Can I drink honey grapefruit tea during menstruation< /p>

At the time of menstruation, women’s physical condition is relatively weak, and they need to eat nutritious food to nourish their bodies. They need to pay attention to their diet to ensure adequate The rest time can maintain a good complexion. Many people like to drink tea when they come, so can you drink honey grapefruit tea during menstruation?

You can drink tea when you are menstruating, but you can’t drink too much, because honey grapefruit tea is cooler, so it’s better for women with poorer physique It’s best not to drink it. Women with cold palace can not drink, it will affect future fertility. You can drink some warmer drinks when you come, such as milk and orange juice.

Women’s menstrual cycle is generally only 7 days. The amount in the first few days is relatively large and it is not suitable for going out. You can go out in the next few days, but pay attention to rest. , Don’t let your body get too tired. Women also need to keep the abdomen and feet warm. The blood circulation is faster, and the toxins in the body can be discharged more cleanly.

There are many women in life who wash their hair and bath during menstruation. In fact, it is not recommended to wash because the immune system is relatively weak at this time and it is easy to catch a cold. . If you have conditions at home, you can do it, just blow-dry your hair and change clothes quickly. During menstruation, everyone should also pay attention to maintaining a good mood, listening to music, watering the flowers, and enlightening yourself by doing something you like when you are in a bad mood.