Problems encountered in the stages of “skills training”, “improvement of business cognition and systems thinking ability” and “psychological growth” and their coping methods.

Editor’s note: This article from finishing “non-linear growth”, author: Huang gem.

The starting point of my career was far below the imagination of most people. In 2002, out of anti-examination education, I chose to drop out of a provincial key high school in my second year of high school. Therefore, I lost the opportunity to take the college entrance examination and enter key universities like many normal young people. I didn’t even have a high school diploma. Got it. Because of this choice, my career started almost from the bottom of the society you have seen. In the case of a very low starting point, my several career choices are very important-my choice, at the time, was not the kind of “good opportunity” in the eyes of most people, but in the end, it was precisely this Several choices have brought me a leap-type non-linear growth, allowing me to reap a growth rate much higher than that of my peers.

There is a real phenomenon here: in career growth, there are always opportunities that most people will not choose, which may contain transitional growth opportunities.

So, if you face the same situation as mine early in your career-starting from a very low starting point, you are completely at a disadvantage compared to many other peers. If you follow a linear trajectory, it is almost impossible to surpass those starting higher than yourself. People-I want to tell you, don’t be discouraged and despair, but believe that through hard work and certain choices you still have the opportunity to overtake corners, and eventually surpass those who started far higher than you early.

These choices are what I call “a transitional growth opportunity that most people will not choose.”

But it must also be emphasized that if you are pursuing leap-forward growth, you have to bear certain risks or pay certain costs-for example, when I switched from a sales position in a Japanese company to the Internet, my salary level dropped About half.

Therefore, for most people, the golden time to pursue leap-forward growth is the early stages of their careers-during that period, you may be alone, from a humble background, and there is nothing to lose, no matter Whether to pay some price or take some risks is not a costly decision for you. However, if you have been working for 8 to 10 years, and you have been standing at the end of the year, you have a certain status, and your family is also at the stage of old age and small child. At this time, if you give up your income and achievements, you will enter a risky Pursuing leapfrog growth in uncertain fields will be extremely difficult and costly in decision-making.

So, if your career starting point is not high, and you are very eager to “turn overtaking”, then my advice is: cherish and make good use of the first five or six years of your career, quickly complete some basic accumulation, and seek to enter those Work hard, work hard, and develop on a track that has a leap-forward growth opportunity, instead of waiting until you have been working for 8 to 10 years and have fallen into professional bottlenecks and difficulties before you come to feel that life is not easy and difficult.

So, in our career, what kind of opportunity is “a transitional growth opportunity that most people will not choose”?

From my own experience, I think there are two types of opportunities that significantly fit this feature.

The first opportunity is to choose to enter a new industry with new technologies and new models, and where short-term development is still completely uncertain and even chaotic and disorderly, and to bear various uncertain risks in exchange for free The rapid development of this industry and exposure to more high-quality information sources and advanced working methods in the industry have brought growth acceleration for itself.

I have two career choices, both of which fit this logic.

The first time it was in 2009 from a Japanese company’s sales leader to the Internet for operations.

The price I paid was halving the salary, and at that time, most people hadn’t even heard of what kind of job they were in operation. There were totally unknown risks for the Internet industry and the subsequent development of my company.

The benefit I have gained is that I have learned more cutting-edge working methods and thinking models in the Internet industry in the following three years, and my salary has gradually increased, which is higher than the level before I changed career.

Of course, there is another particularly important benefit-when the vast majority of people are still unclear on what job they are in, I became an early practitioner of Internet operations in China. This is what I wrote later The basic premise of Light.

The second time was in 2012. After having 3 years of internet operation experience and little achievements, I chose to start a business in the field of online education.

According to the thinking and development path of most people, in 2012, my better choice should be to seek entry.One ​​Internet Wang Dachang developed, but I did not.

In addition to being inspired by the entrepreneurial wave at the time, the reason why I chose to start a business is that there is actually a personal reason-I do think that with my education and background, even if I enter a big factory or change to a better one Compared with other people, the company’s competitiveness is still relatively weak. If I develop on a linear trajectory, it is difficult to say that I can surpass those with better academic background, more industry experience, and smarter than me. With the choice at the time.