Is my stomach ache normal before menstruation

When it comes to menstruation, women always have something to say. They waited before they came. After they came, they hoped that they could go quickly and get rid of the bad Emotions, quickly return to normal life. In fact, in addition to poor mood in life, there are some people who have stomach ache. Is it normal to have stomach pain before menstruation?

Stomach pain before menstruation is normal, usually a slight pain, because the pelvic cavity is in a state of congestion at this time, and everyone will feel uncomfortable in the stomach , You can relieve stomach pain by keeping your abdomen warm. If the lower abdomen pain is serious, everyone should pay attention to it. It may be caused by gynecological inflammation or other diseases. You need to go to the hospital for detailed examination after the menstruation is over.

When menstruation comes, women need to drink more hot water to promote the discharge of menstrual blood and make blood circulation smoother. Women need to keep their head, abdomen and feet warm, eat a reasonable diet, and have regular lifestyle habits, and menstrual blood volume will become less and less, and then they can easily send away their “aunts”.

In life, most women’s menstrual periods are abnormal. It is common for women to have a few days in advance or a few days later. unusual. Women need to do an annual gynecological examination. It is best if there is no problem. If you have a disease, treat it as soon as possible. Don’t let it develop more and more seriously and affect your life.