Problem description: I have depression and found that my thoughts are negative during the day, but at night I feel more at ease. What is the reason for the more serious daytime?
Date of problem:2020-09-24
Patient information:Age: 28 Sex: Male
Depression is more serious during the day. Because, in the eyes of normal people during the day is full of vitality and hope, while depression patients are just the opposite.
Because the depression patient himself is depressed and has no confidence in life, the morning is the beginning of the day. It is hopeful for normal people, when they can use their abilities to create the future. But because people with depression have no hope in life, they feel that a painful day is about to begin again, and the night is the end of the day, so they feel a little calmer because of the day.
It is recommended that you usually look at bright colors, go out bravely, and communicate with others.
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