On January 13, 2021, when Hu Guangjie, the mayor of Hongkou District, Shanghai gave a government work report, he stated that the main expected goal of the economic and social development of the entire district in 2021 is: general public budget revenue will increase by 6%, and foreign investment will reach 1.5 billion US dollars. The total investment in fixed assets increased by 10%, and the expropriation of old reforms was not less than 10,000 households. In the transformation of old districts, focus on East Yuhang In the second half of the road, Yuhang Road and other projects, in the first half of the year, the renovation of a block of houses below the second-level old li in the North Bund area was completed. Adhere to “the opening is the decisive battle, the starting is the sprint”, coordinate the start-up, advancement and completion of the work, and achieve the completion of the year.

Focus on 91 neighborhoods, 59 neighborhoods and 68 neighborhoods where the 480-meter high point of Puxi is located, and implement the “three belts and three inclusions” of land transfer (with additional Plans, design requirements, green building standards, including underground space, two-story corridors, and traffic optimization) requirements, adhere to the simultaneous planning of acquisition and planning, simultaneous advancement of planning and land transfer, land transfer and project Develop a synchronized plan, grasp the land transfer as early as possible, and ensure that each plot finds “good people”, builds “good projects”, gathers “good industries”, and forms “good functions”.

Accelerate the approval, start-up, construction and commissioning of key projects to ensure that large-scale complex projects such as the Shanghai Industrial Center and 92 Neighborhoods are completed and put into use as soon as possible. Strengthen investment services for key commercial projects such as the North Bund Raffles, accelerate the construction of projects such as Shanshouli, and actively build a commercial and commercial center north of Suzhou Creek. Accelerate the construction of the Shanghai International Innovation and Creative Design University project to help the construction of the “Shanghai City of Design”.

Expand and strengthen the North Bund Enterprise Service Center and the North Bund International Talent Pilot Station, leading and driving the district to add 20 high-level corporate headquarters, R&D centers and innovation There are 8 platforms, realizing “change lanes and overtaking”, and accelerate the construction and operation of the global North Bund headquarters city. Improve the concentration and visibility of the North Bund wealth management highland, shipping service headquarters base, and 5G global innovation port, and accelerate the construction of the core area of ​​the central activity area that radiates the world. Strengthen high-quality education, medical care, cultural and sports and other supporting services to attract more international talents and high-end individuals.

Hu Guangjie said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the development and construction of the North Bund will be the lead, and the core functions of the city will be reshaped and the digital transformation of the city will be the main direction.Deepen the supply-side structural reforms and expand high-level opening to the outside world as the fundamental motivation, to meet the people’s yearning for a better life as the starting point and goal, coordinate development and safety, accelerate the modernization of urban governance systems and governance capabilities, and strive to build livability The high-quality urban area that is suitable for industry, leisure and tourism, carefully shaped the new space that supports the development of Shanghai, the new business card that highlights Shanghai’s functions, and the new window for the world to observe Shanghai, and strive to become the core area of ​​the domestic large-scale circulation center node and the domestic and international dual-cycle strategy The location of the link.

In 2020, Hongkou District will firmly grasp the major historic opportunity of the development and construction of the North Bund, and practice the development of “government-led, integrated enterprise and market-oriented operation” Mechanism model, accelerate the development and construction of the North Bund, and strive to create a new benchmark for urban development in the new era.

Investment heat is rising rapidly. Concentrated signing of 4 key projects. Invesco Ruihe, Tianfeng Securities Asset Management, JD Digital Second Headquarters, Heren Technology and other nearly 280 projects, more than 120 billion yuan invested. With nearly 200 well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Hillhouse Capital and China Central Place Group for matchmaking negotiations and project cooperation, 6 plots of 90 neighborhoods and 158 neighborhoods have been sold successively, the development and construction of the North Bund’s initial effect, radiation effect, and magnetic attraction The effect is initially apparent.

The transformation of old districts will speed up and increase efficiency. Persist in the transformation of the old district as the “niubi nose” of the development and construction of the North Bund, make every effort to overcome the impact of the epidemic, carry out the “thousand-person war”, and work closely with municipal state-owned enterprises such as real estate groups to start, promote, and concentrate in the form of group packaging Development to ensure continuous renovation of old districts, progress and effectiveness. In the whole year, 4 projects including 138 neighborhoods, Shanshouli, 116 neighborhoods and Dongyuhang Road Phase I, 15 neighborhoods, and over 10,000 households were signed for the old reform and expropriation. The target of 6,000 households set at the beginning of the year was exceeded, and the final settlement was achieved 16 Blocks, all set a new record in Hongkou. Among them, 138 Neighborhood is the city’s first old renovation project after the resumption of work and production in 2020, and the first phase of Dongyuhang Road is the largest single old renovation project in the city since the 13th Five-Year Plan.