Dajiang has introduced new equipment to the vlog entry group. This time it is a new mobile phone accessory.

On the evening of August 13, Dajiang released the third generation OSMO Mobile Lingbi mobile phone PTZ 3. This mobile phone stabilizer adopts a foldable and easy-to-storage design, which has not only been modified in appearance but also upgraded. Intelligent follow-up, motion mode, motion delay and many other functions.

OSMO Mobile 3 (Spirit Mobile PTZ 3) is priced at 699 yuan, with a storage bag, triangle bracket version, priced at 799 yuan.

We also got this new mobile PTZ set and tried it for a while.

After a year and a half, it is much better than the previous generation

OSMO Mobile 3 One of the biggest surprises for us this time is that it is a lot more portable than the previous generation.

Compared with the previous generation of PTZ, it was packed in a large bubble box. This folded OSMO Mobile 3 can be placed in a box smaller than half of the previous generation.

Device parameters are as follows:

  • Weight: 405g
  • Size: 157×130×46 mm after folding, 286×125×103 mm after unfolding
  • Maximum rotation speed: 120°/s
  • Translation range: -162.5 to 170.3°
  • Applicable mobile phone: 170-230g, thickness is not more than 9.5mm, width 62-88mm
  • Rolling range: -85.1 to 252.2°
  • Pitch rotation range: -104.5 to 235.7°
  • Charging time: 2.5 h for 10 W charger
  • Battery capacity: 2450 mAh
  • Lifetime: 15 h

The OSMO Mobile 3 weighs approximately 405 grams and the folded body is about the size of the palm.

The joystick on the pan/tilt is distributed with the joystick button, M button (switching button), shooting button, and the zoom button is on the left side.

This mobile phone PTZ is also equipped with a three-legged bracket for fixing. The bracket is screwed directly under the handle and unfolded.

▲ The third generation on the right and the second generation on the left

OSMO Mobile 3 has made great improvements in the way the phone is gripped and the structure of the pan/tilt.

The new PTZ only grips the sides of the phone, and the shaft between the PTZ motors has the right tilting design, which makes the headphone hole and charging hole at the bottom of the phone exposed.

When the phone is landscaped horizontally, the headphone cable and the charging cable are left in sufficient position whether it is rotated horizontally or tilted. This generation of mobile phone PTZ in DJI has made headset connection, mobile phone radio, and PTZ charging the phone very friendly.

It can be said that the nightmare of the previous generation OSMO Mobile 2 clip phone will block the bottom of the phone, and finally it is over.

In addition to the PTZ, the details of the OSMO Mobile 3 have been improved. For example, the position of the handle is increased by the non-slip material; the physical buttons on the back of the handle are added back; the bottom of the handle is attached with a lanyard. Hole; the position of the charging hole has been adjusted.

In addition, an improvement of OSMO Mobile 3 is that after the pan/tilt is taken, it is not necessary to remove the mobile phone in time as in the past.

After turning off the pan/tilt, the phone screen will be turned up and then put into standby. In the new standby mode, when the pan/tilt is folded and stored, it can also be connected to the mobile phone, and can be switched to the shooting state at any time.

How is the economical OSMO Mobile 3 used?

OSMO Mobile 3 needs to be connected to the Mimo app to connect to the phone. Currently, there are 7 shooting modes: photo, video, motion delay, time-lapse photography, slow motion, panoramic photo, and STORY. In the mode of taking pictures and taking video, the maximum has a zoom of 6 times. The video can shoot up to 3840×2160 resolution and 60fps.

We mainly use iPhone XR and OSMO Mobil during use.e 3 Connect.

1. Smart Follow

As a mobile phone PTZ, the most basic function is to eliminate the “hand shake” during the shooting process.

“Smart Follow” can help users to produce a smoother picture. This function determines whether the mobile phone PTZ is easy to use or not, which represents the product level.

