Net celebrity “acting”

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“Today, I am going to experience the day of moving bricks. I sneaked into my own construction project without my family. Everyone on the scene didn’t know that I was the eldest of the group.” Internet celebrity blogger @曹翻译iris in the video Say.

In the video, she has always shown her as a “rich lady”, and under the banner of “experiencing the life of a worker”, she has made a series of unbelievable actions on a construction site that is claimed to be operated by her own company. Based on traffic alone, this video is undoubtedly quite “successful”, with nearly a million clicks in just a few days.

But her various actions in the video aroused the anger of netizens. Some people accused Cao Yiyi’s operation in the video of irregular, others accused her of showing off her wealth, and also mocked ordinary workers.

What makes netizens even more angry is that the family business suspected of Cao’s translation was listed as the person to be executed last month because of the execution target of 320,000 yuan. In the video, she revealed that her bank deposit is as high as 15.5 million yuan, and the amount of the execution target is only 2% of her deposit.

However, the controversial video itself may also be just “net celebrity acting.” According to the Nanfang Daily, the other “foreman” who appeared in the video is actually an Internet celebrity blogger on Douyin.

The group’s eldest lady experiences the “brick-moving girl”

The video shows a bank deposit of up to 15.5 million yuan

According to incomplete statistics, Cao’s translation is currently in Weibo, station B and other platforms have 238 followers Million.

She started to publish videos on platforms such as station B at the end of 2018. The videos mostly reveal millions of high-end dresses, diamond rings and bags. In short, what she shows to netizens in the video is the image of “the rich and rich second generation”.

In a video released on October 24, Cao Yiyi changed his past style, claiming to conceal his identity to go to his own construction project and become a “brick-moving girl” for part-time work experience.

In the video, Cao Yiyi said: Today I am going to experience a day of moving bricks. This is my own construction project. The on-site staff do not know the identity of the eldest lady of my group.

When she arrived at the construction site, the project director, project manager, technicians and others greeted her neatly. She claimed to be from the headquarters and came to the construction site to shoot the video. It is suspected that the construction site personnel commented that because they had to meet the eldest lady, they had to work overtime the day before to do sanitation.

Wearing the helmet, she proudly said: “The fine for not wearing a helmet is 200. This was our rule at the time.”

After the start of work, Cao Yiyi said that she was not tired from work, “Because my waist muscles have been very flexible after years of equestrian training.” However, her work performance was not very good, and the foreman considered it a passive sabotage.

During the period, she happily said to the camera, “When the house is ready for inspection, I will tell my dad, Dad, I want which house in which building, because I nailed a few nails in there.” A few words There is a sense of superiority in it.

After finishing work, the workers on the construction site gave Cao Yiwen a day’s salary and transferred 200 yuan to her. Cao Yiyi specially opened the mobile phone text message, revealing his bank balance to the workers.

The camera not only gave the phone close-ups, but also magnified Huang Gong’s surprised expression. Mobile phone text messages show that Cao Yiyi’s bank balance is more than 10 million.

In the end, Cao Yiyi left the scene in a luxury car, leaving the workers in stunned.

After the video was released, netizens were angry

Response: We are also very panicked and are working on it

After the release of this video of Cao Yiyi’s video, it first attracted attention in a small area, especially the civil engineering related netizens pointed out that Cao Yiyi’s operation in the video is not standardized.

Zhihu users whose certification information is “Imperial College of Geotechnical Engineering”@鼎Tianli means:

I really took it. As a member of the civil engineering industry, I feel deeply offended.

In the Civil Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, every undergraduate student must learn to tie steel bars and mix cement. Teachers will say that you are students of Tsinghua University. It is estimated that you will not do these manual tasks in your life after graduation. This is the only opportunity for you to experience low-level workers.

This is an important lesson.

When I went to the construction internship, I was assigned only to review drawings, supervise and record. I watched the workers sweating like rain under the scorching sun, quenching their thirst with a large pot of dark green tea. The temporary dormitory made of containers is as hot as a steamer.

There is an old couple on the construction site, who are cooks for all employees. The two of them often stayed late at night in the cafeteria because the cafeteria has air conditioning and their own work shed does not.

I deeply feel the hardship of their work. At one o’clock in the morning, when a middle-aged man in his forties or fifty years showed me the measurement results of the boreholes he drilled, I felt his anxiety. In the huge roar of the machine, I could not hear his dialect at all.

