Problem description: I am now 36 weeks pregnant, but I feel a little pain in my stomach as if I am about to give birth. How long is pregnancy and delivery is normal?
Question date:2020-10-22
Patient information: Age: 25 Gender: Female
Between 37-42 weeks of pregnancy Childbirth is most suitable.
The birth between 37-42 weeks of gestation is a full-term birth, and the fetus born at this time is a full-term baby. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the process by which the fetus and its appendages are delivered from the maternal birth canal is called childbirth. Delivery between 28 weeks of gestation and less than 37 full weeks is called premature delivery; delivery between 37 weeks of gestation and less than 42 full weeks is called full-term delivery; delivery at 42 weeks of gestation and later is called post-term labor.
It is recommended that in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, when the bleeding is not serious, try to pay attention to bed rest and avoid strenuous exercise. It should be able to successfully protect the baby.
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