What's the matter with my sprained hand for a month and still hurting< /span>

Bumps and sprains are common in life. Therefore, not everyone pays attention to them. For example, a sprain may be considered not serious by many people and does not affect normal life. Pay attention to it. Therefore, it often happens that the sprain will continue to hurt. Then what is the matter of the hand sprained for a month and still hurt?

As the saying goes, it takes 100 days to break the bones. Therefore, it will take at least two and a half months to return to normal. Mild sprains generally have no obvious swelling, and the pain is not obvious, and pain is only felt when the wrist joint is moved a lot. Severe sprains are often manifested as swelling of the wrist, severe pain, inability to move the wrist joint or the pain worsens when moving.

Usually, it can also be wiped with external medicines that reduce swelling, relieve pain, relax tendons and activate blood circulation. It is recommended not to use or rotate the wrist when it is painful. Do only gentle rotation exercises, and swing your wrists naturally and appropriately, with slight pain and comfort as the boundary. Don’t overdo it. This will promote blood circulation and speed up complete recovery.

In daily life, attention should be paid to avoiding symptom-inducing movements, and supplemented with local heat treatment to reduce strenuous activities. It can also be treated with topical medicine, physical therapy and massage.

But if the pain has not disappeared, it is a sequelae of sprained joints. It is not well protected at the initial stage of the sprain, and chronic tissue strain will be repaired slowly. If you are not at ease, It’s best to go to the hospital to take pictures and check.