Problem description: Hello, my father got a cerebral aneurysm in 2014. It was near the brainstem, combined with large-scale blockage of the carotid arteries on both sides. After conservative treatment, he suddenly became unconscious in the past two days. I breathed out, didn’t eat, my stomach was hard and bulging, and I was unaware. I was in a coma on the third day today. I started beating at noon. I breathed and I started beating. There was no small bowel movements. There was a hard bag around my throat, I thought. Ask him what is the reason for this, like checkmate state, but why he didn’t lose his breath and suffered so much. Past medical and surgical history: Yes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, cerebral aneurysm, carotid artery blockage
problems Date: 2020-10-10
Patient information:Age: Gender:
Problem analysis:The father of the patient is not compressed by aneurysm The surrounding tissues compress the phrenic nerve.
Guiding suggestions: Hello. First of all, family members are seriously ill. At present, your father’s brainstem is not completely compressed. The hiccups have compressed the peripheral phrenic nerve. At present, because the brainstem is not completely compressed, he still breathes spontaneously, and the heart continues to pump blood and maintain circulation. He may have a short life span. Although he feels that he suffers, but the elderly No longer conscious, no pain.
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