And, overseas investment in Indonesia: China and South Korea are overweight, Japan is ebb; Southeast Asian e-commerce giant Shopee plans to enter Mexico.

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Chinese companies going overseas

Byte plans to launch wealth management services overseas for countries such as Europe, America and Japan. According to Tech Planet report, Bytedance intends to launch wealth management services overseas. The business is called “Stellar Fortune” and the English name is “Stellarfortune”. It is the first wealth management and consulting business that Byte has launched overseas. Its main customers are companies and individuals, and the markets it faces are mainly in Europe, America and Japan. Byte applied for the first financial license in Singapore and radiated the entire Southeast Asian market through Singapore. In Hong Kong outside the mainland, BYTE also launched a brokerage service called Squirrel Securities and established an office in Hong Kong at the end of last year.

Hero Sports VSPN is considering going to the United States for an IPO as soon as this year. According to Sina Technology, the integrated e-sports operator “Hero Sports VSPN” may consider going to the United States for an IPO as soon as this year. Prior to this, it acquired the Shanghai Banana Project Electronic Game Co., Ltd., of which Wang Sicong was a shareholder. On January 25 this year, Hero Sports VSPN announced the completion of a $60 million B+ round of financing. In response, Hero Sports VSPN has not yet responded to reporters’ request for comment. Hero Sports VSPN was established in 2016, headquartered in Shanghai, and has offices in Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Indonesia and the United States.

Southeast Asia

Overseas investment in Indonesia: China and South Korea increase in size, while Japan’s tide ebbs. According to Nikkei reports, China and South Korea are increasing investment in Indonesia. According to statistics from the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), from the perspective of foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2020, China (including Hong Kong) increased by 11% from the previous year to 8.4 billion U.S. dollars, and South Korea increased by 64% to 1.8 billion. Dollar. Japan, which has been driving investment before, has dropped by 40% to 2.6 billion U.S. dollars, and the trend is obvious. Pure electric vehicle (EV) batteries will become one of the focus of investment by Chinese and Korean companies in the future, and the Indonesian government is striving to localize them in 2024. The country plans to use its advantage as the world’s largest producer of nickel, the main material, as a weapon to become a major production base for pure electric vehicle batteries, Is calling on foreign companies to invest.

Southeast Asian e-commerce giant Shopee plans to enter Mexico. According to Reuters, Southeast Asian e-commerce company Shopee plans to open business in Mexico, which will be its second country in Latin America. In October 2019, Shopee officially launched the Brazil station. Earlier this year, it was reported that Shopee will expand its business in Brazil and continue to evaluate the potential of the Latin American market. As a cross-border e-commerce giant in Southeast Asia, Shopee has expanded its business to markets such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Singapore digital bank Tyme completed US$110 million in Series B financing and plans to apply for a Philippine digital bank license. According to e27 reports, Singapore-based digital bank Tyme announced today that it has completed its investment led by Apis Partners Growth Fund II and JG Summit Holdings under the Gokongwei family office in the Philippines US$110 million in Series B financing. Tyme will use this round of financing to launch a digital bank in the Philippines to implement its parent company South Africa TymeBank’s plan to expand to Southeast Asia. After the Philippines announces the new digital banking framework, JG Summit Holdings and Tyme will apply to the regulator Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) for a digital banking license.

Singapore electronic payment company NETS will further expand the electronic payment market. According to The Straits Times, NETS, which has more than 130,000 payment terminals in Singapore, is seeking to expand further in the field of electronic payments. Last June, Lawrence Chan took over the company and became the CEO of NETS Group. He is seeking to enhance NETS Click, allowing consumers to add Nets bank card details in the application to complete the payment. NETS was formally established in 1986 as a payment card network initiated by the Singapore Commercial Bank. In 2017, NETS launched the mobile wallet service NETSPay.


