What should I do if my lower body is itchy

Menstruation starts from the teenage years and ends in their 40s. This is something every woman needs to experience. During menstruation, if you do not do a good job of protection, your lower body will itch and fidget. So what should I do if my lower body is itchy when my period comes?

Itchy lower body may be related to the brand and material of sanitary napkins. You can change to a famous brand and choose cotton sanitary napkins to pad in your private parts. It doesn’t itch anymore. It is also possible to take a bath every day to make the private parts more comfortable, but women remember that they must not take a bath, which will make the private parts more serious and even more serious gynecological diseases.

For women who occasionally itchy lower body, you can wash their private parts regularly and wash their underwear frequently to protect them. For women who have frequent lower body itching that has affected their normal life, they must pay attention to them. They must go to a professional gynecological hospital for treatment, and sometimes their partners also see a doctor together to reduce the chance of disease recurrence.

Itching in the private parts is related to many diseases. The more common one is vaginitis. If you want to diagnose a certain disease, women need to treat it after menstruation. Go to the hospital for treatment in two to three days and get a thorough treatment based on the test results. During the treatment period, women cannot eat irritating food, cannot share the same room, change bedding frequently, and maintain a good mood. Only by doing this can they be cured in a short time.