What to do if there is not enough milk

Nowadays, more and more mothers choose to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is still more beneficial to their children. But for some mothers, the amount of milk during lactation is not large, so the milk is not enough for the baby, so they can only add formula milk powder to the child. So what should I do if there is not enough milk?

1, strengthen sucking

If there is not enough milk, pay attention to let the baby suck more, because after the baby eats, the prolactin in the mother’s blood will increase exponentially. Because the baby sucks the nipple, it can effectively stimulate the mother’s pituitary gland to secrete a large amount of prolactin, thereby promoting a secretion of milk.

2, avoid taking drugs

In many cases, some drugs will also affect the secretion of milk, resulting in insufficient milk. During breastfeeding, you must be careful not to take drugs randomly. Some drugs will hinder the secretion of milk, such as antithyroid drugs and hawthorn. If you must take certain drugs, it is best to do it under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Nutrition supplement

All kinds of nutrients the mother takes in will be passed to the baby through the milk. If the mother’s body is undernourished for a long time, it will affect the secretion of milk. Therefore, you should always pay attention to appropriate supplementation of nutrients, eat more nutritious foods, such as milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc., and you can also drink more soup to promote milk secretion.