Source: The content is compiled by the semiconductor industry observation (ID: icbank) from arstechnica, the title picture comes from Visual China.

The competition between Intel and AMD is the competition between the tortoise and the hare. But which company is the tortoise? Which company is Rabbit?

In the past few release cycles, the comment battle between Intel and AMD fans has been fierce, and a large number of digital inks have been discussing which company has made significant improvements or has not made significant improvements over the years. There is no shortage of opinions on the raw performance of the two companies’ fastest processors. We think it’s very interesting to delve into each company’s fastest desktop/CPU archive performance benchmark test, so that we can get a good understanding of the actual performance of each company over the years, and even see if there are some patterns that need to be collected. Or make some bets on the future.

Before delving into the charts, let’s start with some tables-in this way, you can see which CPUs we use as annual milestones. In the process of our research, there are some irregularities in the data; we will also discuss these and discuss some things that simple charts cannot show.

Enthusiast calculations for twenty years