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The vast majority of netizens do not pay attention to the government’s official website while surfing the Internet, but recently, the number of visits to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan has suddenly increased.

Official staff felt very puzzled about this. After some investigation, it was discovered that the increase in page views of their website was due to a game called “Amho no Saki Inahime”.

In this game, players need to grow rice to support themselves, but its farming system settings are very real and complicated, and there are few guidance in the game. It depends on the players to explore and sum up their experience. Many Japanese netizens have “no grains”.

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As a result, guess what, these Japanese netizens have turned the game forum into an agricultural forum, discussing their own planting skills in the forum, and even used the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan as a player strategy website…

Picture source Weibo @小野妹子学吐槽

After this incident was spread to the country, it caused a large number of netizens to watch, lamenting that the development of the world is full of coincidences. The stalk of working as a worker here has not passed. Everyone in Japan has started to learn to be a farmer. …

For the hard-core farming setting, this game, I’m set!

The background of the story of “Amaho no Saki Inahime” is quite interesting. The protagonist was originally a “God II” who lived in the heavens. She looks like a young girl, but she doesn’t know how old she is, but her personality is still harmonious. The appearance is more consistent.

Later she got into a catastrophe, burned the granary, and was exiled by her boss to a place called “Ghost Island” to farm.

So how difficult is it to stump countless players’ farms?

In general farming games, the planting of food is relatively simple, it is nothing more than soil preparation-sowing-watering (fertilization)-harvesting.

However, in “Amaho no Saki Inahime”, if you want to harvest rice, you must go through site preparation-seedling cultivation-seedling transplanting-water level maintenance-manure picking-fertilizer-weeding and deworming -Harvesting-drying-warehousing-threshing-pounding a series of processes.

Does so many steps cause headaches? However, the real life rice planting process is really like this.

The density of seedlings should be considered for transplanting.

It is necessary to maintain different temperature, humidity and even fertilizer at different growth periods of rice.

The ratio of polished rice to brown rice should also be considered when pounding…

Each of the above steps, as well as changes in soil fertility and weather, will ultimately affect the yield of rice, and the yield of rice is related to whether the protagonist will “eat a good meal every day” next year or ” Drink plenty of hot water”…

This game breaks the traditional players’ perception of “farming game=casual game”, letting them understand what is hard work!

It is said that in order to make the farming process more real, the developers searched for information, checked the literature, and even bought rice planting kits to grow rice.

If you want to fill your stomach, planting rice is definitely not enough. You have to eat some meat, right? You always need seasoning to eat meat, right? These things can’t be grown, so what should I do?

So the developer Edelweiss also added a horizontal version of the battle system in the game, which is their old line, and the industry recognized that their battle system is doing well.

The game’s combat performance and sense of strike are very good, and the content of the game is enriched at the same time to ensure that players will not get tired of repeating the process of planting rice.

The types of monsters in the game are also quite diverse. Dealing with different types of monsters requires different combinations of skills, which even gave me the illusion of playing Devil May Cry.

These monsters will drop all kinds of materials and food needed for farming, which are indispensable during the gameSupplies.

One piece of advice for novice players here is to never fight monsters after dark. At night, once weak monsters are as perverted as if they take aphrodisiacs, they will lose a bit of blood when they touch you. Let the protagonist’s blood bars evaporate, and you hit them like you are scraping. .

It is worth noting that there are also many interesting settings in the game.

For example, our protagonist upgrades and becomes stronger not by fighting monsters, but by planting rice, because she is a farming god.

Environmental factors can be used to make higher damage and combos in battle.

The picture textures of the game are honestly of average quality, but they are not at all ambiguous in terms of action. In addition, the heroine’s dubbing is very good, which is of great help to the shaping of the character.

For example, at the end of the first year of farming, the protagonist could not eat because of hard work.It was very interesting that I ran away from home when I was full of food, but ran back in despair.

In general, the game “Amaho no Saki Inahime” is at least above the standard in terms of graphics and combat system. The core gameplay farming is great, and it is as realistic as possible without making people feel bored.

The gameplay idea of ​​combining farming and leveling is also very novel.

In the control of the game rhythm, “Amaho no Saki Inahime” is also doing a good job, the plot advances smoothly, the farming and fighting “combines work and rest”, the joyful feedback of the core harvest of the farming game, was The complicated planting process was magnified to the extreme, and I didn’t feel tired at all.

It’s like a few days ago, I was planting a field in a strange way, and when I looked up, it was dawn…

The evaluation of it by players is also quite high. Many players have spontaneously left a guide in the comment area. Friends who want to enter the pit can check the comment area.

It’s just that there seems to be a problem with the pricing of this game. At present, the standard version of “Amaho no Saki Inahime” is priced at 350 yuan in the Steam country, and the deluxe version is 550 yuan, although it can be explained by the Japanese factory pricing. , But the price is a bit high for a farming game.

It is recommended that qualified friends, etc. have a discount, and those who are unqualified can switch to a district to become an Argentine, which can save a lot of money, which is enough to make yourself “eat well” in reality.

Stop talking, I went to farm.

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