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‍Don’t want to have a baby, don’t want to raise a baby.

In recent years, this idea has gradually become firmly rooted in the minds of many young people. However, some people have a very special reason for not raising a baby, that is:

I have raised a (even more) baby.

Also, enough.

Friend, do you raise a baby?

The Chinese language is broad and profound. There is actually a difference between raising a baby and raising a baby.

The “baby” I’m going to talk about today is not a real child, but a BJD doll, the full name is Ball Joint Doll, which is commonly known as the ball joint doll in Chinese.

Maybe you still don’t have any understanding of the target here, but people who are familiar with the various gossips in the entertainment circle every year will not miss it. In 2017, Li Chen gave Fan Bingbing’s birthday gift, there was such a “high price” humanoid doll worth 2 million in it, which was nicknamed “The Hermes of Baby World.”

This doll is a BJD doll.

The ceramic ball-shaped BJD doll that Fan Bingbing received is the most expensive among the BJD dolls.It took more than 1,000 hours of manual production time, which is definitely advanced customization in advanced customization.

But because of this, the outside world has since produced a stereotype that “your baby circle is either rich or expensive”. However, the cost of raising a baby is indeed comparable to raising a real baby.

In simple terms, BJD dolls are actually a kind of movable humanoids connected by spherical joints. According to their height, they can be divided into 2 points, 3 points, 4 points, 6 points, 8 points, 12 points, etc., This Minutes are calculated by dividing 180cm by X. So the baby does not look big, but in fact it still has a little weight.

In addition to the movable joints, TA’s hands and feet, hair, eyeballs, and even gender can be changed. Raising a baby, you can enjoy making up, changing makeup, changing clothes, making clothes, posing and other dazzling dolls daily, real DIY raising baby, every DIY detail can make you feel full of healing .

The Beijing News some time ago published a report on #Young Man Why Is willing to spend 万买娃#, which mentioned that most of the people raising babies are women, aged between 18 and 35, with many occupations. For students and white-collar workers, it is concentrated in the first-tier cities with developed economy such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Today, with the rise of niche hobbies, raising “babies” has become a new subculture trend.

On the whole, although BJD dolls have been through Fan Bingbing’s Dongfeng small fire for a while, they are still a niche cultural circle with strict barriers. Many people stand on the periphery of the circle, but they really end up raising them. The children are still only a small part.

The hospital office found several people in the doll circle and got a close understanding of the ecology of the doll circle.

The first baby girl named Li Aida, 19 years old, is a student majoring in advertising. She has been in the industry for 3 years and has two 6-point boys with a total investment of about 2w.

This is the baby girl with the most baby clothes interviewed by the hospital, 2 baby girls, hundreds of clothes, It is said that there are still 30+ pieces on the road, and she even specially prepared a box for baby clothes.

This is part of Li Aida’s baby clothes and accessories, because I couldn’t put them all on display.

The baby clothes here are available in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Some of the baby clothes here are cheap, but there are also fashionable down jackets worth 316 yuan. The down jackets bought by the hospital on Double Eleven are not more expensive than this. How many (bitter), and he has more than one, which has beaten the hospital office in quantity(bitter again).

Picture provided by: Li Aida

Ada thinks that the fun of raising a baby lies in fiddling with these. She basically doesn’t buy a complete set of baby clothes, and prefers to pay for a single piece to match it herself.

In the process of raising a baby, the most time-consuming part is the shooting. You need to think about the theme in advance, match the clothes, and choose the props and the scene selection to shoot a set of blockbusters for the baby. His energy and time are no less than taking a set of portrait photos.

Picture provided by: Li Aida

The second baby girl interviewed by the hospital office is a teacher. A 22-year-old sugar wine has been in the circle for more than 2 years. In a short period of time, she has more than 30 dolls and invested 8w+.

This is the largest number of baby girls interviewed by the hospital. They have 30+ dolls, including boys and girls in various categories. In addition to BJD dolls, there are cotton dolls, especially love-type dolls.

Tangjiu took her baby to a baby girl party and met many new friends.

She often takes her baby out. “Usually she will bring Klin, eye mud and some small accessories for taking pictures.” She participates in activities such as meals and afternoon tea. Her doll and her girlfriends are very familiar.

This is the baby she brought out. The little one puts in her pocket and brings it out.

She showed a special-shaped cub named Ying Long to the hospital office, and she was amazed at first sight.

This is how you put on clothes.

< /p>

The office of the hospital has made a preliminary calculation. If you want to raise a baby, you may have to be proficient in collocation, color, photography, set art, handicraft and other crafts. Make up your favorite makeup artist (a person who specializes in making makeup for babies), and you have to personally minor in BJD makeup.(crack).

The Baby Circle Black Talk Awards

“Boss, are you in stock?”

“How much do you want?”

“How much do you score?”

“6 points female, 4 points single head”

“Get the goods in three months”


This is not a black market. This is a connection slang that is likely to occur when the baby circle purchases through regular channels.

How many idioms are in the baby circle, and the pit manual can write a hundred without repetition! Hanfu and JK are combined with specific terms in the circle that are less than half of the baby circle. Seeing the information on the second round of the baby circle is like the underground party’s counter-sign, but if you are impatient, you have not waited for “whitewashing” (through various Information channels to obtain information about BJD), it may be directly from entering the circle to leaving the circle.

This is also one of the reasons why the baby circle looks so beautiful, but it is still a niche culture. Its hobby barrier is much higher than other popular hobbies.

For example, “zwa” refers to genuine dolls, and “dwa” refers to copycat dolls. The doll circle is extremely small, so the attitude towards copycats is uniformly harsh to an outrageous degree.

