Tick, who claims to be “fully compliant and really smooth”, is secretly making low-cost online car-hailing by “nearby orders.”

Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” Galaxy Business Bureau “(ID: galaxybiz) , author: Yao meters force.

In January 2019, a Dida user named Juanjiao wrote an article titled “The Thrilling Way Home of Dida Hitchhiking” in his personal official account.

In the article, she recalled that she and her friends were in Tick trip The “black car” event experienced after carpooling. In the New Year of 2019, Yinchuan Airport. The cornered plane landed on time and found the driver who had been scheduled to tick. “I found that the number plate is different when I put my luggage. I immediately asked my friend why this is not a car. Ask the driver. The driver repeatedly explained that the friend took the order, the car was temporarily requisitioned, and there were two other people on the car.”

In the next trip, the driver will call the actual driver and ask the passengers to increase the fare. If they don’t, don’t pick them up and throw them away. She went through all the next steps: the order-receiving driver ordered the actual driving driver to ask them to cancel the platform order and pay the master 200 yuan directly. After contacting the platform