Bytes are robbing Baidu’s cash flow (advertiser budget), but only robbing Tencent’s traffic and user duration (brushing the headlines instead of WeChat friends circle public number)

The headline search is just a prelude.

A few days ago, it was learned that the headline general search engine has been quietly launched. The URL is The slogan of the headline search is “search for what you want to search for”, while Baidu is “something to search, search for nothing.”

The headline search engine is online, which means the headline and Baidu’s war has started. It also means that the bullseye of this year’s headlines has shifted more from Tencent to Baidu.

Open the headline search home page, you will see a simple search box similar to Baidu, there is no information stream content below. After clicking on the search box, the headline search will show history and guess what you want to search. Baidu search is search discovery and history.

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Enter “Typhoon” to search, you will see the headline search categories include video, information, small videos, pictures, music, users and micro-headlines. In comparison, Baidu search categories are more diverse, including questions and answers, maps, small programs and other 16 categories. In addition, Baidu has a lot of services around search, community, and developers.

The richness of the search category is also directly reflected in the search results. The headline search for typhoon search results show that articles, discussions, and small videos come from today’s headlines, micro headlines, and vibrato. If the content of other channels will be marked from outside the station, such as the typhoon path, China Typhoon Information Network. Baidu search results also have content from Baijiahao, Baidu smart small program, but also Weibo, Tiger, Tencent video and other external sources.

From the experience point of view, the headline search content is not as diverse as Baidu search, and the results are more suitable for mobile.

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