Problem description: I have been pregnant for one and a half months, and today my girlfriend asked me to make eyebrows with her. Can I have eyebrows when I am pregnant?
Question date:2020-10-22
Patient information:Age: 23 Gender: Female
Pregnant women are best not to Eyebrow tattoo.
Because when outside, there may be psychological tension, leading to uterine contraction, which is very unfavorable to the fetus, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, there may be threatened abortion. In addition, the flow of people in beauty salons is relatively large and the number of people is complicated. It is very likely that bacteria and viruses will be left behind, which may cause certain physical harm to pregnant women. In addition, the eyebrow tattoo needs to be pierced into the skin through some plant pigments, which may contain chemical ingredients, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus.
It is recommended to maintain a good mood during pregnancy, pay more attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, and in terms of diet, you can eat less and more meals, and do not contact with chemical substances.
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