How to get rid of cold during menstruation

Every woman goes through a 7-day menstrual period. If you can’t take care of yourself, The complexion will get worse. During menstruation, there is a very important thing, and that is to get rid of the cold. After the discharge, the complexion will change and the body will become healthier. So how to get rid of cold during menstruation?

1. Drinking plenty of water can help to eliminate cold, especially brown sugar water has the effect of dispelling cold and dampness and activating congestion. Drink After that, the circulation in the body will be accelerated and the body will have more energy. If you want to have a good effect on the cold, you can also add some ginger slices.

2. More foot baths also have the effect of removing cold, because cold starts from the feet, and if the feet get more cold, the cold will invade the entire body. When you soak your feet, you can add some medicinal materials. The effect will be better. The time of soaking your feet should not be too short, usually about 30 minutes.

3. You also need to pay more attention to your diet. Eating some warm food will make your stomach more comfortable. For people who often eat cold foods, we must reduce the frequency of eating cold foods. And eating on time is more beneficial to the body.

Relieving cold during menstruation is very important. Don’t ignore it. In addition, after the menstruation is over, everyone can perform appropriate sports