What is mold

When it comes to mold, I believe that many people know that it is not good for people. Of course, for mold, I still don’t know what kind of bacteria it is and what causes it. If we want to prevent mold, we must know what is convenient to stop its regeneration. So what is mold? How to prevent mold?

What is mold

To put it simply, mold is a kind of fungus, and its survival mode is parasitic or saprophytic, which causes toxins where mold exists, posing a threat to human health.

How to prevent mold

1. To prevent molds, we use traditional Chinese medicine in our daily life to do a good job of personal hygiene, especially in the summer. We have to take a bath every day and we must take underwear after bathing. Wash separately, special underwear cannot be washed with socks. People with beriberi should prepare a footbath separately, not sharing it with their family members, to avoid cross-infection of bacteria.

2. The washing machine at home will also produce mold if it is used for a long time. We must be vigilant. To avoid the growth of mold, we clean the washing machine with 60 degrees water and clean it regularly. Generally, it is necessary to wash once every three months, and the washed clothes should be exposed to the sun, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill the mold. If your clothes are stored for too long, they must be exposed to the sun or washed with water before wearing them.

3. Do not use public utensils in public places, such as towels used by others, personal clothing worn through, bath towels, etc.