Self-service equipment

With the support of the Internet of Things technology, self-service machines have entered people’s daily lives, allowing consumers greater flexibility and autonomy in choosing time and place for purchase, such as subways. , Self-service food and beverage vending machines, shared charging treasures in shopping malls, shared bicycles and shared umbrellas on the street. Take shared bicycles as an example. Its daily use frequency can reach 4-5 times. Recently, Aiwo Washing is a company that provides self-service laundry services. Its self-service washing machine is used daily in school scenes as high as 4-5 times. Times.

Established in April 2014, “Ewowashing” is a smart laundry company whose products include washing machines, dryers, shoe washing machines, washing and drying machines, etc. It supports laundry services through apps and public accounts. At present, there are about 1,800 equipments in the country.

At present, Aiwo washing has self-developed washing machine control panel, shoe washing machine control panel, dryer control panel, hair dryer control box, washing and drying integrated machine control box and other products. The module has developed based on the Internet of Things technology. NB module, 2G module, 4G module, Bluetooth module, credit card module and cloud credit card module. Aimed at hygiene issues, Aiwowash has designed ozone pumps and silver ion pumps on each equipment.

According to different washing methods, the price of Aiwo washing for single use ranges from 1-5 yuan. Its customers are mainly universities, enterprises, hotels, apartment buildings, etc., among which campus dormitories and industrial zone apartment customers account for more than 70%. Founder Yi Jihong said that the advantage of putting in colleges and industrial parks is that once the equipment is put on, it is difficult for competitors to enter. On the other hand, in these two scenarios, not only the machine wear is small, but the unit population density is high. The daily use frequency of laundry equipment is higher than that of home and hotel scenarios. The daily use frequency can reach 3.8 times, and the cycle of cost recovery can be controlled. 1-3 months in school and 10 months in business.

Aiwo wash self-service laundry equipment

With the support of mobile payment, the advantage of the Internet of Things + laundry is to replace the bad coin laundry experience and reduce the cost of manual management and machine failure maintenance. The core manufacturing areas, vocational high schools, and chain hotels are the main growth markets for self-service laundry equipment. The current market totals 6 million units. Calculated by the daily use frequency of 3 times, the potential traffic pool can reach 18 million times a day. From the perspective of users, the reach of smart laundry equipment can reach 100 million+ users. The smart IoT washing machine market is indeed a blue ocean.

But the bottleneck is that washing machine operators generally lack operationsThe user’s strategy, revenue only comes from laundry, a single profit model. The founder Yi Jihong said that Aiwowash currently uses a membership points system for community users, and corresponding points can be obtained for laundry and recharge. Expanding value-added services and increasing profit channels will be the focus of Aiwoxi’s next plan. The new version of the app will add advertising and e-commerce to increase profit channels, and launch mobile games to increase user stickiness and active time. Furthermore, after increasing the proportion of users in the industrial zone, Aiwoxi plans to launch the HR platform to provide related recruitment services such as summer vacation workers and job hunting for college students.

In terms of investment promotion, Aiwoxi continues to expand its customer scale through three models of direct sales, agents and operators. Currently, the number of contracted customers is 50+. Judging from the current revenue situation, Aiwowash has achieved break-even, and the revenue in 2019 is about 4-5 million.

From the frequency of use of a single device, the daily use frequency of a washing machine is closer to that of shared bicycles on the market, and the operating costs and equipment wear are smaller, and the cost can be recovered within 6 months to achieve profitability. The Aiwowash team revealed that all bicycle companies are currently building local life platforms. As a new type of local life service business, Aiwowash will develop in-depth cooperation with these companies.

In the view of founder Yi Jihong, self-service equipment is the overall trend. At this stage, Aiwoxi will continue to expand customers and increase profit margins on the basis of verifying MVP. For self-service washing machine projects generally facing the problem of a single profit point and no users forming a large-scale conversion path, the value-added service of Aiwowash will provide a solution. The end result of the self-service equipment market in the future will be renting, forming a profit model of free laundry + value-added derivative services.

The operation team of Aiwowashing is located in Dongguan, with a total team size of about 14 people. Currently, Aiwoxi is seeking a new round of financing.