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In the past two years, legends of expensive confinement centers have emerged one after another. It seems that spending hundreds of thousands of confinements has become a standard for middle class. Recently, there have even been legends of sky-high prices of 1.6 million.

From five-star hotels overlooking the city to single-family villas on several floors, from tens of thousands of yuan of bedding to thousands of plastic basins, there are only you can’t think of, without the services that the confinement center dare not provide .

This invisibly gave rise to a hint: why the female celebrities and the wealthy women are still beautiful after giving birth, of course it is because they live in the high-priced confinement center!

The confinement center where celebrities stay at 1.6 million

However, for those who actually purchase this service, the confinement center is not just a paradise.

Recently, there was a high-scoring Korean drama called “Postpartum Treatment Institute”, which filmed the life of the women in the luxurious confinement center for an unprecedented time.

They live in a castle-like house, eat nutritious meals prepared by chefs in a five-star hotel, and are served by people for food, clothing, housing and transportation-but they can’t escape the clutches of anxiety.