For example, “naked baby” refers to a BJD that has just been produced without makeup, wigs, eyeballs, and no decorations.

The “strong man” refers to a makeup artist, a person who specializes in applying makeup to a baby.

“Birth” does not refer to the date of your baby’s birth, but the day you received your baby. And in the baby circle, it is very common that the head and the body are not received on the same day, so this should be clearly marked during the second revolution.

“Points” refers to the baby’s accessories. Generally, if you see someone else’s second-turn message with “disadvantages”, people who know how to do it will smile. This means that the baby’s set points are not complete, so you can take it carefully. the meaning of.

People who raise BJD must have a strong heart and a certain degree of financial strength, not necessarily rich or expensive, as long as they can accept it. In addition to having a little bit of patience for half a year, it also has to be able to withstand all kinds of questions from outsiders that “you are not raising a kid”.

The baby girl Li Aida said that she waited for almost four months when she received the first baby, but she was really happy when she received the baby.

If you are accidentally “pitted” into this circle.

Congratulations, you will jump repeatedly between infinite happiness and infinite eating.

A baby girl/baby dad (the person raising a baby), may face soul torture from the outer circle every day including but not limited to :

I’m really not raising a kid. This is a resin villain. I don’t want to watch “Human Shaper”. Look at how cute my baby is, TA is not scary at all; yes, you heard it right, naked head 3000, still idle There is really no mine at home, but I save the necessary monthly expenses to the baby; yes, in addition to regular makeup + dressing, I also have to give my baby a bath, a bath, and a stretch. Adding gaskets is no different from raising a real baby with a money shredder in every respect.

Shinichi enters the baby pit as deep as the sea.

Exquisite baby raising

A basic perception in the baby circle is that receiving a baby is only the first step into the BJD baby circle, and raising a baby is the beginning of the real money-burning. The link to burn money includes, but is not limited to, makeup, baby clothes, baby cabinets, baby bags, baby shoes, various professional appliances for baby’s body care, etc.

The most expensive piece of baby clothing that Wa Niang Sugar and Liquor has ever bought is 1k+, but she especially emphasized that this is not the norm of baby clothing in the baby circle. On the whole, most of the baby clothing is still “fair price”. Later, she added that the baby clothes of 2,300 hundred are parity. The hospital office said in her heart that maybe we have a different understanding of the concept of “parity”…

But the scholasticIt is verified that the price of baby clothes in the baby circle is basically relatively normal, and that people who can meet different needs are not all ridiculously expensive.

And one of the good points of the baby circle is that even if you want to get out of the circle one day, you can transfer it to other baby girls, including baby clothes, to minimize various losses. There are even some popular models that have been closed, and if they are raised particularly well, there will still be room for value preservation and premium.

During this process, you may encounter situations where you don’t have to wait for a long time. (basic operation of baby circle); When I met a strange buyer, all the goods were shipped, but she didn’t want the (The encounter with the baby girl sugar wine); I can’t advance because of a handicap and I was forced to retreat with hatred (the real story of another baby girl who did not want to be named) .

For example, the “little thing” of applying makeup to a baby.

In your imagination:

When actually putting makeup on the baby, it looks like this:

“Full Analysis of BJD Doll Makeup Technique” Tianba/People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

“BJD Doll Makeup Technique Complete Analysis” Tianba/People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

“BJD Doll Makeup Technique Complete Analysis” Tianba/People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

Every detail is handled properly to give birth to a delicate baby. The final product is like this.

“BJD Doll Makeup Technique Complete Analysis” Tianba/People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

Generally speaking, the market price of a makeup face is between 150~300 RMB, and novice heroes will charge less than 100. The slightly famous price range is about 300~500, the popular champion can be thousands, and basically rely on pumping. Every widow can choose strong men at different price points according to his own economic situation and acceptance, so that the poor and the rich can raise them happily.

Moreover, finding a strong man is like opening a blind box. Although there is a seller show, each baby’s situation is different. No matter how much preparation is done in advance, no matter how expensive the strong man is, there are There may be minor errors.

The baby girl Li Aida said that once she found a strong man and misunderstood the humidity of the city where the strong man was located. (because the extinction for the baby’s makeup was too high in humidity I can’t spray under the circumstance, and occasionally cracks due to temperature difference), but when I was preparing to send the baby, I found that the strong man was in Guizhou where the humidity was very high. I thought I could complete the makeup in one month. During that year, the crack disappeared three times during the period. During that year, she watched the humidity report on the weather forecast silently every day.

Fortunately, she liked the final makeup.

Picture source: Li Aida

Another example, Lajin the “little thing” for the baby.

This is during the interview, the baby girl Li Aida said that she felt the most tiring since raising her baby. According to her, because the inside of the BJD is pulled by thick rubber bands and connected to the limbs to move, if the baby stays in a position for a long time or after a long time, the rubber bands may loosen. At this time, you need to help yourself or ask others to help. Open it, then cut it short and put it back on, “You must use the strength of feeding.”

Although raising a baby is a hobby, for the widows, their dedication is like treating a friend who has been with them for many years. Some widows will bring their babies to meet friends, some When the Spring Festival is coming, the mother will also put on a new red dress for her baby.

Li Aida bought new clothes for the baby to wear during the New Year.

For them, the existence of a baby is like a long and tacit companionship. The value of TA cannot be measured by a cold number.

Like those precious otaku jewels in the eyes of others, they are magical powers that add glory to the ordinary but still cherished dreams of secondary school.

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