Is Woody Allen a pedophile?

For many people, the film works of this 80-something, world-renowned Hollywood’s top director are not important, as the “stain” of his life for nearly 30 years is— That is, whether the sexual assault of an underage adopted daughter is true is the only criterion for judging this person. But after years of entanglement, the truth is still vague. Therefore, there is no need to rush to give Woody a moral trial or create a “community death”.

As Woody Allen once said to his ex-girlfriend: “The time is up, all the details will naturally emerge, and that is when the truth is revealed.”< /span>

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“This is not about the truth, it is about what we believe.”

This may be the core sentence of the documentary “Allen v. Farrow(Allen v. Farrow).

Woody Allen, the masterpiece of “The End of the Game”, “Midnight Paris”, “Love in Rome”, “Manhattan”, etc. Hollywood is even the most interesting, boring and nervous screenwriter, director and actor in film history. ; Mia Farrow, one of the most famous Hollywood actresses in the 1980s, Woody’s queen actress and ex-girlfriend, starred in Woody’s film works such as “Hannah Sisters” and “Another Woman”.

This HBO documentary, which was launched on February 21, US time, is not about a Hollywood scene.The cliché story of the couple.

The photographer once again brought the audience’s attention back to the old case of sexual assault between Woody and Mia and adopted daughter Dylan in 1992. Some of the first exposed home videos and other videos, document files, witness interviews, etc., may be Bringing new thinking and even controversy: In this era, the personal life of creators, whether and how to influence people’s views on their works.

“People criticized me for being too narcissistic, and then people began to criticize me as a self-hatred Jew. But few people criticized me for not being able to create good female characters.” ——About the work

In the United States, Woody Allen is always a “edge director”. His films are always gloomy at the box office but highly sought after-the Oscar statuette won four-he almost disdains technology He never shoots magnificent masterpieces or profound propositions, but always talks about love and love; he runs a section of jokes in the small world he built, and what is behind the exploration, thinking and discussion, is After the material is saturated, the emptiness of the spirit and the struggle of the soul.

This Jew, whose real name is Alan Stuart Konigsberg(Allen Stewart Konigsberg), was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1935 Area. He loves this city, but in his shots, there are almost never high-rise buildings or the Statue of Liberty, just a single stroke of the style of ordinary streets: yellow taxis, graffiti on the wall, fire stairs, corner bookstores, and Hurrying pedestrians…

Film “Sin and Wrong” directed by Woody Allen

Sanlian Life Weekly reported that Woody’s film was as a “humorous narrative and profound portrayal of love and death, politics and society by New York intellectuals”.

When he was a teenager, Woody was keen on writing jokes, and got a job as a joke columnist in junior high school. Every afternoon after school, he took the subway to work in Manhattan and wrote more than 20 jokes along the way.

In 1962, Woody, who was less than 30 years old, started doing his own personal talk show and became the “pioneer of intellectual comedy”.

After becoming famous, Woody moved to Hollywood. When he created the first movie script “The Merry Gentleman” and participated in the entire filming process as a screenwriter, he found that partying in Hollywood was a nightmare for him, and his intentions could not be reflected in the final film work. Embark on a journey of self-written, directed and acted.

Under the lens of this great director, there are many kinds of female characters: sexy, bold, implicit, literary, sad, fragile, confused… “Widow Sister” Scarlett Johansson, “Big Devil” Cate Blanchett and other first-line actresses are all proud of working with Woody Allen.

But there is only one male character in the movie: Woody Allen himself, the slightly neurotic Jewish minor, wearing a linen suit, slacks, and a slightly hunched back. His body looks weak and not looking. It is eye-catching, but always with an interesting soul, successfully embraces the beautiful.

Film “Bullets Flying Across Broadway” Stills

Under the skin of the horrible online text “Dead House” is Woody’s core expression: If you look down on your upper class society, you look down on your upper class society.

