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It is said that normal people have a destructive psychology. For example, when I see other people wearing brand-new white shoes, I want to step on them. So I can understand the behavior of people leaving graffiti on the door panels of the toilet, just like many people like to leave a “tour here” everywhere-people always want to leave a trace.

Unfortunately, as a woman, I only inspected the female toilet part, so I failed to present a more comprehensive set of toilet graffiti.

Emotional World

When I was a student, I was young, and my love was beginning. The text about feelings occupied a large part of the graffiti of the women’s toilet. Toilet graffiti is more anonymous and concealed than online statements, because no one knows your every move in the toilet, so those secret love affair and sad emotions can be freely told in the toilet.

Many boys’ names appeared in the women’s toilets. They wrote down the names of the boys they secretly loved like dogs peeing everywhere, as if they had a belief in this way, and they could keep or hold this feeling. The black marker in their hands is an immortal magic, no one can erase the name of their beloved boy.

“Qin Ziyang, I LOVE YOU!——The third year of secret love (rosy)”, Orientals are the best at secret love, I don’t know this rosy now Do you like this guy?

“Deng Jiaji, I like you!”

— “Zheng Haoyuan, I like you”.

— “I suggest to say in person, don’t come to the toilet, there is no man!”

— “The most painful thing in the world is not life and death, but the only way to write ‘I love you’ in the toilet.”

— “Go to the men’s room to write~he can see it~”

“My injury is not light, if you don’t let go of it”, it rhymes

Love that is hard to remember

Can you still be friends after breaking up? Thought-provoking


Learning Paradise

In addition to the emotional world, learning is the theme of the message that never runs out of stock on the toilet wall. Someone writes down the university they want to enter seriously here, maybe the god of the toilet will bless her in the dark.

“I want to go to the boys I like and the universities I want to go to!!!”

Some people bring pens to the toilet, and naturally others bring exercises to the toilet. The real schoolmaster never forgets to do the questions when going to the toilet, and he also left questions on the door to remind everyone not to forget to study:

Then it was solved by the opposite classmate, “This is the answer to the opposite question”.

This person has to squat in the toilet for a long time, right

Some people sigh sadly, “It feels very uncomfortable to fail the high school entrance examination.” Some people are inspiring and inspiring, “May time not be worthy of effort and youth worthy of yourself.”

Tucao BBS

Someone recorded the discovery in the trash can

This message reminded me of a long time ago. Around 2000, there was no habit of putting a small pack of tissues in the schoolbags of students. Even the more refined female classmates’ schoolbags contained only a small scroll pulled from home. Tube paper. The only thing in the schoolbag that can replace toilet paper is composition paper. Sometimes when I see a classmate go to the bathroom with a writing book, I know he is going to a large size. The use of composition paper is also exquisite. Because the surface of some composition paper is too smooth and easy to slip when rubbed, it must be used before use.>— “Didn’t you bring it too?”

Humanitarian greetings from toilet friends.

— “Upstairs, how are you?”

Interests to make friends

After having the toilet graffiti left by the predecessors, later people also left messages one after another. The writing and destruction in the toilet is harmless, and it satisfies the pleasure of people’s inner talk and expression. With the increase of messages, more and more people are showing their hobbies and desires for communication here, and many of them have left their own QQ accounts on the wall.

“If you like anime, add me to QQ and learn together.”

After checking it, I realized that language C is the abbreviation of language cosplay, and the expanded column originally meant adding friends.

Someone pushed the book.

Someone pushed BL comics.

Revisited the library women’s toilet in 2018, with many new strokes added to the old site

After the postgraduate entrance examination in 2014, I rarely went to the district library for self-study. The public toilets I had seen in the next few years were mostly small advertisements for surrogacy, and I rarely saw interesting graffiti text. Later, I gradually lost interest in toilet graffiti, so I did not continue to shoot this subject. One day in 2018, I came to the district library again to see if the graffiti on the toilet was still there. Fortunately, the graffiti all over the wall is still there, and many new strokes have been added. The old graffiti gradually faded, and the new graffiti superimposed on it is more complicated and dazzling. The scribbling and messages in the toilet are still continuing. It calls for more squatting people to join the writing. For me, the public toilet has become In a special place where many personal histories are exhibited, it is difficult to see such a wall of frankness in other places.

I saw someone sighing “There is no place to draw…”

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