When does Southeast Asia start its own “Podcast” first year

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Performance of “Podcasts” and audio social platforms in Southeast Asia;

Southeastern “Podcast” Economic Development Forecast (Development Prospects & Challenges)

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“Podcasts” and audio social platforms in Southeast Asia

(1) The traditional radio mode is the main feature, and the voice social live interactive platform is emerging.

In Southeast Asia, before 2017, the main form of online entertainment consumption was live video, and audio content was still relatively new for them. In the early days, only a small number of people contacted Podcasts and posted them on it; later it evolved into an audio story on Facebook and youtube (shown as a video photo slideshow).

The medium of audio communication is still based on traditional radio. The traditional radio is a live audio mode: like Wish 107.5 in the Philippines, creating channels on youtube and Facebook, online and offline live broadcast, in the form of “ Wish Bus” In each issue, different musicians are invited to busking (street performances) to perform roadshows to attract a group of loyal listeners.

When is Southeast Asia?Will there be

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(2) Localized audio content is not visible

North American new audio content platform Castbox’s operations leader Zhou Wei said that localization of content is very important, local knowledge and understanding of the content ecology are necessary prerequisites.

In the minds of Southeast Asian people, the anchors in the audio platform are generally similar to live video anchors, and the people are sweet, and MC is equivalent to the radio host. In addition to interacting with the audience, it is also necessary to plan content activities: what to play every day. , what content to broadcast, must be prepared in advance. However, this is a great challenge for the Southeast Asian people who are mainly engaged in leisure and entertainment.

The audio content is not the same as the video content. The audio content is more focused on “speaking things”, using sound and content to impress people, instead of dancing like a video, singing a song and uploading youtube will have Click. Therefore, the “podcast” concept and the localized content ecological creation are also the topics that the existing audio platform wants to focus on.

(3) Insufficient content awareness and weak creative ability

In Vietnam, for example, audio content copyright awareness is too thin, and people like to steal audio content (horror stories, emotional readings, etc.) from content producers on YouTube. The same audio will appear on multiple channels and claim to be all of them. User broadcasters themselves do not have excellent creative and content production capabilities. At present, the audio programs with higher playback and production levels in Vietnam are horror stories, and others are cover works.

The copyrighted copyright industry, which is of great significance to the audiobook platform, has just emerged in Southeast Asia. In 2018, the Reading Group published Web novel, which is still instilling the concept of “net text”.

(4) The anchor has poor liquidity and the platform commercialization process is slow

It’s too early to talk about commercialization at the beginning of this audio platform. Karaoke Now, which entered the Vietnamese market in 2017, is estimated to take a step faster than other platforms. They mainly realize the realization through VIP membership service and live broadcast. Currently DAU is at 15-20W, and the monthly average water consumption is estimated to reach 200W. US dollars. And they are flatKOL on the stage has been commercialized on personal Facebook and has direct advertising revenue. The commercialization process of other audio platforms will take some time to explore.

Overall, the development status of content audio platform in Southeast Asia seems to be still in the early stage, but with reference to the domestic development model, and in accordance with Southeast Asian policies, economic and social development factors, to predict the earliest Southeast Asian version of the “” When is the timing of the Himalayan FM?

Southeastern “Podcast” Economic Development Forecast (Development Prospects & Challenges)

(1) Development prospects and directions

Based on the road to success in China and the United States, we will analyze the fastest time in Southeast Asia when there is a “podcast” economy. Among them, the state of development, economy, social environment, and Internet development will also affect the development of the “podcast” industry.

– National development level, economic development, social and environmental factors

At present, Southeast Asian countries are developing at a high speed, and the population structure is also tending toward a younger society. In terms of economic development, the state strongly supports the construction of infrastructure, and Internet operators are also upgrading their technological level to move closer to 3/4G technology; At the same time, it supports the development of foreign-funded enterprises’ funds locally, supports the local startup team’s innovative business, and vigorously develops the Internet industry;

– Social environment, factors in the development of the Internet

In terms of the social environment and the development of the Internet, although the basic Internet status is still relatively imperfect, due to the growth of young people, the number of people using smart phones has increased, and there is also a certain sense of payment. The Internet has also developed rapidly.

(2) The development direction of the “Himalaya” in Southeast Asia (the fastest time to appear)

According to the successful development of the Chinese and American audio industry, we conclude that if Southeast Asia wants to appear “Himalayan”, it must go beyond the basic path and deepen the localization and differentiated development strategy.

– Anchor Reward Mechanism

At present, the most popular voice social broadcast platform in Southeast Asia, this kind of user rewards the anchor, the anchor has a sufficient concept in the form of virtual gift sharing and platform salary realization.

– Create content copyright awareness and create content differentiation IP

In the United States, Apple iTunes is acquiring a wide range of audio content copyrights and planning to support podcasts, which presents opportunities and challenges for Castbox or similar audio content platforms. Zhou Wei believes that according to themIn the past few years, the exploration of the North American market, Apple and Spotify to buy audio content copyright and support the production of podcast content, is actually a good thing for the whole industry, will see more funds entering this market, will also cultivate more More podcast users.

The production of podcast content in North America has been developed for more than ten years. It is a relatively mature market. They already have a lot of mature podcast content networks, and the main business model is advertising, so few podcasts are This is the exclusive release on a platform. Castbox is actively developing relationships with many of North America’s large podcasting networks this year, with the primary goal of continuing to retain distribution rights to their content.

In Southeast Asia, content copyright awareness is not enough, creative ability is weak, and the lack of copyright institutions just provides entrepreneurs with ideas for entrepreneurship. According to the mature model of China and North America, content providers and creative institutions are developed to form copyright awareness. To cultivate the user’s attitude of respecting copyright and promote the establishment of the industrial chain.

– Create premium content and promote user awareness

Prior to this, many podcasts in North America used Patreon (Paid Content Platform) to create special episodes, subscribed via RSS, and appreciated the feedback to the audience of the additional subscription column to increase revenue for their programs. Therefore, it is also important to polish the content, produce more quality content, and let users realize that it is more useful to use the appreciation, subscription, or VIP value-added form to gain more knowledge.

– Deepen localization operations and highlight the development of dialect content

In Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia, there are 20+ dialects in addition to the official language. In order to achieve a comprehensive market penetration, localized operations and content production must be done first. In-depth cooperation with local content providers to create a dialect, more local characteristics, in line with local cultural customs.

Integrating the above factors and development status, let us predict that after half a year to one year, after the content copyright provider and the voice social platform are further developed, the momentum will appear, that is the “Himalayan “A good time to enter.”

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