Problem description: Hello doctor, my penis has just started to grow with a small white dot. It doesn’t hurt or itchy. It doesn’t matter if there is a big squeeze at the back. Two or three children grew up. Once I had sex with my wife and it seemed to break the one I was crowded. Is this serious? What is the main thing to be treated?
Question date:2020-09-24
Patient information:Age: 23 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis: Hello, from the uploaded picture, there are white blisters on the penis, which is caused by penile inflammation, which is related to incomplete personal hygiene.
Guide and suggestion: It is recommended to apply mupirocin ointment or erythromycin ointment, usually pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene, maintain the hygiene of sexual life, and do not have sex during treatment.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection