In order to further improve the efficiency of the land transfer organization, reasonably determine the land transfer price, and strengthen the regulation of the real estate market, the People’s Government of Zhengzhou recently issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Land Transfer” (referred to as the “Opinions”).

The “Opinions” mentioned that the establishment of a dynamic control model for land supply provides a reference for land price decision-making, realizes the link between the real estate market sales price and land price, and ensures that the city’s annual housing The range of land price changes shall be controlled within 5%. At the same time, the classification is adapted to the land bidding rules, and the residential land is sold in the way of “limited land price, bidding for self-holding” or after the fuse, the bidder is determined by the lottery, and the fuse will be blown when the quoted (bid) price reaches 120% to 130% of the starting price of the transfer for the first time .

Specifically, the “Opinions” released this time mainly include six aspects, including optimizing the whole process of land management, strengthening land plan management, improving the land price formation mechanism, and strengthening Market regulation and management, strict post-supply supervision and safeguard measures.

The Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning pointed out that the content of the “Opinions” highlights the principles of “simplification of processes, legal procedures, scientific pricing, effective regulation, and strong supervision”. It is also applicable to all administrative regions of Zhengzhou City.

In terms of optimizing the whole process of land management, we will apply for approval, expropriation, reserve, supply, construction land planning permission, land approval, state-owned construction The 8 processes including the first registration and post-supply supervision of land use rights are optimized and integrated into 3 processes including the approval of expropriation reserve, land supply and post-supply supervision, realizing the whole-process control, unified development, unified reserve, and unified supply of land resources, and strengthen government resources Control and market regulation capabilities to improve project implementation efficiency.

In terms of measures to strengthen land plan management, one is to realize the overall management of the plan, prepare the city’s annual land supply plan, and follow the link with the land preparation plan and reserve plan. And closely follow the basic principles of urban planning. The second is to highlight the meticulous management of the plan. The annual land supply plan should be reasonably decomposed into a quarterly land supply plan. The city’s overall planning, phased, and regionally optimized supply sequence, supply structure and supply area, and strengthen the municipal level of the four development zones and the city Land management and control in District 5, Shangjie District, Zhongmu County, Xinzheng City and Xingyang City. Third, it is strictly forbidden to approve new shantytown renovation projects without authorization, and for shantytown projects with approved renovation plans, a deadline for completion should be set.

On the path of perfecting the land price formation mechanism, the first is to scientifically and rationally formulate market guidance prices, which will be revised once a year to effectively guide commercial services and industrial landMarket conditions and industry development orientation. The second is to optimize the land evaluation model. The land price is linked to the real estate market sales price, which can be determined according to the 10% fluctuation of the actual sales price of the surrounding area. The residual method is added in the evaluation of residential land. The industrial land can be evaluated according to the subdivision of the project format. Revision based on the self-holding ratio of the corresponding property. The third is the implementation of expert review and collective decision-making system for land price evaluation results. Experts are selected to review the technical route and the rationality of the results. After the collective review of the initial land transfer price and the preliminary plan for land transfer, the land transfer plan is prepared and submitted to the municipal government for approval. When necessary, the initial transfer price and the initial transfer plan are submitted to the municipal land supply coordination decision-making group for review, so that the land price assessment is more reasonable and the decision-making process more standardized.

In terms of the main measures to strengthen market regulation and management, rational regulation and control should be carried out in accordance with the regulation policy requirements of “stabilizing land prices, stabilizing housing prices, and stabilizing expectations”, combined with market demand. The first is to establish a dynamic control model for land supply to provide a reference for land price decision-making, so that the real estate market sales price is linked to the land price, and the dechemical cycle is linked to the land supply structure and rhythm. Concretize the types, prices, and cycles of regional land use to achieve effective linkage control to ensure that the city’s annual residential land price change range is controlled within 5%. The second is to classify and adapt the land bidding rules. The residential land will be sold by “limited land price, bidding for self-holding” or the winner will be determined after the fuse, and the fuse will be fuse when the quoted (bid) price reaches 120% to 130% of the starting price for the first time , In areas where industrial projects are relatively concentrated and the demand for rental housing is relatively strong, after the circuit breaker, it will be transferred to the online bidding self-holding ratio. The highest bidder is the bidder. After the bidding self-holding ratio reaches 100%, it will be transferred to the online bidding to build retirement housing. Or the area of ​​public rental housing, with more built-up area, is the winner; in areas where the supply of resettlement housing is relatively abundant and the supply and demand of rental housing is relatively balanced, the online trading system will randomly draw numbers to determine the winner after the circuit breaker. For industrial and commercial land, on the basis of reasonably determining the starting price of the transfer, give full play to the role of the market, and adopt the method of “highest price” to transfer, and the highest bid (bid) is the bidder.

At the same time, the division of responsibilities for post-land supply supervision is strictly enforced. One is to conduct supervision in accordance with the principle of “who proposes, who is responsible, and who supervises”. The departments of resource planning, housing security, development and reform, industry and information technology, ecological environment, and science and technology are responsible for corresponding supervision work. The second is to strengthen the supervision of industrial land performance stipulated in the document Zhengban [2020] No. 18, and consolidate the supervision responsibility of the development zone management committee and the district/county (city) government on industrial land.

In order to ensure the implementation of the “Opinions”, the “Opinions” also proposed supporting measures. One is the establishment of a municipal land supply coordination decision-making group to coordinate the work of land supply; the second is the real estate market regulation mechanism, parcel supporting infrastructure and public facilities construction management coordination mechanism, land supplySpecific measures such as the standardized list of conditions, the distribution mechanism of land transfer income and the cost allocation process will be formulated separately.