Every word he said is extremely sarcasm, acrimonious, especially the sarcasm of the upper class and the middle class-after allWoody Allen, who was born as a talk show actor, had gone 50 years before Li Dan and Hulan in the matter of “offending.”

When he won the Oscar for Best Director with “Anne Hall”, he refused to attend because he was going to the bar to perform the clarinet that day. Not only Oscars, but almost all film festival awards, he refused to participate: “I can’t follow other people’s judgments. They give you awards. If you accept them, then they say you don’t deserve to be awarded. Accept.”

When others praised his movie, his response was: “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve immortality through immortality.”

The French called him “the only intellectual in America.” Woody’s reaction was: “Regarding myself, the French always make two big mistakes. First, because I wear glasses, they think I’m an intellectual; second, because my films always lose the box office, they think I am an artist.”

Woody Allen’s self-directed and self-acted movie “Annie Hall” stills

He complained about marriage: “The only time my ex-wife and I reached climax at the same time was when we signed the divorce agreement.”

Tucao my own sex life: “I haven’t had sex with a woman for a long time…”

But there are some things that can’t be said nonsense.

In an interview with “People” magazine, Woody Allen remained unobtrusive: “I am very open to sex. If people find out tomorrow that I live with 15 and 12-year-old girls In Love Nest, people will say: Well, I knew he was such a person a long time ago.”

This sentence is regarded by many as one of the “iron proofs” of Woody Allen’s pedophile and sexual assault on underage adopted daughters.

“I find she is smart, beautiful, and capable of acting.Yadu said, ‘Man, you really look like a father. ’”

When Dylan grew up facing the camera, he recalled the sensitive cross-border behavior between the two: She remembered Woody hugging her once in bed. “I remember he let me sit by his bed. He was wearing underwear, and I was only wearing underwear. I felt his breathing. He put his body very intimately close to me.”

Woody taught Dylan to suck his thumb and explained that it would “make her (Dylan) calm down. But Dylan said: “I remember I was sitting on the steps of a country house with him, and there was no one else around. He taught me how to suck my thumb and how to use my tongue.”

The family video shows that Woody’s relationship with his adopted daughter Dylan now seems to be questionable. This is not good news for him / Stills from the documentary “Allen vs. Farrow”

It was not until December 1991 that Woody Allen passed legal procedures to officially become Dylan Farrow’s adoptive father in the legal sense, but his relationship with Mia Farrow’s lover was about to come to an end at this time ——Because Mia Farrow’s other adopted daughter is also Woody Allen’s current wife Song Yi.

Mia’s 1997 memoir “The Past” wrote that on January 13, 1992, “I accompanied a child to receive psychotherapy in Woody’s apartment… Woody gave him I called. We talked briefly as usual and hung up the phone. I walked to the center of the room and saw a pile of Polaroid photos on the mantelpiece with legs spread out inside (naked) woman. After a while, I recognized that the woman in the photo was actually Song Yi”.

Another important role of the story, Song Yi / Stills from the documentary “Allen vs. Farro”

Mia, who became angry from the irritation of this indecent relationship, beat Song Yi severely that day. Woody later told reporters, “Mia locked Song Yi in the bedroom, punched and kicked her, and smashed her with a chair”-but she didn’t immediately draw a line with Woody. Her explanation was that she was still in love at the time. Woody, and the two have too many bonds.

This year’s Valentine’s Day, the two exchanged gifts-later on the TV show “60 Minutes”, Woody Allen talked about how “impressive” this gift was: heart-shaped In the white frame, there is a photo of Mia and the children, surrounded by pink flower buds. The skewer of roast turkey stuck into the hearts of the children in the photo, and a steak knife pierced Mia’s own heart. The handle of the knife is wrapped in a copy of Song Yi’s nude photos.

During that time, Woody and Mia were filming their last collaborative work “Couples”. In the film, the married life of the two male protagonists is dull and boring, so they cheat with the young girl behind their wives, sink into depression, unable to extricate themselves, and never look back.

