How to regulate menstruation is better

In life, some women have a normal menstrual cycle, which is within a few days before and after. There are also some women who have menstruation this time but cannot predict the next time. The time of menstruation, this is a common menstrual disorder, and it needs to be adjusted in time to make the menstrual cycle return to normal. So how should menstruation be better?

The regulation of menstruation is mainly divided into two parts. One is to improve the usual way of work and rest and eating habits. Do not stay up late and eat regularly. Eat more foods rich in vitamins and protein. If you are fatter, you can reduce weight through exercise. The second is drug adjustment. Go to the hospital to prescribe some drugs and stick to three courses of treatment, and menstruation will return to normal.

Irregular menstruation has a great relationship with mood. If there are many recent events and you are in an anxious situation, it will be affected by a long time. Menstrual cycle. And it not only affects menstruation, but also causes other diseases, so you need to get rid of bad emotions and put yourself in a state of relaxation.

Irregular menstruation will also affect contraception. If you usually use safe period contraception, then this method will not work and you need to use other methods of contraception. After menstrual disorders, there will be spots on the face and the skin will not be smooth, so you need to take care of the above methods and try to make your menstrual cycle become normal.