Problem description: The shoulder was the first time I hugged the child for a day, and my shoulder was sore. I took 2 Chinese patent medicines. After a few days, my hand accidentally pulled and hurt. I took 2 blood-activating medicines. Well, after 3 months, the child is still holding the child. It is the state that the child is pulled up with one hand and the shoulder is pulled up with one hand. The shoulder is starting to hurt again. Check for the effusion on the shoulder. I have been taking blood-stimulating medicine. Now I can’t hold my hands. It’s been painful during the activity for the third time. It’s been four or five months since the activity. I want to ask the doctor if there is the best treatment plan for this situation. Thank you doctor.
Question date: 2020-10-11
Patient information:Age: 27 years old, Gender: Female
Problem analysis: Considering the patient’s bursitis, personal advice The patient can take the method of extraction.
Guiding suggestions: The main purpose is to avoid excessive local activities, and external plasters can be used to relieve them.
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