increase.

Generally speaking, people urinate about 300ml each time, so they urinate 5-7 times a day. If urination is very frequent, it belongs to frequent urination, which is an obvious abnormal symptom. At this time You should go to the hospital for examination and active treatment after diagnosis. The most common cause of frequent urination is urinary tract infection, and when you have kidney disease, you may also experience frequent urination.