Based on the 88VIP of Ali Eco, the service boundary is constantly expanding.

Ali 88 super members have to be cheaper.

In the early morning of August 5th, I found that I opened the Taobao interface and found a reminder to invite users to enter the 88 member festival venue. In the category below the homepage of Taobao APP, the 88 member festival of the red flag appeared – crazy snapped up the words, and at the same time, in the middle of the home page, there is a direct access to the 88 member festival venue. The shopping allowance is collected from August 5th to August 9th, and the event time is from 0:00 on August 8th to 23:59 on August 9th.

The front line|Ali 88 member festival is approaching, ask for more users to

Image Source: Taobao APP Screenshot

In addition to the double eleven shopping festival of the all-e-commerce platform, all major e-commerce platforms have their own special discount days. Ali 88 Super Member (hereinafter referred to as 88VIP) is no exception. Alibaba’s 2018 financial report shows that Alibaba’s annual active users are 636 million, up 23.5% year-on-year. Besides shopping spree, I want to create a “my best” feeling for users and improve user activity. Reflected in the financial report, it is the wealth of the most important investors in the e-commerce platform.

As early as the year before, Ali has taken action to “please” active users.

In August 2017, Ali integrated the original Taobao and Tmall members and upgraded to 88 members. The naughty value is the judging standard of the membership level, and the naughty value is the same as the user in Taobao and Tmall for nearly a year. Purchase, interaction, reputation and other behaviors are linked. The more types of products purchased, the higher the customer price, the more frequent the participation in the community, the higher the credibility means the higher the mischievous value, that is, the higher the membership level, in 2017 8 On the 8th of the month, a member-only discount store will be provided for 88 members.

In August last year, Ali made adjustments based on 88 members, and launched 88VIP, which is known as “through the entire ecological rights of Ali”. Users with more than 1000 mischievous value can open 88VIP for 88 yuan, and 10 times for naughty values ​​below 1000. Membership fee – 888 yuan to open.

Compared with last year’s 88 member festival, the ecosystem has not changed much. Ali’s Taobao ticket, Youku, hungry, shrimp music, and flying pigs have built a cultural, local life, tourism and transportation moat.The brand boundary is expanding. This year’s membership brand has expanded to 388. The annual shopping discount has been expanding. The most important point is that the 88VIP entry threshold has been relaxed. Users who originally had a naughty value below 1000 will need 888. Yuanhui fee, but the enrollment fee for users with less than 1000 mischievous value during the 88 member festival this year fell to 288 yuan. The rights enjoyed by users with a naughty value greater than 1000 and an annual membership fee of 88 yuan are identical.

This reveals a signal: 88VIP is expanding its user base.

This is consistent with what we feel: the traffic dividend is over, and the revitalization of the stock market is at the core. According to the “Statistical Report on the Development of China’s Internet Network”, as of December 2018, the number of Internet users in China was 829 million, and the number of new Internet users was 56.53 million. At the same time, the number of mobile Internet users in China reached 871 million. The number of mobile Internet users increased by 64.33 million. The proportion of Internet users using mobile phones increased from 97.5% at the end of 2017 to 98.6%. The growth of traffic is getting closer to the ceiling.

As far as the 88VIP rules and the “special offer” are concerned, those who want to attract the membership and will eventually choose 288 yuan will definitely be the relatively active among all users, and this is the price in the stock era. The highest loyal user.