An ash bucket with mortar, weighing 20kg, had to be carried across a “single-plank bridge” and sent to the scaffolding; a cantilever over ten meters high, workers had to climb up carefully to make peripherals.

Steam hammer was used to drive piles on the construction site, and one can be completed in a few minutes. Workers no longer need to bask in the sun. However, there was a five-star hotel next to it, reporting that the construction was disturbing the residents, and the relevant departments immediately stopped it.

What impressed me deeply is: 1. The residents of several nearby communities also reported construction disturbance to the residents, but it was invalid. Once the five-star hotel reported the report, the relevant department came immediately, soon; 2. The steam hammer was not allowed After it was used, it was changed to static pressure piles, and the construction period was extended by at least half a month, and the workers also had half a month of sunshine.

I believe that if it were not for life, no one would enjoy the work at the bottom of the civil engineering industry. No one thinks mixing concrete or tying steel bars is “fun”. It is an insult to the civil engineering industry to make a vlog “experience life”.

Some netizens left a message at the bottom of the video, saying: “I showed all the civil engineering graduates of my construction dormitory, they just want to drive a dump truck and hit you right away.” In response, CaoTranslation reply “Come on, don’t come to be a grandson.”

When the public opinion gradually fermented, Cao Yiyi apologized on November 12, saying, “This video has no intention of consuming workers and other civil engineering practitioners, but as a video creator, I did not think carefully about the topic. It is intangible. I sincerely apologize for hurting civil servants in China.”

Screenshot from station B

However, the late apology did not calm the anger of netizens. The popularity did not drop but increased, and the attention of the video became higher and higher. The focus of attention was also shifted from the standard operation of civil engineering to Cao Yiyi’s show off.

Some netizens expressed that they are not envious or jealous of the wealth Cao Yiyi possesses, but she should not ridicule ordinary workers while showing off her wealth.

After igniting public opinion, Cao Yiyi first modified the video title to “Good Morning, Beat the Workers”. Around the evening of November 18th, this video was directly deleted.

Usually, Internet celebrity bloggers will sign contracts with MCN agencies, but Cao Yiyi said in his introduction that “I am the boss”. In fact, there is MCN under the name of Cao Yiyi.

Qixinbao shows that Cao’s translation is currently owned by Shanghai Yipeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yipeng Culture”) and Zhenjing Education Software Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter (Referred to as “Zhen Jing Education”) the major shareholders of the two companies.

On November 19, the Red Star Capital Bureau called the staff responsible for Cao’s translation-related business. The other party said, “We are also very panicked about this matter. We are dealing with this matter and there is currently no way to respond.”


At the same time, the staff member emphasized that the matter is currently being actively resolved.

The foreman “Huang Gong” is actually also an internet celebrity blogger

I have been on a blind date show

Some netizens pointed out that the “Huang Gong” in the video is not a real foreman, but an actor who was invited. It is the short video blogger “Fogdu”Minions“. In response, a reporter from the “Southern Probe” under the Nanfang Daily contacted the staff of the “Fog City Little Yellow Man” team. The “Huang Gong” in the video that responded to the controversy was the Internet celebrity.

On the Douyin platform, “Fog City Little Yellow Man” has 2.576 million fans, and currently has 102 short video works published, with 29.123 million likes, and the top three short videos have been played over one million.

“Mist City Little Yellow Man” Douyin screenshot

The short video of the internet celebrity is dominated by short dramas. The four episodes of “A Domineering President Fall in Love with Me” tells the story of a three young masters who are unwilling to inherit the family inheritance to turn the tide in the workplace. “Are you teaching me to do things?” “Currently, it has been serialized in 54 episodes. It tells the story of how construction workers approached rich women.

“Fog City Little Yellow Man” Douyin video screenshot

In “Are you teaching me to do things?” In the short video, he was wearing dark blue overalls, carrying tires, and chanting the slogan “Men stand upright and wear red and green, although one is poor and two are white, rich women are caught in their hands”. In another commercial video of him moving bricks on a construction site, he held a brick in his hand and said to the camera, “As long as a man is handsome, why not have the love of a rich woman.” The views of these two videos were 1.48 million and 1.54 million respectively, with over 10,000 comments.

show screenshots

Another netizen pointed out that in February of this year, the internet celebrity had appeared in the third season of “New Blind Date” and appeared as a friend of the male guest, but in the end he “snatched love” and held hands with the female guest.

