Bopunk’s, the inexplicable thoughts of wandering in the cold city, the doubts about the meaning of self-existence in front of eternal life, and the self-destructive impulse triggered by this, all dissipated. Those sad, subtle, and lonely emotions were completely overwhelmed by slogan-like speeches, fierce anger and bloody battles.

As he said, the main storyline in the early stage of the game, like the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series, requires constant meetings, conversations, missions and battles. Our partner, Johnny Silver, is arrogant and rude, making me miss death more Jack.

On the contrary, some side plots have reminded me so far, such as helping Delaman, an artificial intelligence who has established a self-awareness, to find his emotions and personality scattered everywhere.

At the beginning of the game, I was obsessed with driving to explore every place in this bustling and complex city, and greeting all kinds of characters, but the more I understand the night city, the more I can feel the emptiness under the bright curtain The “disappearance” of the trauma team is one of the evidence.