The film ends with Mia and Woody’s respective roles as they broke up, and uses a wonderful metaphor: The two are holding a “death shark” in their hands—needless to say the truth.

“I could have raised Dylan to grow up, I could have taken her to see Manhattan, to Paris, to Rome. As a result, all of this was taken away, I can only imagine in my dreams All this. This has become one of the saddest things in my life.”——About adopted daughter Dylan Farrow


“Couples” was released on September 18, 1992. At this time, rumors of Woody sexually assaulting underage adopted daughters were raging.

In a video recorded that year, young Dylan Farrow describes to his adoptive mother how he was sexually assaulted by his adoptive father Woody Allen/documentary Stills of “Allen vs. Farrow”

Two videos shot in the same year are shown in the documentary. In a video, Mia asked Dylan what happened. Dylan said: “He (Woody Allen) touched my private parts, and then he exhaled on my lap. Then He hugged me so hard that I could hardly breathe.”

In another video, Dylan recounted how Woody took her to the attic and sexually assaulted her: “He said: Do you want some father-daughter time? Then I said: Okay. Then we Walked into the attic. Then he started to tell me some strange things. Then he walked behind me and touched my private parts.”

“Which private part of you did he touch?” Mia asked in the video.

Dylan in the video points to his genitals and says, “Here.”

Dylan said that when she twisted her ass and turned around to see what he did, Woody threatened her and said, “Don’t move. If you don’t move, we can go to Paris.”

Faced with the documentary footage, Dylan added again: “Then he sexually assaulted me. I remember I was just playing with my brother’s train toy with my back at the time.”

However, after the police intervened, the expert team at Yale University’s New Haven Hospital after half a year of investigation, issued a psychological report that indicated that Dylan’s allegations were inconsistent, including when he was first questioned by a doctor. She said that her adoptive father just touched her shoulder. Concluded that Dylan was not a reliable witness, the sexual assault was either her own imagination, or her mother imposed on her-this is also in line with Woody Allen’s view: Mia is framing He wanted to retaliate against him and Song Yi.

But Woody could not explain why he had received psychotherapy for his inappropriate behavior towards Dylan; why he insisted onHave never been to that attic, but found his hair on the painting in the attic…

But Mia also couldn’t explain: Why did Woody go to hate his ex-girlfriend’s house when he was preparing to fight a custody lawsuit, and molest his adopted daughter in the presence of many people? Why did Woody accept a polygraph test during the investigation of the case and passed it, but she refused to be tested.

The adopted son Moses Farrow also tried to prove the innocence of the adoptive father, saying that he had witnessed the adoptive mother constantly abet Dylan and forcibly instilled the idea that the adoptive father was a dangerous sexual assault.

The testimony from multiple sources made the incident even more confusing.

A report issued by the expert team in 1993 believed that Dylan’s statement was not enough to be believed/ Stills from the documentary “Allen vs. Farro”

The prosecution did not file a case against Woody Allen for sexually assaulting a minor adopted daughter. But in 1993, the judge in charge of the custody lawsuit gave a ruling in favor of Mia Farrow after comprehensively considering the testimonies of all parties. Woody Allen lost the custody of Dylan and other three adopted children.

The judge stated that the decision was only to better protect the interests of young children and had nothing to do with the truth of the sexual assault, and “we may never know what happened on August 4, 1992.”

“Why do I seldom argue or show excessive anxiety when I am under attack? First, this blind universe has all kinds of malicious chaos, and there are no wonders in the world. What is this small false accusation? Secondly, I am a person who hates humans. The advantage of this is that no matter what you do, it will not surprise me.”——About external criticism

The production of the documentary “Allen vs. Farrow” has been “secretly” for three years-this may also be regarded as director Kirby Dick(Kirby Dick ) One of the work characteristics.