We can directly select the portraits or objects that need to be followed on the screen. When shooting 1920×1080, 30 fps video, we try to shoot 3 meters in front of the camera, trotting around, hopping down, moving back and forth, and intelligently following the basics to capture portraits.

Even if you accidentally lose it, you can retrieve it quickly when you follow the subject and reappear on the screen. You don’t have to use your finger to poke the screen again.

If you lose it, the main body will return to the screen.If you can’t continue to follow, click the mode switch button to trigger the follow-up of the center of the screen.

In general, in the smart follow mode, it is not necessary to poke the screen with a finger. This design can guarantee the smoothness of shooting to a certain extent.

However, when shooting with 3840×2160 and 60fps, the performance of intelligent follow-up will be significantly reduced, and the situation will be more.

OSMO Mobile 3 recognizes portraits by recognizing the head and shoulders, so we can be recognized by the camera when facing, facing, and facing each other.

OSMO Mobile 3 offers three following modes: pan following, tilt lock, and FPV. In sports mode, the gimbal will be more handy to use, suitable for shooting fast-moving scenes.

2. Gesture Control

Mobile PTZ is more used in daily and consumer-grade scenarios, so this PTZ also incorporates gesture control. Gesture recognition is also part of image recognition and intelligent follow-up.

In the photo and video mode, and the portrait is inserted into the mirror, the palm is extended to the lens or a V-shaped gesture is placed. The camera will recognize and follow, and keep the target in the center of the screen to ensure the composition, the last three Start taking pictures or recording after a second.

However, gesture recognition is more than 3 times the zoom magnification, or it cannot be used in FPV mode.

3. Beauty

After OSimo Mobile 3 is connected to Mimo, it also has a beauty function.

When taking a photo, Beauty can choose to be automatic and custom. There are quite a few custom options, including face-lifting, microdermabrasion, whitening, eye enlargement, lighting, and lip color.

Unfortunately, the beauty feature is not available when shooting 1080P and 4K video.

The beauty of the videoThe color function is only turned on at 1280×720, 30fps.

4. Operation Optimization

OSMO Mobile 3 also has some user-friendly operation settings, such as one-touch horizontal and vertical shooting, Bluetooth shutter, side grip mode and so on.

One-click switch between horizontal and vertical shots allows us to switch between horizontal and vertical shots directly by double-clicking the M key on the control panel, without disassembling the phone.

OSMO Mobile 3 has a Bluetooth shutter function. If you need to use the native camera on your phone or a third-party app on your phone to shoot, use the camera/record button on the handle to control the shutter without manual touch.

In addition, the side grip mode and the suspension mode can be used when shooting with a pan/tilt for low position. Even if the PTZ is taken upside down, the image taken is “positive”.

A simple and affordable phone stabilizer

OSMO Mobile 3 has been a year and a half since the release of the previous generation of mobile phones.

This time OSMO Mobile 3 not only has a large appearanceReconstruction, in terms of use and operation, also saw feedback from many users of the previous two generations of products, and optimized.

The experience of one-handed grip and manipulation is significantly improved compared to the previous generation.

Overall, OSMO Mobile 3’s functional interaction is quite user-friendly, and learning operations are relatively simple. The stability of the three-axis pan/tilt, combined with various functions such as intelligent follow-up, allows users to take a smooth, smooth video threshold.

OSMO Mobile 3, like OSMO pocket and OSMO Action, needs to be connected to Mimo, and the user base targeted by this consumer product is clear – the primary mobile phone shooter.

From the first release of OSMO Mobile 2016, the number of users, content producers, and content of short video platforms is growing rapidly. This also means that OSMO Mobile 3 will have a larger user base than the previous two generations.

As in the same year, OSMO Mobile 3 is not a product that targets professional needs, but it is consumerThe best choice for similar products in the amateur market.

Overall, OSMO Mobile 3 is a simple, affordable phone stabilizer. If you like to record your life with video, you don’t plan to purchase another camera, and you want to take advantage of the features of that smartphone. OSMO Mobile 3 is a good choice.