In the comment area of ​​this controversial video, Cao Yiyi said that Huang Gong is also the son of a builder, and she is not alone in experiencing life on the construction site.

Cao Yiyi’s family business executed the target for 320,000 yuanExecutionee

It is worth noting that not long ago, Cao Yiyi and Yao Siwei, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, appeared in the September issue of “TATLER Shangliu”. Almost all the characters on the cover of this issue are from their parents. The “second generations” achieved.

Picture data “TATLER Shangliu”

Among them, the magazine stated that Cao’s translation came from a family of architects. Since her grandfather’s generation, her family has been participating in important construction projects at home and abroad, such as participating in the construction of Shanghai Disneyland.

Cao Yiyi said in an interview that she has an older brother and she did not pick up Banjia family enterprise, But it can’t completely deviate.

The two companies she founded-Yipeng Culture and Zhenjing Education Club incubate IP in various fields of clothing, food, housing and transportation, and then use the aggregation effect of IP to create a petty bourgeoisie life platform to feed back family businesses.

In addition, Cao Yiyi served as a historical shareholder of Shanghai Hongtao Construction Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongtao Construction”).

The company’s business scope includes real estate development and operation, industrial and civil construction and municipal public construction projects, etc., and 78.57% of the shares are held in the hands of shareholders surnamed Cao (Cao Dongsheng and Cao Zhenhao). The two are suspected to be Cao The father and brother of the translation.

It is worth mentioning that Hongtao Construction was listed as an enforceable person by the People’s Court of Quzhou County last month, and the subject matter involved was 319,100 yuan. The execution target of nearly 320,000 yuan is only 2% of Cao Yiyi’s bank deposits.

According to the Red Star Capital Bureau, this execution target originated in 2018.

At that time, Hongtao Construction subcontracted the contracted anticorrosion project to a person named Xu Dayong. The acceptance result of the project was qualified, but the project cost of nearly 320,000 yuan was not paid. Both the courts of the first instance and the second instance ruled that Hongtao Construction should pay the relevant project funds.

On October 15, the People’s Court of Quzhou County listed Hongtao Construction as the person to be executed.

Every editor (WeChat ID: nbdnews) noticed that the China Enforcement Information Disclosure Network showed that on November 18, Hongtao Construction was listed as the person subject to enforcement by the Hailing District People’s Court of Taizhou City, and the subject of enforcement was 143 Ten thousand yuan.

China Youth Daily comment: “Ladies” who show off their wealth,

Don’t take the working people as pastime!

Recently, as the society’s discussion and attention on “beating workers” has been heating up, videos with the theme of “beating workers” have suddenly caught fire at station B.

The author of China Youth Daily, Yang Xinyu, pointed out that the objective existence of the difference between the rich and the poor does not mean that the “rich second generation” cannot understand and communicate with ordinary workers on an equal footing. For those lucky enoughAs far as people born with “gold spoons” are concerned, as long as they can show enough sincerity and put down their bodies to listen carefully to the voices of the workers, it is not difficult for them to understand the predicament of “beating workers” and what their demands are. The TV program titled “Battle of the Poor and Rich” takes the form of “Top Rich People Experience Poverty Life”, which deeply demonstrates by allowing the rich to “eat, live and work” with the lowest-income workers for many consecutive days The rich people’s understanding and reflection on the gap between the rich and the poor.

Unfortunately, for an Up master like “Cao Yiyi Iris”, “Experiencing the life of a worker” was just a cover from the beginning. She neither had the courage to experience another life in depth, nor was she Social issues lack awe, and just want to use the heat of “beating workers” to harvest a wave of traffic. Therefore, the final presentation of the video has become such a pretentious artificial, offensive “freak” . Such a video, in the eyes of real construction workers, is like an absurd Play house game, and For ordinary viewers, this is tantamount to condescending mockery and provocation.

Whether it is the “rich second generation” or not, everyone is In time bear in mind that everything we have is the result of the hard work of hundreds of millions of working people. Therefore, working people should never be regarded as objects of consumption and entertainment by anyone. Today, under the banner of “fighting workers”, the majority of salaried workers are actively making their voices heard. All sectors of society should also take the opportunity to engage in dialogue and discussion on the “real issues” related to social equality and labor welfare. If someone only regards this as “fun” and a joke, I am afraid it will be wrong and will only intensify the existing social conflicts.