As a documentary director, Dick usually cares about confidential work, because most of his work explores traditionally taboo subjects…

In 2005, he used “Twist of Faith”(Twist of Faith) to publicize the scandal of the sexual abuse of boys by Catholic priests; In 2012, he directed “The Invisible War (The Invisible War), which deeply “studied” the rape pandemic within the US military. Critics gave Kirby Dick a high evaluation, “one of the indispensable whistleblowers of scandals in American movies”.

Dick called “Allen vs. Farrow” “Hollywood’s most notorious and public scandals”(Hollywood’s most notorious and public scandals) “Not good news for Woody Allen.

For many years after the custody lawsuit, Woody Allen’s career has not been greatly affected. He continues to maintain the frequency of creating one movie a year, winning frequently, and even married Song Yi. New family.

However, times are changing. In 2014, Woody Allen was awarded the highest honor for the Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement Award, which attracted great dissatisfaction with Mia and Dylan, so they brought up old things on social media and called on the public not to forget the “20 years ago” The move of beasts”.

Three years later, Hollywood sexual assault scandals frequently came to light, and Dylan published an open letter in the Los Angeles Times, which was about to completely overthrow his adoptive father. Ronan Farrow, who was the first to expose the “Weinstein Scandal” in the #me too# campaign, is the biological son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. This time, he publicly stood in the team and expressed his support for his sister Dylan.

At this time, Woody Allen provided the attackers with shells again-receiving the BBC’s (BBC) In an interview, he expressed his “sadness” towards Weinstein and hoped that the #me too# movement would not promote a “witch hunt” atmosphere.

Although he quickly explained: I meant that the whole thing was a very sad event for all the people involved, “It is miserable for the poor women involved in it. It is also sad for the chaotic Weinstein. No one benefits from it.”

But in the face of the general public opinion, Woody’s argument was almost weak, and he encountered a rare group attack. Former partners of cooperation have expressed their views to draw a clear line with him, Alan Page, Natalie Portman, and Zeng Ping “Invincible Beauty of Beauty( Mighty Aphrodite)” won the Oscar for best supporting actress Mira Sorvino, “Uncle Face” Colin Firth, and even the actor Timothy of “A Rainy Day in New York” Chalamet… the list gets longer and longer.

Some people in the film industry who used to support and support Woody in the sexual assault incident have mostly chosen to silence or even stand on the opposition side.

Film “A Rainy Day in New York” Stills

Woody’s new memoir, “It’s All Right,” was collectively boycotted by the publishing industry, and it has been unable to publish. The film “A Rainy Day in New York” originally scheduled to be released in 2018 was abolished by the distributor Amazon Pictures. Ironically, on May 6, 2020, the film was released in South Korea. When most theaters in the world went out of business due to the epidemic, Woody Allen won the first and only “Global Box Office(week)Champion’s title…

Woody Allen’sSupporters have been under tremendous pressure from public opinion. Even Spike Lee, the most important black director in Hollywood, who has always been known for his daring words, had to post a public apology on Twitter because he said a word for Woody: “I was wrong. I apologize for that. . I have not and will not tolerate sexual harassment, sexual assault or violence. For the victim, the real harm caused by this behavior will always exist and cannot be minimized.”

Is it possible for a strong party to use status, power, etc., to exploit the weaker and cover up the truth? Have!

Is it possible for the weak to use the identity of the weak to deliberately frame the strong for benefits? There are too!

Which is right? In the Woody Allen sexual assault, it became an unanswerable and unanswered question. Go back to the sentence at the beginning of this article: “This is not about the truth, it is about what we believe.”

We all face the same reality and we all know the same truth, but everyone has distorted the truth in our own way and convinced ourselves that this distortion is reasonable. By distorting reality in some way, we can adapt to reality. ——”In My Heart” Woody Allen

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“Is Woody Allen innocent? 》

“U.S. director Woody Allen has released a new documentary on the sexual assault of a daughter. Many personal evidence and information will be unearthed? 》

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