Problem description:Hello doctor, my grandson was born in Baishui for fifty days. It was seen on CT images at birth, and there were patches in the white matter of the forehead, parietal and occipital on both sides. Low-density shadows, high-density shadows on the right side of the posterior sagittal sinus, blurred outer edges, clear and straight inner edges, no obvious widening or narrowing of sulci and fissures, ventricles and cisterns in normal size and shape, midline structure in the middle , There is no obvious abnormality in the skull. Imaging diagnosis, bilateral forehead, parietal, occipital white matter in the flaky low-density shadows, and subarachnoid hemorrhage on the right side of the posterior sagittal sinus, suspected neonatal ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy. Moderate, it is recommended to review in a short time. October 13, 2020
Question date:2020-11-30
Patient information: Age: 51 days Gender: Male
Problem analysis: The situation is indeed necessary. Exclude whether the patient has neonatal ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy.
Guiding suggestions: Further observations are needed, and parents must pay attention to the growth and development of their children.
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