As a woman, I understand women’s minds better.

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Article| Special Observer Zhang Zhiyu (Special Researcher at Communication University of China)

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Fengshui master is also a consultant

The industry of Feng Shui Master is unknown in the Chinese area, and there are many magical legends. For example, a tycoon in Hong Kong went bankrupt. The Feng Shui master said that your fortune was in the west, so he went to West Asia to do oil trading, and he made a lot of money.

Through the media and legends, ordinary people also know that giants like Li Ka-shing, Ho Hongshen and others also believe that Feng Shui masters are regarded as guests, which has increased the credibility of this industry.

Fengshui masters and traditional Chinese medicine are similar: they do have real effects, but because the threshold is too high, ordinary people can’t distinguish the authenticity, resulting in the uneven quality of the practitioners, and there are many people who are indiscriminate. The scammers mixed into the industry will destroy the public’s goodwill towards the Feng Shui industry, but will not fundamentally deny the value of this industry.

From the perspective of positioning theory, the category of Feng Shui Master has a theoretical system (I Ching), a credibility (which is used by the wealthy), a worthy name (inheritance of the Feng Shui master family), a visual hammer (eight diagrams), and Clear positioning (point to the maze of life).

In fact, all industries are service industries, and the core of all products is knowledge. Drucker said that what customers really buy is the knowledge condensed in the product by the company. Chinese medicine, feng shui, and brand consulting are essentially consulting businesses, all with common characteristics.

The Feng Shui Master is also a consultant.

The public generally have a bad impression of Feng Shui masters, but they treat them as guests of great wealth. They also don’t place much importance on brand consultants, but they flock to consultants who have served well-known brands.

For ordinary Feng Shui masters, people often think that they have never been in a business. How can they show Feng Shui to entrepreneurs? Feng Shui masters who have invited huge wealthy people often think that since huge wealthy people can invite them, there must be his reason. This is the same mentality when dealing with consultants.

Fengshui industry practitioners are all male

This should be a remnant of a patriarchal society. Men live in the upper echelons of all industries in feudal society. The earliest fengshui masters in Chinese society must be men. After the old generation of Feng Shui masters retired, they left their connections and resources to their male offspring, thus forming this inertia.

There is no evidence that men are more suitableTogether as a feng shui master, but the impression has always formed a certain rule: a feng shui master is a male. It’s like nurses should be women.

In an industry full of prejudice, especially in Hong Kong, which retains the values ​​of the Qing Dynasty, how should a woman want to enter this industry? To be precise, how to break through prejudice and break out of the siege?

The usual way is often like this: You have to work harder and more professionally, and then you can become a Feng Shui master. If you do not become a Feng Shui master, it must be that you are not working hard enough.

If you succeed in learning chicken soup, you will be told not to chase wild horses in a hurry. If you raise a grassland with peace of mind, horses will come to you. It doesn’t matter if there is no result for a while, because “everything is the best arrangement”.

If you are a thick black school, you may get married into a family of Feng Shui and look for opportunities.

We think the above methods are all nonsense.

Every powerful thing has weaknesses

This weakness is caused by its strengths. This weakness is called: inherent weakness.

The United States is the world’s leader, with thick thighs and strong fists, and the whole world is his little brother. Whoever is not obedient will serve him with a big stick. At the same time, its inherent weakness is hegemonism, and the boys dare not speak. Then China’s opportunity is to rise peacefully, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the whole world to do business together;

The advantage of Hong Kong male feng shui masters is that they “inherit the classics.” Grandpa showed Li Ka-shing Feng Shui, and his son showed Li Zekai Feng Shui. The recognition of the rich and the image of a family of “focusing on Feng Shui for a hundred years” has built a solid mental moat.

The advantages of a male Feng Shui master seem to be unbreakable. Where do you look for opportunities? We believe that opportunities are not elsewhere, but on the back of its advantages.

One of the strengths of a male feng shui master is that as a man, his inherent weakness is that he does not fully understand the minds of female clients. The second advantage of male feng shui masters is circle development, internal inheritance, and their inherent weakness: far from the public.

The weakness of competitors is the breaking point

As a female feng shui master, one is to focus on female clients and the other is to enter the public’s view. Hong Kong female Feng Shui master Mai Lingling did just that.

As a woman, I understand women’s minds better.

Men visit feng shui masters to solve a problem, while women are more seeking comfort and empathy, and even just need someone to listenShe speaks. Male Feng Shui masters like “reasonable” style, which is definitely not suitable for female clients.

Mai Lingling said that my strength is my emotional fortune, and my market positioning is the most obvious. It is the value of my existence that I can use my expertise to help dejected guests with feng shui and numerology, and leave with a smile full of hope.

It can be said that in Mai Lingling’s place, Feng Shui masters are no longer watching Feng Shui, but become psychological counseling and emotional radio stations. This is something that traditional male Fengshui masters could not think of and could not do.

The second differentiation Mai Lingling needs to do is to step into the public eye.

Participate in emotional and feng shui TV programs to expand your visibility in the market. This is also what traditional Fengshui masters have not done. They have been living in a fixed circle of powerful and powerful people. While deliberately breaking away from the secular masses, they can create the image of masters, but they are also far away from the broader market.

The target market of traditional Fengshui masters is for individuals, while Mai Lingling is for the general public.

Build a visual hammer

Mai Lingling appeared in public, always dressed up with a smile, a skirt and a suit. Smiles give people an impression of affinity, and fixed clothing first reflects professionalism, and secondly, creates a visual hammer. Even if someone can’t remember her name, they will say: the feng shui master who is always smiling in a suit and skirt.

Feng Shui Master: Mai Lingling

The mind collects information visually, so it is very important to create a fixed image. You may not remember a person’s name, but you can usually remember his appearance.

In the brand consulting industry, Ye Maozhong knows this well and always appears in the public eye with a hat. Over time, this image became his exclusive. When it comes to herbal tea beverages, you may not think of whether it is Wanglaoji or Jiaduobao, but you must remember to say “red pot herbal tea”.

This is the importance of building a visual hammer.

In short, career positioning and brand positioning are the same thing. Because an individual is also a brand, he must also participate in the social division of labor and create value based on the perception of others.

Find your own differentiationPositioning, analyzing the inherent weaknesses of competitors, and creating their own visual hammer are all the keys to the female feng shui master’s ability to find a breakthrough point. We believe that if we continue to build language nails, credibility and professional matching along our own positioning, Mai Lingling’s feng shui career will be more smooth.

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