India will approve 45 investment proposals from China, and Great Wall Motor and SAIC may be approved. According to Reuters, according to Indian government and industry sources, India will approve 45 investment proposals from China, which may include proposals from Great Wall Motors and SAIC. According to reports, since last year, about 150 investment proposals with a total value of more than US$2 billion from China have been put on hold. In response, a spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of Interior did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment. Two government sources with knowledge of the list said that most of the 45 proposals to be approved in advance came from the manufacturing industry.

Zomato received a capital injection of $250 million. According to Tech in Asia reports, Indian food delivery platform Zomato has completed a US$250 million Pre-IPO financing. This round of financing was led by Kora Management, followed by Fidelity Management, Tiger Global Management, Bow Wave Capital Management and Dragoneer Investment Group. After this round of financing, Zomato’s early supporter Info Edge’s shares fell to 18.4%. Prior to this, Zomato completed a $660 million J round of financing. Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal recently stated that Zomato is likely to be listed in the first half of this year.

It is reported that Twitter intends to invest US$1.1 billion to acquire ShareChat, an Indian social network application. According to Jiemian News, Twitter recently negotiated to acquire ShareChat, an Indian social media startup. Twitter discussed how to expand its influence in the world’s second largest Internet market. ShareChat is a local language social platform in India that provides content sharing for chat services. Twitter has expressed interest in bringing ShareChat’s short video application Moj to the international market.

Europe and America

Spotify will enter 85 new markets, covering more than 1 billion users. According to Sina Technology, the Swedish streaming music service platform Spotify said on Monday that it will enter 85 new markets in the next period of time, nearly doubling its market share, and allowing more than 1 billion people worldwide to use Spotify Music streaming service. TheThe company launched this service more than ten years ago and currently provides services in 93 countries with 345 million monthly active users. Spotify’s expansion in India, Russia and the Middle East has already brought the company millions of users.

Germany Dexun announced the acquisition of Apex in air cargo volume, which may exceed DHL. It is learned that the global freight forwarding company Dexun announced the acquisition of Apex International (“Apex”). Apex is one of Asia’s leading air freight forwarders, especially on trans-Pacific routes and Asian routes. Its air freight capability will strengthen Deutsche Xun’s strength in air freight. It is reported that after Dexun acquired Apex, its air cargo volume is expected to exceed DHL. This acquisition is also the largest acquisition in Dexun’s history. Apex was established in China in 2001, and its business has spread throughout Asia and further expanded to other regions outside of Asia.

Autonomous driving company Motional began testing fully driverless cars in Las Vegas. According to Sina Technology, this joint venture established by Hyundai and Anbofu announced that they have begun to fight on public streets in Las Vegas. Fully driverless cars are tested. The so-called fully driverless car means that the vehicle is not equipped with a safety officer during the test. The test began in February, and the company said that they have tested multiple driverless cars. Three months ago, Motional received a test permit from Nevada.

American electric vehicle company Lucid Motors will go public through a merger with SPAC. According to Bloomberg News, the electric car company Lucid Motors will go public through a merger with the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Churchill Capital Corp IV. The equity value of the transaction after the merger of Lucid Motors and Churchill Capital Corp IV is expected to be approximately US$11.75 billion, and the valuation will be US$24 billion. Lucid was founded in 2007 with the founding name Atieva, initially researching battery technology, and changing its name to its current name in 2016. Today, the company is targeting the high-end electric vehicle market. Lucid Motors’ initial goal is to produce 34,000 vehicles per year, and seeks to increase its annual production to at least 85,000 vehicles by 2023.

Latin America

Brazilian online education platform Descomplica won 83 millionUSD financing. According to Reuters, SoftBank Group said that Brazilian online education startup Descomplica announced the completion of US$83 million in financing. This round of financing was led by SoftBank, followed by Invus Group, the Chen and Zuckerberg Foundation and U2 guitarist The Edge. Descomplica was established in 2011 and is committed to providing teaching services for users preparing for university entrance exams and civil service exams, and launched an undergraduate course last year. During the epidemic, the company’s online learning business demand surged, and it currently has 5 million monthly active users. Descomplica said it will use these funds for product development and acquisitions, and plans to develop 33 new courses by next year.



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